You may be in a playful mood today, but that won’t prevent you from getting the inside scoop on an unusual development at work. Although you’re like an antenna for the Station of Weird, people might attempt to out-maneuver you by messing with your signals. However, there’s a less convoluted way to gain your support; all they need to do is demonstrate their respect by listening to you with their minds wide open. But there’s no reason to put your heart on the line unless you feel a real connection. You shine the brightest when you are true to yourself.

Weekly Love Horoscope

If you're in a relationship, your partner is supporting you this week in the most beautiful way as you try to reach a career goal. He or she will not only be your greatest cheerleader, but will remind you to have faith in yourself and your abilities when you forget. If you are single and out there in the dating world, you might feel a bit of frustration. It seems like no one is seeing your worth and value, or you might feel like you're just not meeting anyone who meets your standards and is good enough to be a prospective partner. Don't settle!

Monthly Horoscope

A massive internal shift is coming your way this month, Gemini, and it might require you to hunker down and go under cover for a bit. Uranus, the great awakener of the zodiac, will move into the most private area of your chart, the reclusive 12th house, from May 15 through November 6. During this time you might begin exploring in earnest a hidden and very unusual talent that you have -- something that others would see as strange, visionary, or just plain "out there." With a New Moon in Taurus in the same area of your chart -- on the same day -- there really is no other option. You must begin something new in solitude that helps you develop your talents and abilities in a way that is off the beaten path. Perhaps you'll realize it's time to study Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot or develop your psychic or mediumship abilities. This might even become a future career path, but for now, it's more about listening the whispers of your soul to honor the most unusual parts of your being. Another possibility is that you'll begin working on getting to the root cause of your anxieties and any insecurity you've struggled with. It's now time to confront the fear of not being able to express your true individuality, so if you need some help with this, it's a great time to begin therapy with a trusted counselor or spiritual advisor. In other news, a close partnership will become a strong focus by the end of the month. On May 29 a Full Moon in Sagittarius will fall in your relationship sector, leaving you completely aware of where you are and how you feel about the state of your current union with someone special. What's interesting about this lunation is the fact that your differences and unique spiritual or moral perspective on a situation will be what can draw you closer. Why? You're both motivated to get to the heart of the matter in order to move your relationship forward. In this instance, agreement is not as important as understanding. This might also be a business connection where you and someone are tying up legalities in order to move forward in a collaborative effort. It looks promising!
You might feel more reclusive this month -- especially after May 15. Uranus, the great agent of change, will shift out of your social 11th house and into your private 12th house on May 15. On the same day a New Moon will occur -- and in the same part of your chart. Your friends might wonder what happened to their favorite, chatty Gemini pal. All of a sudden your urge to be out and about may be seriously modified and you might find yourself in need of more alone time. This will be an unusual shift for you, but it will also be a necessary one. It appears that now, it's important for you to take some time to deeply reflect on any self-sabotaging patterns in your love life and how you've handled your physical energy. Have these ways served you or have they worked against getting what you really want in relationship? These are valid questions and the "eureka" moment answers are only going to begin trickling your way in May. If you're in a relationship, a Full Moon in your partnership sector on May 29 might lead to a turning point. Mercury will also enter your sign on the same day, helping you communicate the options you and your partner have in a logical manner. Your partner, however, might be much more emotional, and if so, it'll make you uncomfortable. Whatever changes are happening between you now are much easier to handle if you approach them rationally rather than from a sentimental vantage point. Interestingly enough, your mate might feel that this is exactly why you have problems. There's nothing rational about love.