Your social life will be quite enjoyable the first half of the month. After July 4, it'll be possible for you to meet new friends or acquaintances with whom you share much in common. You might also decide to join a new group. Attend a meeting for an organization that offers lectures on a topic you want to explore. Creative, inspiring mental connections with pals will be incredible.

After July 13, you might feel more like hiding out instead of socializing. The marked difference in mood for you between the first half and the second half of the month is indeed striking. Honor any need you have for extra solitude. You might want to take a spa retreat or spend time in meditation or yoga classes. Another option is to decide to become fully engaged in a course of therapy if there's anything distressing you that you'd like to work out. A breakthrough is possible.

Your love life comes into focus on July 19. Feelings for someone will be extra intense during this time. Another possibility is that you'll have an emotional situation to address with one of your children that requires you to be the adult. Of course, this won't be a problem for you.

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Keep In Mind:

Love: Retreating and reconnecting

The "loudness" of your love life will be most noticeable during the first half of the month. Until July 12, Venus will continue to tour your social networking sector, allowing you to maximize opportunities to mingle and meet sexy new people. If you're attached, you and your partner will enjoy attending more parties and other social events together.

After July 12 however, you might decide it's time to fly under the radar with your lover for a bit. The two of you might plan a couple's getaway where you can both unplug from life's chaos while reconnecting with each other spiritually and emotionally.


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July 1 will be a pivotal day for you in your love life, or your relationship with a child. A Full Moon will fall in your true love sector and it appears that you and someone special are ready to take your relationship to the next level. You might declare your love for this person for the very first time. Or, you and your sweetheart might make a commitment to one another that is more binding. Another possibility is that you'll make a decision to start a family and if that happens, you'll both feel complete bliss! Alternatively, if love and children are not highlighted for you during this time you may put the finishing touches on a creative endeavor and prepare to release it out into the world. You'll be so proud of your accomplishment!

Your social life might open up near the New Moon on July 15 but take care not to rush into any commitments. You might be so zealous about a humanitarian endeavor that you want to participate in that you come across as overly pushy to others. That would be intimidating rather than helpful so be aware of how you come across.

On July 18, Venus enters your sign but she won't be in a happy place. In fact on July 25, she'll turn retrograde in Virgo challenging you to rethink why you're feeling “unbeautiful.” Fortunately, Venus will move out of your sign on July 31 spending the rest of her retrograde in Leo and your hidden 12th house. Until September 6, the lessons in self-worth and love continue but they'll be more internal and private. When it comes to love and relationships, it's definitely time to face your fears.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: A serious month

Get ready for a serious month when it comes to love. If you're dating someone, on July 15, you might feel as if your sweetheart is trying harder to control you than to love you. What you might notice is that you want to make the most of social opportunities while your sweetheart is trying hard to keep you all to him or herself. Perhaps your lover doesn't gel with your group of friends and if that's the case, it's up to you to figure out a healthy way to separate the two. There is no reason why you should be in a position to choose one over the other. If your partner is making you feel that you absolutely must choose then it might be a glaring indicator that this is not exactly the love of a lifetime. Instead, it might be a very unhealthy romance.
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A pivotal turning point is likely in your love life near the Full Moon on July 12. You might decide to end a relationship you feel is going nowhere, such as a casual affair. Just as possible, however, is that you will feel total emotional clarity about your growing affection for a special someone. If this is the case, you'll want to declare your love.

There might also be emotionally-charged news between you and a child. If you've had trouble with this child recently, resolution is now possible. After July 16 and until August 2015, you will enjoy the most subdued yet powerful cosmic luck possible. Jupiter will tour your 12th House of Privacy, the area of your chart that rules everything unseen. This is like having your own personal army of guardian angel protection. Just when things seem the most hopeless, you'll be rescued in the most incredible way possible. Have faith.

A New Moon in the same area of your chart on July 26 might also ignite your compassionate side. You may begin a charitable or artistic endeavor that has the potential to provide healing for many. 

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Risky business

Your brainy ruling planet Mercury ends its retrograde period on July 1, enabling you to get conversations, connections and training back on track this month. Patience is required at first, because this transition is like a slow-moving train pulling out of the station in your 10th House of Career. However, doing what's needed to resolve minor matters is a way to raise your status without single-handedly taking on an onerous burden.

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Love: A turning point

You'll be serious about romantic matters near the Full Moon on July 12. It's possible you and your sweetheart have something intense going on. Whatever the details behind this matter, it has made you take pause to reflect on your commitment with each other. You might also feel as if you've reached a turning point in a casual affair. You and your lover might be ready to become exclusive. Or, if you are feeling uncomfortable with an open ended fling, you might decide it's time to protect your heart and end the relationship altogether.

