Keeping your fears to yourself today won’t necessarily make your sense of urgency go away. In fact, you may find yourself engaged in a fierce tug-of-war, caught in the crossfire as someone else’s actions interfere with your satisfaction. You may fret about a looming showdown now that the Venus-Mars opposition triggers your 7th House of Others, but your concerns will do little to change the equation down the road. Rapper Wiz Khalifa said, “Worrying is stupid. It’s like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Mars, the planet of assertive drive and libido, is in your sign. Normally, this is an amazing placement. Mars here is a once-in-two-year event when you feel like you can conquer the world -- and you usually do! This week, however, Mars will slow down to a crawl, preparing to turn retrograde next week. You'll notice that you feel out of sorts, as though you're just not your normal self. Guess what? Your partner will notice, too. At some point this week, don't be surprised if you reject your lover's advances due to being tired, listless, and not "in the mood." Hopefully, your partner will understand. This trend might last awhile.

Monthly Horoscope

This month you know that some big changes are heading your way. You'll feel the rumblings of life become quieter, similar to the way everything comes to a dead silence before a major storm. By the end of the month, that dead silence will be palpable, and you'll know that it's time to take a long, hard look at what is keeping you stuck in that rut of yours. You know the one I'm talking about, the one that has become unbearable. You honestly want to move forward in your life in a new and positive direction. That's the good news. The not-so-good news is that before you can make any steps forward, the universe has recognized it needs to stop you in your tracks so you can do some remedial work. A course correction in the way you go about getting what you want in life is necessary. Actually, it's essential, so don't fight it. There is no use. Mars is turning retrograde this month in your sign. Although you may feel a bit "off” in every way, the truth is, it's on. Mars is the planet responsible for action, energy, motivation, and stamina. It's the warrior energy within all of us, what makes us want to fight for something or win at anything. Mars is sex, entrepreneurial efforts, and anger. It's the gas that drives you and keeps you going. So what happens when Mars turns retrograde in Aquarius? Initially, you might feel as if you've lost your mojo. Ambition, motivation, and even overall energy might very well take a dip. You could feel like hunkering down and not doing much of anything, but this is only because you know that in order to properly execute the goals related to the next phase of your life, you'll need to quietly and carefully recalibrate. If you try to push anything ahead recklessly, it rarely succeeds -- and you know this. The opportunity you'll have to carefully shift into a new and more productive action pattern between June 26 and August 27 will ultimately serve you well. So this month, if you're feeling a bit worn out, slowed down, and silent, try to see it as a blessing. You are now the quiet before what is sure to be a magnificent storm of awakening in the distance.
This is such a mixed bag month when it comes to love. You're going to have options. That much is guaranteed. The problem, however, is that your options might all seem so exciting at first -- and then go nowhere quickly. If you're single, a New Moon on June 13 in your romance sector can absolutely stimulate new dating prospects. You can even have more than one person who shows interest in you. Yes, your dating life can be extremely busy in the second half of June. The cosmic monkey wrench comes at the end of the month on June 26. Mars, the planet of assertive drive and libido, will turn retrograde in your sign at this time. Mars remains retrograde through August 27, signaling a pivotal time for you in terms of your personal development and in your love life. You might suddenly feel as if you've lost steam and can't make anything succeed in just about every way. This frustrating resistance to success isn't happening to deflate you, Aquarius. Actually, it's happening to help you realize where you need to retrace your steps and carve out a more sustainable plan of action that will actually allow you to reach complete victory in all your goals -- including love. If you are suddenly rejected by someone, recognize it as an act of divine protection. This person wasn't meant for you. Period. If you are happily dating someone new, the best course of advice is to take things extremely slow. Don't initiate a sexual relationship too quickly because it will only complicate things and confuse your feelings. Even if you are someone who can enjoy casual sex without strings, there is something "off" about your usual way of sexually relating to others now. As a result, it might be best not to do what you usually do. Explore dating on a mental plane for now. You'll be glad you did.