Your extroverted nature can spark your social life, but it’s most useful today to hide your true feelings from view. You are like a stage magician, waving one hand in the air so everyone’s eyes follow the movement while your other hand is doing something no one notices. Thankfully, you’re not trying to get away with nefarious behavior. You’re simply utilizing the tools at your disposal to avoid negative judgment and unnecessary drama. Bruce Lee said, “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

If you're dating someone and things are progressing, it's possible that you're finding yourself spending a lot more time at each other's homes. Overnight visits have turned into the kind of situation where you each have started to bring some of your things over to your lover's place. As a result, this week you might both realize that maybe your relationship is going into the direction where the two of you have a real shot at a future together. You might discuss the option of moving in with each other. It wouldn't be the craziest idea in the world.

Monthly Horoscope

Get ready Leo, because your professional life is about to be revolutionized! There are major changes ahead, and you're likely to move toward a direction you aren't even considering at this time in your life. Opportunities you thought you had might fall apart, but that's only because the universe is trying to clear the decks for you and make room for what will help you truly come into your own. Now, although this all sounds very exciting, it might not be easy. It will require you to be much more flexible and open-minded than you're used to. Leo, although you have plenty of enthusiasm, you're also one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac. Change is not easy for you to handle -- especially if it's a change that you didn't choose. In May, a significant revolution will likely occur on your career path, so please remember: how you elect to react to it will largely determine whether or not you can maximize the shift in your world. Circle May 15 and the days following for clues about this sudden event. On this day a gorgeous New Moon will land at the top of your chart, opening up a tremendous window for forward movement in your career path and achieving your most practical goals. The even stronger cosmic shift, however, is the fact that Uranus will also enter the top of your chart on the same day, giving you a sneak peek into his plans for you through November 6. Uranus is known as the great awakener of the zodiac. Suddenly, you might feel a restless type of urgency about what you should and should not be doing in order to achieve your career goals. This might also manifest as a sudden opportunity for you to start a new business or land a promotion. Because the New Moon is happening at the same time as this ingress, it does look more like something new and positive is on the horizon for you. BUT it will be radically different from anything you expect, so prepare to be surprised. More importantly, prepare to embrace your calling in life. Ready or not, here it comes.
This will not be the month to mess with you, Leo! If you're in a relationship, your partner may want to slow their roll -- especially if he or she keeps trying to stir up petty arguments for no good reason. On May 16 Mars, the planet of assertive drive and passion, will move into your relationship sector. Mars will stay in this part of your chart for an unusually long stretch of time thanks to his upcoming retrograde over the summer. For now, however, you're getting all the force of Mars as he blazes through your love life situation, setting fires that you'll need to put out. If you play your cards right, these could be fires of absolute passion and excitement, ensuring that the month of May will be quite a sexually gratifying time for you and your mate. The reality, however, is that along with the sparks, there will be moments when you and your lover can get burned. Arguments about freedom, needing space, an honoring each other's individuality are likely to crop up now. How you handle them will determine whether your relationship begins to unravel or not. Fortunately, there doesn't appear to be anything you can't address together because you'll both be extremely motivated to make things work. That's 90% of the battle. Single Leos have a Full Moon at month's end to focus on. Landing in your romance sector on May 29, it's possible that a casual fling will end or that you'll be emotionally stirred by someone new. The only problem with this is that you appear too shy to actually say something. What happened? Did you forget you're the Lion? Roar!