You might get lost in the larger cultural perspective today, but you are likely to scurry back into the safety of your inner world when you meet unpleasant resistance. Actually, you wish you could embark on a longer journey, but logistical glitches impede your progress. Whether your passport needs renewing or your travel plans must be rearranged, get your ducks in order now. Luckily, if you are conscientious, you can take what you learn when dealing with all the red tape and use it to shift your direction. It’s never too late to make a mid-course correction when it comes to following your heart.

Weekly Love Horoscope

This might be a do or die kind of week when it comes to your love life. You've been living with Saturn moving through your partnership sector since mid-December 2017. As a result, if you're in a committed relationship, you've likely started to notice tension. At worst, it's possible that you have started to feel as though your relationship is more of a burden than a source of joy. If any of this rings true, this week you and your love will have a defining moment as Venus in your sign opposes Saturn on Saturday. You'll know exactly what you're willing to work on, and what you're not.

Monthly Horoscope

There's an exciting new energy in the air this month when it comes to the company you keep. Have you grown tired of your current circle of friends? Or, are you stuck in a rut where you actually have no social life whatsoever? If the answer to either of these questions is a resounding "yes," then you're in luck: change is in the air. On May 15 a New Moon will fall in your 11th House of Friends, Groups, and Networking. This alone is a positive influence to help you meet new people and make fresh acquaintances. What sets this lunation apart, however, is the fact that it occurs on the very same day as a rare and electric event. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, will move into the very same area of your chart -- on the exact same day. Uranus is a slow mover, and takes 84 years to circle the zodiac. Because he's moving through your 11th house, between May 15 and November 6 you can expect quite a few rumblings when it comes to your social life. You might become much more interested in unusual people during this time, and notice that your circle of pals suddenly includes more free thinking visionary types. You might even attract astrologers, psychics, and mediums your way or choose to join an organization that speaks to your more eccentric interests. The 11th house has been called the area of one's chart connected to hopes, wishes, and dreams. With Uranus and a New Moon activating it, you can be certain that an exciting new direction is about to open up in your world that facilitates your greatest personal vision. In other news, a change at work is likely by month's end. The Full Moon on May 29 could help you change jobs if you're unhappy at your current position, but you may also hear about one of your colleagues leaving. As if May wasn't eventful enough, you're going to enjoy a major boost in confidence and allure this month as well. Venus will move into Cancer on May 19 and remains in your sign through June 13. You've got it going on!
Cancer, this month, you've got game! Venus will move into your sign on May 19, and until June 13 this will help you give out a vibe of sexy, attractive energy that others will find impossible to resist. There is no way you'll have trouble getting the attention of potential lovers -- even if you don't try at all. Adding to your "model status" phase is the fact that on May 15, Uranus, the planet of sudden excitement, will move into your social 11th house for the first time in 84 years. Wow! Coupled with a New Moon in the same area of your chart (on the same day), there is no stopping the sudden changes to your social circle. You're now going to find yourself in situations where you meet and mingle with the most visionary, unusual, and fascinating types. In your case, this will likely bleed into your love life. Why? Uranus is moving into Taurus -- the sign ruled by Venus. The way you get your physical needs met in love and what you value in love will begin to change in a profound way. The people you spend time with socially will have a definite influence on how this perspective of yours changes. There's a strong possibility that you'll find love connections through the internet or dating apps. Sure, millions of people try, but how many actually succeed? In your case, Cancer, there will now be a certain edge you'll have in this area. You might also unexpectedly connect with a new love interest on social media or through socializing with those new, eccentric friends you begin to meet. Be open to dating someone who isn't your usual type. Typecasts are boring anyway.