You might feel as if the scriptwriter for today’s drama has cast you in a supporting role. Furthermore, you’re not happy with the sarcastic humor because it feels as if the joke is on you. You don’t like it when a conversation is thrown off track by information suddenly crashing in like unexpected thunder. Nevertheless, you still must react to integrate the new data or you won’t be able to keep up with the changes. Author Deborah Day wrote, “Flexibility requires an open mind and a welcoming of new alternatives.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

You're in for a delightfully romantic week! Venus is currently infusing your partnership sector with loving vibes and will continue to do so through March 6. This Wednesday, Venus will embrace Neptune, the planet of inspiration and unconditional love, which is also in the same part of your chart. This will lend a mystical and even sacred quality to the love you and your partner share. You'll revere one another to such an extent that any of your individual flaws simply won't matter. You're not seeing a personality. You're not seeing a body. You're seeing each other's souls. And that is as beautiful as it gets.

Monthly Horoscope

More romance is on the agenda for you and your sweetheart and you'll begin to feel it as early as February 10. Venus, the planet of harmony and love, will move into your partnership sector at this time, remaining in this area of your chart until March 6. Nurturing a closer bond with your sweetheart will be easier than ever during this time, so if your relationship needs a little TLC, know that the universe is about to support you big time! Pay close attention to the enchanting vibes on February 21 when Venus and Neptune embrace in the most hypnotic way possible. You and your lover might literally feel as if you're both on cloud nine under this vibration! Although you and your partner will be extra loving to each other, it's possible that an abrasive situation at home will threaten to rattle your relationship on February 17 and again on February 25. Don't let this happen. Your best course of action is to find an escape route with your lover and avoid whatever domestic drama might be in the air. Yes, even if your relatives don't approve. If you are dating someone as February opens up, Venus will help transform your love affair into something that has substance. Although neither you nor your sweetheart might feel any sense of urgency to define what you have together, the bond you're forming appears undeniable and you'll both know that this is something serious on February 15. Venus will be at a perfect sextile to Saturn on this day, promising everlasting love to those who are ready. In other news, if you're looking for new work, there's a promising opportunity after February 15 thanks to an innovative Solar Eclipse that will land in your 6th house. You might find something by using online job resources or from submitting your resume online. The benefits package connected to your new position will also be attractive.
When the planet of love touches your relationship sector, you know it's going to be a good time. Luckily, that is exactly what's happening this month! After February 10 and until March 6, you'll enjoy having Venus moving through this part of your chart. This is an annual event not to be wasted. If you're in a relationship, then you'll notice any rough edges between you and your love dissipate as the rays of unconditional love take over. You're not only more willing to overlook any problems or forgive any slights, but you'll also find that you and your sweetheart genuinely adore and appreciate each other for your best qualities. It's nice to have a trend where you focus on the good and not the bad as holding each other in high regard is the only way to assure lasting love. Valentine's Day should be extra sweet for you thanks to a gorgeous link between Venus and Saturn on February 15. Since Saturn is in your true love sector, this might be when you and someone you've started to date realize that you can overcome a certain obstacle that has been making it difficult for your relationship to run as smoothly as you'd like. Love truly can conquer all! Venus and Neptune embrace in the sweetest link on February 21, making you feel that you're in the most blissful state possible with your lover. February will be a treasure trove of joyful possibilities for you in terms of love, Virgo. Make it count.