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Explore the outer limits this month by imagining the possibilities ahead rather than solely focusing on concrete objectives. The planetary gathering in your 11th House of Long-Term Goals inspires you to seek the pot of gold at rainbow's end, even if you don't know how to get there just yet. 

You're likely to re-examine old expectations before thinking about your new mission as your ruling planet, Mercury, retrogrades through reflective Cancer and your 11th house until July 20. State your intentions as clearly as possible on July 8 when the caring Cancer New Moon, also in your 11th House, invites you to plant a seed of intention that you can nurture to fruition over the weeks ahead.

Fortunately, you can easily crystallize the best parts of your delicate visions because of a long-lasting holding pattern between disciplined Saturn in resourceful Scorpio and magical Neptune in creative Pisces. This Saturn-Neptune trine is exact on July 19 and is the final occurrence of a series that began on October 10, 2012, empowering you to manifest your dreams. Luckily, bountiful Jupiter and competent Mars trine Saturn and Neptune on July 17 and July 20, helping to make your wishes come true. This consolidating Grand Water Trine reminds you that steady progress is possible and allows you to integrate a deeper spiritual perspective into your life. 

On July 22, a boisterous Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your 11th house of Vision raises your confidence and increases your zest, motivating you to strive for perfection. However, Venus' shift into discerning Virgo, along with an intelligent Aquarius Full Moon that brightens your 6th House of Details, place you on familiar ground and remind you that working smarter is better than working harder.

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Keep In Mind: Don't just rely on your sharp perceptions and cool logic ... try sinking into your feelings and letting intuition be your guide.

Career: A Creative Force

Being a supportive teammate is important to your professional life this month. The life-giving Sun is in your 11th House of Groups until July 22, where giving and getting help from colleagues can make your job easier. If you feel like dealing with others' personal issues is a distraction from your tasks, think of it as relationship building that will be beneficial in the future. If you're looking for employment, check in with friends and old work mates who can help you make useful connections. Additionally, volunteer activities not only allow you to feel good about your contributions to humanity but may also produce professional benefits.

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Love: Social Butterfly

Your most rewarding personal experiences may come from being part of a group for the first three weeks of July. The life-giving Sun will be in your 11th House of Friends to inspire you when you're part of a team. Meeting someone through an organization is possible, whether it's a dating site or a professional or volunteering situation. 
The love planet Venus, though, is in Leo and your 12th House of Privacy until July 22. This is wonderful for secret liaisons, having a good time on your own or spurring your romantic imagination. Yet it also means that you might lack a bit of visibility and confidence, which reminds you more of what you're missing than appreciating what you've got.

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Your ability to maintain privacy and manage details may be tested often this month when your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on July 14. Long-hidden issues return to the surface, as communicative Mercury's three-week backward period starts in the deep recesses of your 12th House of Secrets. It's better to out yourself by discreetly sharing delicate truths than to keep them to yourself.

Strengthening relationships by building trust can have a positive impact on your finances when assertive Mars enters accommodating Libra and your 2nd House of Resources on July 3. The Full Moon in ambitious Capricorn on July 3 lights up your expressive 5th House of Love Creativity, underscoring the importance of creating new alliances or reinforcing old ones. Regenerative Pluto's conjunction to the Full Moon could bring back a lover from your past or revive a creative interest or talent that's fallen by the wayside.

Commitments to friends and colleagues weigh heavily on your heart with the caring Cancer New Moon in your 11th House of Groups on Key Dates for. Frugal Saturn in your income-related 2nd House of Money makes a stressful square to this Sun-Moon conjunction, challenging you to compromise your feelings in the interest of economic stability. But this is not about shutting your mouth and meekly acquiescing to others; it's about having serious discussions of values and goals to make sure that you and your teammates are pulling in the same direction.

Innovation is encouraged by effusive Jupiter's smart sextile with brilliant Uranus on July 22, yet its tense aspect to methodical Saturn on July 20 suggests that it may take months to turn that vision into reality.

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Keep In Mind: The truth is a precious commodity that is valuable when shared selectively -- but can cause trouble when it's broadcast too widely.

Career: Stay in Control

Teamwork can be critical this month. July starts with the Sun in your 11th House of Groups, which can determine your level of success now. It's critical, though, to show compassion for your colleagues because cooperation is built more on emotional comfort than intellectual alignment. Supporting allies privately, even when you disagree with their actions, demonstrates what a caring person you are.

