Your words connect with your deepest feelings today, enabling you to talk about nearly anything. Normally, there are subjects you choose to avoid because you know they will stir intense emotions in others. But you’re willing to address the most taboo topics now in order to clear the air. You could create a lasting bond with someone who becomes part of your inner circle as you stand up together to confront an unacceptable use of power. Flexing your cerebral muscles demonstrates your strength of character.

Weekly Love Horoscope

This might be one of those weeks where you have so much obligation and responsibility to handle in your career life that you have to ignore whatever gives you pleasure -- including your sweetheart. Another scenario is that you'll be so focused on achieving one of your goals this week that you have blinders on and take your partner for granted. He or she might be quietly taking care of everything on the home front while you're out there blazing new trails. Don't forget to tell your mate how much you appreciate him or her. It's important.

Monthly Horoscope

This month signals massive changes, Aries, and you're first in line when it comes to feeling them. Of course you are -- you wouldn't have it any other way! The celestial reason for this, however, has to do with Uranus. Since 2011 this planet of change and revolution has been in your sign, leading to profound shifts in your personal development. You've worked hard over the last several years to demand that you are seen and that you live your life according to your own terms. Yes, this might have ruffled a few feathers along the way and led to a breakdown in almost everything you used to rely on, but in the end, you have deemed it all to be worth it. Now, it's possible that you'll begin to get a glimmer of what life is like when the dust actually begins to settle and you can just live your life without all of the endless flux. On May 15 Uranus will leave Aries, and until November 6, 2018, it will give Taurus a chance to experience some shaky and exciting ground. As for you? Uranus will move on to your earned income sector, shifting your focus to re-inventing yourself when it comes to your money-making abilities. Coupled with a New Moon in the same area of your chart -- on the same day -- there are no two ways about it, Aries. You are going after something new when it comes to earning potential. You might be ready to develop one of your most innovative, eclectic talents and create a plan to market it. Since Uranus rules technology, it's possible that the internet or other forms of technology and science will play into your new cash flow opportunities. Finances might also begin to suddenly shift this month, with either a windfall or a reversal. You'll need to get used to the pendulum of cash flow swinging wildly, and when you have money coming in, make sure you are doing the right thing with it. Fortunately, at least for now, it does appear that cash flow is positive. Your ruling planet, Mars, will move into Aquarius and your 11th House of Groups on May 16, where he will remain for many, many months (thanks to his upcoming retrograde that starts on June 26). For now, however, you'll have plenty of assertive energy to focus on your role in a group endeavor. You might lead an organization or affiliation to a stronger place or spearhead a humanitarian effort. This energy also supports internet-related and technological endeavors, so you really do have quite a bit of backing in these areas now. Use it!
Change is in the air this month for everyone, however, the irony of this situation for you is that it's actually going to lead to stability. You've had Uranus, the planet of sudden chaos, moving through your sign since 2011, causing you nonstop life and relationship ups and downs as well as a massive personal revolution. The only constant in your life over these last several years has been change, and fortunately you're a sign equipped to handle whatever comes your way. In fact, you might have been so restless at not being able to express your true individuality that you were prompted to cause all sorts of upheavals in your love life in order to make sure that you were truly being seen and heard. This month, on May 15, Uranus will head into Taurus, giving you a break from all the instability until November 6. During these next several months you'll have an opportunity to examine the relationship wreckage and revolutions you might have caused in order to remain true to yourself. Fortunately, you'll be able to do this from a much quieter vantage point now that you aren't as driven to stir up chaos. If you're single, social time with friends becomes much more of a priority after My 16, as well as a possible means to find release for your passionate energy. Yes, this could mean a one-night stand with a casual acquaintance. If you're in a relationship, you and your sweetheart will enjoy spending more time at home or on a home-related project together after May 19. The overall tone this month, however, is that you'll finally begin to understand why everything had to be so topsy-turvy in your love life for all these years. Trust that calmer waters are ahead.