Your uncharacteristically sharp tongue is less offensive than inspirational today. You possess an uncanny ability to push others past their normal boundaries where they eagerly confront those things that usually limit their thinking. Some people might erect defensive walls faster than you can imagine. Don’t waste your energy trying to overcome resistance if you encounter it. Instead, focus on those who are fascinated with the potential of their new perspective. Stephen Covey wrote, “Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

While it's true that you'll have an easy time speaking to your lover from the heart, it's possible you'll also realize what it is your heart truly needs to say. Neptune, your ruling planet, will turn retrograde in your sign this Monday. With your ruler in hibernation mode, you may initially feel unsettled as this fog begins to lift around you. Suddenly, what you couldn't see -- or what you refused to see -- about your love life is now staring you straight in the face. This doesn't have to be negative, but it will be a far more realistic perspective than you've been experiencing over the last months. It's time to wake up, Sleeping Beauty.

Monthly Horoscope

Nesting at home will be much more important to you this month, Pisces. It's possible that after June 13 you'll begin a project around the house -- perhaps even two -- that requires your presence. There is also likely to be much more communication between you and family members over the second half of June. You might even be planning a reunion or other gathering with your clan. If this is the case, you can look forward to plenty of lighthearted conversation. Your work life will also become more enjoyable after June 13. Venus will move into your 6th House of Employment at this time, remaining here through July 9. As Venus sprinkles her harmonious pixie dust in this area of your life, you can anticipate a greater sense of harmony and teamwork with colleagues or anyone you employ. Collaborations on the job will be much easier to navigate successfully, and you'll feel as though everyone at the office is honoring your personal creative process as you complete your work assignments. In the event that you and someone you work with share any chemistry, this might be a time when you notice those butterflies in your stomach more and more when you see each other at the office. Will you explore it? Only you can decide, but if you choose to smile more and even flirt a little bit, there's a good chance it will be reciprocated. As the month winds down, you might notice yourself winding down energetically. Mars, the planet of action and drive, will turn retrograde in the most secluded area of your chart: the 12th House of Privacy and Escapism. With Mars retrograde until August 27, it seems as if you might become much more introspective and internal. How you've been using your personal dynamism to pursue and achieve your goals may need some tweaking. If that's the case, you'll go within during this time in an effort to figure out how you might have been misusing your energy. This could also be about finding ways to boost your energy through physical, mental, or spiritual healing. Your body might be out of sync because of some unresolved anger or pain. If this is true, it's time you stopped ignoring it.
You might be having the most fun in your romantic life during the first half of the month. You still have Venus, the planet of love, traveling through the area of your chart connected to pleasure and dating until June 13. You might be in the initial stages of dating someone who is focused on proving how much emotional security and stability he or she has to offer. It all seems quite dreamy and beautiful. If you feel in your heart that this person has real potential, keep exploring. If you're completely single by the second half of June, it's quite possible that an office romance is on the horizon. The only trouble with this situation is that you might literally wonder how it all happened so quickly. Why is this person suddenly expressing interest when he or she never did before? Take things slowly, but if you are feeling a mutual attraction, go ahead and accept a few dates! Whether you're single, dating, in a complicated situation, or committed, there is a question of motivation in love and sex that comes up for you by the end of the month. Your drive might seem confused after June 26 as Mars turns retrograde. You might feel as if your sex life has hit a slump … or you might even lose some of your sex drive. Don't overthink it. Just allow yourself to be.