You are an equitable judge of everyone’s behavior, and your coworkers seek out your wisdom before initiating action today. You are experienced enough to allow your higher self see the positive potential, even in those actions you might not wholeheartedly support. Your current power of vision is a gift that can guide others. But it can also be used to successfully navigate around the obstacles you encounter. Gloria Steinem wrote, “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

You might feel frustrated about having to rely more on your partner's financial support this week. There could be a major expense that the two of you are faced with, and when it comes along, your paycheck won't be enough to cover it. In fact, it seems like your partner is the one footing most -- if not all -- of this bill. As a result of the situation, you might feel as if the balance of power in your relationship has been thrown off. Ironically, this is only your own insecurity. Your partner seems to have quite a different perspective. It's called unconditional love and support.

Monthly Horoscope

The only constant this month for everyone, Sagittarius, will be change, and your life will be no exception. In your case, however, the changes are likely to revolve around work and your health. On May 15 there will be a potent New Moon in the area of your chart ruling these matters -- the 6th house -- offering a spectacular opportunity. If you're looking to change jobs or snatch up a freelance assignment, you'll have an easy time doing so now. Another possibility is that you'll be ready to make a change in your health care routine, perhaps by joining the gym, hiring a trainer, starting a new way of eating, or taking supplements. What sets this lunation apart from others is the fact that on the very same day, Uranus, the planet of liberation and awakening, will also move into Taurus and your 6th house. This is a huge cosmic event that will not go unnoticed. Uranus doesn't enter a new area of your life softly ... no, his preference is much louder. He is the earthquake and you can anticipate a significant shakeup in this area of your life through November 6, 2018, as Uranus alerts you to what absolutely must change. Why? Because the universe knows that you're stuck in a rut that will only hurt you if allowed to continue. As far as work goes, if you've been stuck in your office cubicle, stale routine, or a dead-end job for way too long, you can anticipate a rapid switch up. You might walk into work suddenly and announce that you've quit -- especially if you're tired of being fed up and not valued. Another possibility is that with Uranus present in your work sector, you'll begin to use the latest technological tools in order to maximize your efficiency at your work. This can also be a decision to work on increasing your online presence if you have anything you can sell through the internet. With health, if you have any concerns, you're about to take a much more progressive approach to healing. Alternative medicine will be quite interesting and beneficial to you now, so be sure to research whatever modalities have sparked you. Uranus moving into your 6th house might indicate the diagnosis of a sudden illness or sudden cure for an existing illness thanks to an experimental treatment. Look into it! Your mind will also be quite sharp this month thanks to Mars rushing into your message sector on May 16. Mars in this part of your chart will be responsible for the greater courage behind your words as well as your tendency to argue with others over the tiniest matters. As far as your powers of negotiation go, you'll definitely be in a strong position now, so use it well! The month wraps up with a Full Moon in your sign on May 29, leaving you feeling all the feels possible.
The Astrology is clear Sagittarius: you're about to enter an extended phase of zealous communication about topics that matter most to you -- including love, sex, and conversations with your romantic partner. You aren't usually shy when it comes to talking about what matters most to you, but after May 16, you'll have even more power behind your words. Mars, the planet of assertive drive, will move into your message sector on this day and remains in this part of your chart for an extended period of time -- through November! Over the summer Mars will turn retrograde, giving you an opportunity to revise certain mental strategies and ideas concerning matters of the heart. For now, however, Mars will be strong and impulsive, prompting you to take an unusual new direction as you communicate with a lover or about love. You might find yourself mentally and physically stimulated by someone you meet who has an unusual interest -- perhaps even in Astrology or another metaphysical science. This person will get you going in all sorts of ways, and you'll find yourself completely drawn into sparkling conversations about topics that you've never explored before. You'll also find it easy (and enjoyable) to talk to this person about sex. Those talks might lead to something quite stimulating behind closed doors... If you're in a relationship, then after May 19 you might hear positive financial news from your partner. He or she might enjoy a raise, bonus, or other windfall that will benefit you. You might also decide to make an investment together -- possibly in real estate or a food-related stock. You'll do well. A Full Moon in your sign on May 29 leaves you emotionally open and willing to share your feelings with your partner without any fear. Mercury moving into your partnership sector on the same day ensures your partner will truly hear you, and will enjoy every word that comes out of your mouth from your heart.