You may be struggling with your need for immediate resolution today as your values clash with a personal or business partner. You are bubbling with anticipation as you imagine what might be waiting just around the bend. You’re in no mood to wait any longer now that impulsive Mars opposes Venus in your 9th House of Adventure. Nevertheless, it might feel as if your dreams are not quite ready to materialize. Stop trying to push the river; destiny unfolds on schedule for those who wait. Joseph Campbell wrote, “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

If you're in a serious relationship with someone, the two of you might discuss dream plans that are connected to cohabitation. For some, this involves buying a home together, while for others it's a discussion about moving in with each other to see how that feels in your relationship. Planning for the future will feel nice but try not to get into any arguments by the end of the week when the plans begin to include financial arrangements. You might feel as if you need to go out of your way to keep checks and balances in place so that one of you isn't spending more money than the other. Don't overthink that element of this situation right now -- it'll only lead to an argument.

Monthly Horoscope

Has your relationship felt stale lately? Have you been dating someone and wondering where it's all heading? In either scenario, as you step into June, things look promising. A gorgeous New Moon in your 7th House of Commitment on June 13 signals a bright and fresh start in some type of partnership capacity. Last month, Uranus left your 5th House of Romance, helping you stabilize this area of your life. Perhaps you've been able to stop juggling dating prospects or lovers and have realized that there is one special someone you actually want to build something solid with. If that's the case, then this New Moon will help you set these intentions in motion. If you're already happily coupled up, then there is also a new beginning in the works between you and your mate. Perhaps you're making a major decision together about your future. Whatever the details, it seems as if you'll be in perfect alignment. This will also be a gorgeous time to initiate any new type of business alliance. Sign contracts to seal the deal anytime between June 13-20. You'll benefit tremendously from this connection and have a great deal to offer the other person as well. It'll be important to wrap up any and all major communications endeavors well before June 26. Mars will turn retrograde in your message sector at this time, remaining in hibernation mode through August 27. Since Mars rules all entrepreneurial efforts as well as motivation and energy, there might be a lag with contracts, conversations, and vital decisions for the next couple of months. If you feel as though you're suddenly not being heard, try not to take this personally. This is an opportunity for you to re-examine your goals around all communications-related matters. How are you conveying yourself? More importantly, why? The motivation you have for what comes out of your mouth is coming under scrutiny now. If the reasons you have for saying what you want to say are "off," then you're more likely to have work to do now. Another possibility? You'll go back to an old communications endeavor to try to breathe new life into it. That should be a success! Lastly, a Full Moon on June 28 will light up your earned income sector. You'll work hard and smart to make your money work for you a lot more than you've been working for your money.
You might find yourself in quite the pickle this month, Sagittarius. Although a New Moon in your partnership sector on June 13 suggests a fresh start in relationship matters, there's something not quite right, something you may not be able to put your finger on. Yes, if you're newly dating someone, it's possible that you'll decide to go exclusive. Yes, if you've been dating someone for a while, it's possible that you'll become engaged or even get married. And yes, if you're already married, there is something new indicated in your relationship. The "new" is guaranteed with this lunation. That's not the issue. The problem is with the nagging voice inside your head that's suddenly questioning the very reason you're with this particular person. Is it for the right reasons? What, exactly, are the right reasons? Mars, the planet of motivation and ambition, the ruler of your true love sector, will turn retrograde on June 26. He'll retrograde through your communication sector until August 27, forcing you to re-evaluate everything you ever thought you knew about love, sex, passion, and pleasure. You'll go through endless changes in your mind in order to decipher if your relationship has a solid foundation. Most likely, conversations must be had between you and your lover in order to know what you have at all. For some, heartache is possible. For others, breakthroughs. Either way, ask yourself: Where is the quandary? Is it the love … or is it the lover?