Shared finances will begin to come under your scrutiny this month ... and possibly your angst as well. On March 4 Venus will begin her retrograde phase through your 8th house. This is the area of your chart that rules money connected to just about anything other than your direct paycheck. Investments, inheritance, taxes, settlements, royalties, or commissions -- even your partner's money -- are all under this domain. Now that Venus will be out of phase, it's possible that you'll run into some trouble with one or more financial areas ruled by the 8th house. Realize that it's time to review and reassess, but not to initiate brand-new decisions about your money. Save that for after April 15 when Venus is again in direct motion.

It does appear that this month you'll be more emotional and sensitive than usual. A Full Moon in your sign on March 12 signals a turning point -- and it's possible that you will leave a relationship or outworn goal behind in order to clear the decks. Conversations with your spouse or partner may be difficult at this time, especially if they are about domestic matters. You might feel as if you're not getting the support you need, but by the end of the month you'll also realize that it's time to make changes in order to assure that this dynamic shifts.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Butting heads

The money you share with your partner will be a significant focus over the next several weeks. It looks like you and your mate have not been in complete agreement over how to allocate funds.

Another possibility is that you have some type of debt or other financial obligation that you don't agree how to pay. View the time Venus is retrograde as an opportunity to find a workable solution together, rather than continue living this stalemate. By April 15, you'll figure it out.

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Matters around your home and family life are about to become quite hectic. On March 5, Mars will move into your domestic 4th House of Home and Family for the first time in nearly two years. As a result, you can expect quite a lot of noise here -- literally.

Perhaps you and a relative will argue more about an issue that has been brewing for quite some time. If so, this is likely to connect with a major rift in your moral perspective on the situation. Instead of wasting your breath trying to get your family member to agree with your view, do your best to respect any differences and move on from there.

A great way to direct Mars' 4th-house energy is to begin a home renovation project. Hire contractors or enlist your clan to help out with a DIY project, leaving little room for nasty fights at your home base.

On March 8, you and a partner might have a wonderful new opportunity together. This may also apply to your business. Alliances formed now will be productive but also intense. It's also possible that any fresh start you have with a partner will result in extra tension at home. Do your best to work through it and remember that you can't make everyone happy. Besides, it's not your responsibility to do so anyway.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Amazing opportunities

Expect a delightful, romantic month! If you're in a relationship you and your partner will enjoy a stretch of exceptional harmony between March 12 and April 5 when love planet Venus tours your partnership sector. If you're seriously dating someone it's possible that during this time you'll decide to make a lasting commitment to one another. Moving in together, getting engaged, or even getting married are all possibilities. Make a toast to love -- you are blessed!

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Anticipate a happy development with finances this month, Virgo! This news may seem to arrive out of the blue near March 3, much to your delight. It may have to do with an inheritance, an investment paying off, or it might even connect to bonus money you had no idea was coming your way.

A Full Moon in your sign on March 5 will highlight your emotional side. Others might see you revealing your innermost feelings more, and if so, that's a good thing. You won't have any trouble expressing your sentiments for others, and because of this you can anticipate positive developments in relationships.

Because your personal needs are also out in the open, you might spend more time attempting to actualize them this month. Again -- that's a good thing!

On March 12, Mercury will enter your relationship sector, and communication between you and your mate will likely improve dramatically until March 30. Use this time to make important decisions together, or to have conversations that are on subjects that have more to do with your spiritual and creative side.

If you're involved in any legal situation, a positive development is likely between March 17 and April 11. You are protected and favored in all legal matters during this time. Also, if you have any publishing, advertising or international-related business, you'll have a wonderful ability to make money on these projects now.

A Solar Eclipse in your relationship sector on March 19 signals a fresh start in partnership matters. This might have to do with your personal life, but it could also be professional. You may decide to take on a new partner or client in business. The alliance looks promising.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Magic carpet ride

Love and relationships are a deep subject matter for you this month. On March 4, you might experience a sudden change in your intimate life. If you've been pushing too hard for your mate to do something in the bedroom that he or she isn't comfortable with, you might meet great resistance now. Or, if you're the one who is uncomfortable with revealing too much of yourself, there might be a problem. Either way, buttons will be pushed, and sore spots will be triggered. Handle with care!

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March 1 will likely be a bittersweet day. On a happy note, a gorgeous New Moon will illuminate your partnership sector, allowing you to make a fresh connection in business or in your personal life. The rub in this cosmic gem, however, is that on the very same day Mars will turn retrograde in your earned income sector. Until May 19 you might be in a position of revising your financial goals and addressing nagging expenses that seem to prevent you from getting ahead.

Even in this situation, however, there is a silver lining. You might realize that you've been pushing too hard in the wrong places just to make a buck. Your financial goals will certainly command your attention over the next few weeks, but this doesn't mean you'll be prevented from earning. In fact, on March 14, use your negotiation skills to renegotiate your rates on a freelance assignment. The outcome looks promising!  

