The only person who can pull the wool over your eyes today is you. Although clever Mercury harmonizes with illusory Neptune in your 7th House of Partners, reality is not what it appears to be now. It seems as if you are looking out into the world around you, but you’re actually staring into a metaphysical mirror. Remember, you can transform your relationships in a heartbeat by shifting your frame of reference. The brightest stars are those that shine for the benefit of others.

Weekly Love Horoscope

There might be a hefty price tag connected to love this week. Although this might literally be about finances, it may also have to do with your confidence, self-worth, and most importantly, your self-respect. It looks as if your lover will try to gain the upper hand in your relationship in some way. Perhaps he or she will come across as the one in charge by literally trying to strong-arm you into doing his or her bidding. Or, it's possible that your sweetheart will attempt to manipulate you into submission, making you feel as if you've lost your voice in this partnership. Whatever the details, the major lesson for you is to stand your ground while keeping your heart open.

Monthly Horoscope

Financial changes are in the air this month. While it may feel as if you're on a wild roller coaster ride at times, by the end of October you should have a handle on things -- and feel like you're back in the driver's seat. But first, the chaos... It all begins with a stressed out Full Moon on October 5. If you had a moment of insanity recently and made an investment that was quite risky, you could lose out big time. Another possibility is that one of your children has a health or educational expense that costs you a bundle. If you're in the midst of a divorce and will be having a court hearing on child support, there's a good chance you'll have to pay substantially more than you initially realized. These are only a few of many different possible scenarios, but the common theme is that this Full Moon will be an expensive one for you. The good news is that within days, on October 14, you'll have fantastic support to help you increase your cash flow. Venus will move into your earned income sector at this time, making it easier than ever for you to cultivate your talents and market them, or to ask your boss for a raise that will be well received. Wait until after October 19, however, before you ask. On this day, a New Moon will fall in your 2nd House of Earned Income, making it even more likely that you'll find ways to make your wallet fatter. You've had so much financial support over the last thirteen months thanks to Jupiter being in your finance sector, but on October 10, he will kiss this part of your chart goodbye and move onto new territory. Until November 8, 2018, Jupiter will move through your 3rd House of Communications, Short Trips, Siblings, and Neighbors. You may hear amazing news from a brother, sister, or neighbor during this time. Your relationships with your siblings and neighbors will also likely improve. Additionally, you might be ready to enjoy more road trips to places you love driving or taking the train to. State-to-state travel is more likely than international trips, but you will love every moment of your upcoming getaways. Since the 3rd house rules communications of all kinds, it is very possible that you'll have an opportunity to write, teach, or learn something new. You will be quite excited about these prospects, so go ahead and let your inner nerd shine! Lastly, if you're in the sales industry, your happy money trend should continue. Earnings from sales are likely to flourish. Same goes for any speaking engagements, writing projects, or teaching jobs you get. If you have any contracts to sign, you'll negotiate favorable terms. Mentally, you'll be in a place of "yes" for quite some time. It's sure to take you far.
If your love and sex lives are a mess, there's great news: this is your month to straighten it up! Love planet Venus will remain in Virgo until October 14, granting you amazing powers of allure. Mars will also be in your sign throughout October 22, helping you to light up passionate fires with someone special. The grand slam love day for you, however, will occur on October 5 when these two cosmic lovers engage in a heated embrace. Now, since this is in your discerning and very earthy sign, it's possible that you'll have the lustiest sexual encounter with someone who is truly a match for your vibrational energy. You see, as someone who likes to keep things neat and organized, having the planet of love and the planet of sex in your sign is a phenomenal opportunity for you to truly clean up your love and sex lives. Whatever hasn't been working in this area is easily fixed because you will now know exactly how to make it better. If you have been sleeping with someone who is your equal or who is above you spiritually, you are probably having the best sex of your life. If, however, you are shacking up with someone you know is not, the sex is surely leaving you feeling depleted. This is the month to pay attention to clearing up your love and sex lives by making sure you honor your spiritual vibration. Your body and soul will thank you.