You’re counting on your friends to support your efforts as you come up with new ways to help those you love. The Sun’s shift into security-minded Cancer and your 11th House of Community heralds a critical turning point in your relationships. Permitting yourself to receive is not only gracious, but also a wonderful strategy to invite people to share your life more meaningfully. Author Nathaniel Branden wrote, “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

The ruler of your partnership sector, Neptune, will turn retrograde this week. As a result, you will finally take off the rose-colored glasses and see your partner for who she or he truly is. If you have been deceived by your mate, you're likely to find out now. If your partner has been hiding any type of addiction or unhealthy escape patterns from you, then it's likely that you will finally uncover what's really going on. Although you might be disappointed, you'll be able to decide how to proceed once you know the truth. If you're single and dating, you might go out on a date with someone who ends up being disingenuous. There won't be a second date.

Monthly Horoscope

Let's talk about the positives first. Your career path is lit up at the New Moon on June 13. Set your sights on achieving a career goal or prepare to take advantage of a professional opportunity. Don't be shocked if more than one comes your way since this lunation is in the sign of duality, Gemini. Communications and sales will be areas that you do especially well in now. While it's true that you'll have this wonderful opportunity in June, you might begin to feel a sense of nagging frustration as the month wears on. You, more than any other sign, like to have things in order. You prefer that neatly folded lifestyle where everything is in its place, and this philosophy extends to all compartments of your life. Unfortunately, you might need to make peace with the fact that the details of your world -- especially as they relate to work and health matters, as well as your overall routine -- are going to be wrinkled for a bit. A feeling of lethargy might begin to overtake you close to June 26 as Mars turns retrograde in your 6th House of Habits. Mars rules energy, stamina, and motivation. Mars is the planet that helps us make things happen. When he's napping ... well, nothing happens. At least not according to our preferred timeline. In your case, Mars will backpedal in the area of your chart you are most adept at: details. Routine, work, and health are all parts of your life that will require a review. Why? Because the universe has revealed to you that something needs tweaking and the only way you can see this with your signature discernment is if progress is stalled. As you re-evaluate your current strategy in handling your health, work assignments, or even your daily habits, try your best to make friends with idleness for just a little while -- until August 27, actually. Trust that this will eventually help you create an even more solid ability to pursue your goals in health and work. In your case, lazy will serve a purpose. Slowing down will help you see exactly what needs to get fixed. Ultimately, once you address these 6th house matters, you'll be able to maximize that amazing professional opportunity coming your way. Think about it. If your health needs attention, you can't bring your A-game to your career. Also, if the moving parts connected to your work life are broken, such as problems with colleagues and teamwork, it'll be difficult to turn anything into a success. There is some kind of sloth-like energy in your environment and the only way to remedy it is if you allow yourself to lean into it and then create a plan to eradicate it. Yes, this is foreign territory for you, but guess what? It's also yours to conquer.
Although Venus will move into the most hidden area of your chart on June 13, you're not likely to feel as confused about your love life as you have been. In fact, this is the month when you'll realize exactly where you may have been lying to yourself all along when it comes to romance and partnership matters. It's not that you necessarily have a toxic situation happening. It might be something as simple as refusing to see a negative behavior pattern that your partner has been exhibiting, one that you've been making excuses for. Maybe he or she isn't as good with finances as you are. You might realize that now is the time to stop ignoring this fact, especially if your finances are intertwined in any way. It's also possible that you've started dating someone new but feel you're holding back on developing this new connection for some reason. Now you'll have a stronger capacity to look within and do some soul searching when it comes to matters of the heart. You might admit to yourself that the reason for your hesitation has more to do with unresolved betrayals or heartbreaks from the past. The good news? You've got a fabulous opportunity to heal from this and finally move on. Adding to the mix is the fact that Neptune will turn retrograde right in your partnership sector on June 18. There's no doubt about it, Virgo. This month, when it comes to your love life, the fog is lifting. You can see everything clearly now.