A Full Moon in your sign on March 16 may leave you emotionally tender and open, but that doesn't need to be a negative. You might even find it refreshing to lose the stiff upper lip and reveal your sensitive side. On March 22, a conversation with your mate will leave you feeling inspired, and on March 26 he or she might help you reach one of your greatest aspirations.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Education may be key

You're basically a low drama person who wants to take care of business in the most efficient way possible. This may have been difficult last month with your ruling planet Mercury retrograde from March 6 through March 28. But now, happily, the zippy little messenger has righted itself in your 6th House of Employment, which should start to get you back up to speed in work-related matters.

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Love: The cost of commitment

Love might cost you this month -- especially near March 2. Your sweetheart might be more high maintenance than you'd like. Perhaps he or she is dropping hints that about an expensive gift, or wants you to indulge in a costly trip or other fun couple's activity. You might feel especially frustrated on this day when it comes to your mate's lack of frugality. You might even find that romance has become more of a money drain than anything else. If so, it's time for a change.

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You can barely keep your thoughts distinct from those of the people around you this month. It's because six planets congregating in hypersensitive Pisces and your 7th House of Others soften the hard edges that normally separate you from the rest of the world. A heightened state of empathy turns your mind into an emotional sponge, absorbing the feelings of those closest to you.

Thankfully, a long-lasting sextile between stabilizing Saturn and surgical Pluto on March 8 enables you to cut through the noise and make enduring changes to the way you process information. However, trusting your intuition is difficult because you naturally still want the details, even when the psychic Pisces New Moon on March 11 falls in your social 7th House of Partnership.

You're likely to misread the intentions of a partner or misunderstand a conversation while Mercury the Trickster is retrograde in fantasy-prone Pisces and your 7th House of Companions until March 17. You may struggle with staying motivated because your previous goals appear to lose some of their importance.

Happily, the cobwebs of confusion begin to dissipate once clever Mercury turns direct. The pace of change picks up steam when three planets each shift into fiery Aries in your 8th House of Regeneration -- Mars on March 12, the Sun on March 20 and Venus on March 21. But your forward motion isn't so steady on March 23, when an anxious quincunx between optimistic Jupiter and pessimistic Saturn leaves you doubtful.

The diplomatic Libra Full Moon on March 27 brightens your 2nd House of Values, reminding you that having to make compromises doesn't mean that you must sacrifice any of your core beliefs.

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Keep In Mind: It's never easy to let go of old agendas, especially if you don't know what will replace them. Yet this step is necessary before you can start the next phase of your journey.

Career: First Impressions

Your trust in other people may be tested while your rational ruling planet Mercury is backpedaling in your 7th House of Partners. This occurs in the dreamy sign of Pisces and will complicate communications until March 17 when the messenger planet shifts back into forward gear. Use the first couple of weeks of the month to strengthen alliances by ironing out misunderstandings and demonstrating your compassion for professional allies.

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Love: Keep it Upbeat

This is your time of the year to connect with someone new or take your current relationship to the next level. March starts with four planets in Pisces and your 7th House of Partners. Chatty Mercury will be there all month (and half of April too), which is wonderful for imaginative conversations but not so good for critical ones. Facts count less than feelings, so don't let petty details derail a potential heart connection.

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Pushy partners, both personal and professional, and a crisis-driven atmosphere motivate you to move faster this month. An uncharacteristic impulse to leap before you look may arise when your curious ruling planet, Mercury, zips into impetuous Aries on March 2.

However, analytical Mercury turns retrograde on March 12 and continues moving backward until April 4, marking a period when you'd be wise to adopt a more leisurely pace. Errors tend to pile up during this period, as do complications with details and communications. Carefully tying up loose ends and tightening up inefficient systems instead of going into overdrive now will make you more productive in the long.

Strong emotions surface with the Full Moon in your normally logical sign on March 8. Warrior Mars' proximity to the Moon may propel you to take on new tasks or even explode with anger. But before you impulsively embark on a fresh project or boil over with frustration, reflect on your past experiences; you will probably find a solution to your problem.

You find new resources of power and creativity to support your ambitions when expansive Jupiter trines perceptive Pluto on March 13. This enterprising alignment, which previously occurred on July 7 and Oct. 28, 2010, is now part of a Grand Earth Trine with active Mars in your sign, bringing patience and persuasiveness to help you reach your goals.

The Sun's entry into headstrong Aries on March 20 is the Spring Equinox, which initiates a fresh cycle of enthusiasm in your 8th House of Deep Sharing. On March 22, the Aries New Moon conjunct shocking Uranus could shake up your relationships with radically different ideas and unexpected events.

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Keep In Mind: The bolder your plan, the more measured you need to be in executing it. Crises become opportunities when you are able to maintain your composure.