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Love: Unfinished Business

Your personal life should get easier with edgy Mars finally ending its 7-month stay in your sign on July 2. This passionate planet's shift into your 2nd House of Self-Worth is a reminder to invest in yourself in ways that make you feel more desirable. It's also a reminder to fight for fair treatment in all of your relationships. Just be your careful self and don't act hastily to avoid wasting time or money.

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You’re tempted to withhold your feelings this month, Virgo -- a tendency that starts with the protective Cancer Solar Eclipse in your 11th House of Teamwork on July 1, bringing out your need to take care of your friends. But its square to restraining Saturn suggests that you aren’t comfortable displaying your tenderness and might act passive-aggressively instead of expressing yourself in a forthright manner.

Such feelings are reinforced by the movement of your key planet, Mercury the Messenger, into your 12th House of Secrets on July 2. Like a magician doing a sleight-of-hand performance, you draw attention to your words to distract others from what you are hiding.

Fortunately, a series of harmonious aspects July 4-9 reduces stress by acting like an invisibility cloak for you to wear. The longest lasting of these alignments is exact on July 7 when confident Jupiter in your 9th House of Journeys trines relentless Pluto, giving you the motivation and endurance to reach nearly any goal once you set your mind to it.

The calculating Capricorn Full Moon on July 15 falls in your creative 5th House, blessing you with the ability to express your feelings with forethought, so you don’t say anything that might upset the status quo. But you aren’t content with what you hear from others, for Mercury’s difficult aspects to explosive Uranus and complex Pluto July 15–16 can point to a deeper problem that could take much more time to define and perhaps years to resolve.

The melodramatic Leo New Moon on July 30 drops in on your 12th House of Privacy, yet another indication that the most significant changes are occurring out of sight from others.

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Keep In Mind: You may feel anxious if your dreams are growing fainter. Rest assured, you will have another chance to reach your goals.

Career: Imagination Runs Wild

Getting along with colleagues is a major theme in your professional life this month. July begins with the Sun in your 11th House of Groups, which highlights the importance of offering and gaining support from co-workers. You may be in a team leadership position that will require as much sensitivity to the people you’re with as to achieving the task at hand. Being humane and being productive might not seem like an easy mix but is exactly what’s on the menu for you now.

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Love: Bide Your Time

The support of friends could be especially important this month. Venus, the planet of love, enters your 11th House of Pals on July 3, which can bring you affection and companionship that’s totally fulfilling without being romantic.

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Thinking gives way to feeling for much of this month, starting with brainy Mercury's entry into your 12th House of Escapism on July 9, and followed by sensual Venus' entry into your sign on July 10. Focusing on personal matters allows you to have a good time instead of focusing on the usual everyday worries. The New Moon on July 11 is a Solar Eclipse in emotional Cancer and your 11th House of Groups and Friends. Productive Mars in Virgo sextiles this eclipse, motivating you to cut out what you no longer need and increasing your effectiveness working or playing with others. The Aquarius Full Moon on July 25 in your 6th House of Employment is supported by Saturn and Uranus, helping you establish new skills or perhaps even shift to a different line of work.

Keep In Mind: Your emotional intelligence grows when you listen to your gut instincts rather than rationalizing away feelings that don't fit your preconceived notions.

Career: Less is More

Getting along with colleagues can make the difference between success and frustration with the Sun emphasizing cooperation and teamwork in your 11th House of Groups until July 22. Your analytical mind easily finds fault, but it's wise to express your opinions very carefully. Your ruling planet Mercury dives into your private 12th House of Vulnerability from July 9 - 27, so while you may have to backtrack with someone or with a project to untangle complications, keep these problems on a need-to-know basis. Although the Sun also moves into your 12th house on July 22, which can keep you from getting all of the attention that you deserve, Mercury moves into your sign on July 27 to sharpen your mind and make you a stronger proponent of your beliefs. Success comes when you cut through the clutter and focus on essential details.

Love: Pushing the Limits

Venus, the planet of love, is moving into your sign on July 9 to improve your appearance and attitude and make you more attractive to others. This is not a time to focus on your flaws, but to clearly see new ways to make yourself happier. Feeling good is worth even more than looking good because people react to what you think of yourself. But while you are looking better than ever now, you're also bolder in your thinking and communications with Mercury, your verbal ruling planet, in creative Leo until July 27. This enriches you with creative ideas and a greater willingness to speak your mind without doubt or hesitation. Pushing the limits of what you're willing to share and what you can hope for may shake your world a bit, but can also awaken you to more pleasure.