Career: Strut Your Stuff

March begins with the Sun in your 7th House of Others. This can be favorable for lining up some allies or going public with a project. Yet it's also important to be flexible with people because this transit occurs in the sensitive sign of Pisces. If you're overly critical or analytical, it could cost you some support. Obviously, you don't want to deal with sloppy folks or those who lack follow-through, but there are individuals with creative ideas who can enhance your work life through March 19.

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Love: Try a Little Tenderness

Romance could be rocking for you this month, but doing it gently is the key to making this magic happen. March starts with the Sun in sensitive Pisces and your 7th House of Partners, which is likely to increase interpersonal activity in your life.

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Every effort to gain control over your life this month seems to remind you how futile it all is. Dilemmas arise from the emphasis on your 7th House of Partnerships and Public Life, which confronts you with the very aspects of your own personality that you wish to avoid. But the dreamy Pisces New Moon on March 4 is in your 7th house, bringing individuals into your life whose imaginative approach differs from your own.

Observing your shadow in others is a starting point for creating intimacy now, because your key planet, Mercury, enters brave Aries and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on March 9. You may be standing on unfamiliar ground when unsettling Uranus enters your 8th house on March 11, followed by the Sun on March 20. In contrast, the thoughtful Virgo Full Moon on March 19 has you wondering how to let go of your worries and jump into your uncertain future. Meanwhile, the theme of encountering opposites resurfaces when expansive Jupiter opposes constrictive Saturn on March 28, placing you in the middle of a planetary tug-of-war. You are being encouraged to take on a new opportunity, even if you can't just drop your current responsibilities.

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Keep In Mind: Instead of passing judgment on people who live their lives differently than you, incorporate the best of what they do into your own daily routine.

Career: Work Together

Partnerships are the keys to your professional life this month, Virgo. It's important to be tolerant of others who may lack your precision or who have different ideas about how to take care of business. There's a delicate balance between being too rigid and too permissive. Stay on your toes so that you can sense which direction is best at any moment. The Sun is in impressionistic Pisces in the relationship house of your chart, which is why you'll need to be more sensitive in your interactions. It's not your job to save people or to cover up for their mistakes. At the same time, though, being as delicate as you can when criticizing someone can go a long way to avoiding conflict.

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Love: Be Impulsive

If you're lacking action in your social life, that should change this month. March begins with the warm Sun and passionate Mars in your 7th House of Partners, which can stir up excitement with your current squeeze or embolden you to connect with a new one. These transits are occurring in the intuitive sign Pisces where feelings count more than facts. If you're overly critical or examine someone too closely, you're bound to find flaws that could kill the mood. While keeping a bit of common sense for safety purposes, it's wise to loosen up a little and try to feel what you're getting from others instead of thinking so much about it. This is also a time when you get to be forgiven by people for your imperfections. Don't lose sight of the big picture by letting the small stuff get in the way.

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Three planets move into your 8th House of Intimacy this month to test the intensity of your desires. The process begins with vivacious Venus entering spontaneous Aries on March 7, sparking a frisky attitude as you pursue new pleasures and potential financial rewards. Mercury follows on March 17 to initiate a more direct way of communicating that gets straight to the point. While being blunt can provoke arguments, it also brings issues out into the open where you can face conflict head-on and learn how to move past it. Opening yourself to new experiences takes you to exciting places when the Sun enters Aries and your 8th house on March 20, a new season that helps you find greater courage and, perhaps, attract more worthy partners.

Keep In Mind: There's no need to interpret disagreement as failure. In fact, it can be a significant step toward understanding and closeness.

Career: Shining the Spotlight on Working Relationships

The Sun is in sensitive Pisces and your 7th House of Partnership until March 20, which requires delicate handling of your co-workers, yet also provides a chance to get some emotional support from a colleague or a business partner. Information overload is a possibility when your chatty ruling planet Mercury joins expansive Jupiter on March 7. Then on March 20 the Sun bolts into impulsive Aries and your 8th House of Deep Sharing. The tone of working relationships shifts from Piscean tenderness to a rougher, tougher and more exciting kind of exchange. While you could encounter aggressive individuals who challenge your values or ways of doing business, you can use this as motivation to push you to go further and faster. 

Love: Going All In

March starts with the Sun in sweet Pisces, enabling you to attract kind people who don't judge you, but also requiring that you overlook the small stuff that you're tempted to criticize. Mercury, your cerebral ruling planet, also enters Pisces on March 1, remaining there until March 17 and underscoring the importance of tuning in with your feelings. Mercury then blasts into Aries and your 8th House of Intimacy, quickening the pace of connections. The Sun also enters your 8th house on March 20 and it's time for you to go all in for love or consider looking for it somewhere else. Don't be afraid to be upfront about what you want (and what you don't). It's better to kill a budding romance by being honest than to hide your true feelings just to placate someone else.