You could be called on to stand up to a bossy person who seems to think that intimidation will silence anyone who disagrees. Thankfully, you don’t need to accept someone’s transparent power play or any type of bullying, regardless of the context. Your voice is only one, but it sings in unity with many others. You may wonder if you’re the best one to say anything publicly today. The answer is yes. Speaking up for justice inspires others to do the same.

Weekly Love Horoscope

You and your partner will continue to enjoy the most enlightening conversations. In fact, the topics you discuss will help you reach new and profound spiritual heights. Your lover might expose you to an area of metaphysical or paranormal interest that helps you realize that there is so much more to this world that what appears to the naked eye. It's also possible that your sweetheart will begin cultivating his or her own spiritual and psychic gifts. You'll be impressed and will want to support this endeavor completely. As you should. If single, you'll begin to consider the idea that you've limited yourself to the notion of one perfect soul mate. We have many.

Monthly Horoscope

Get ready for a mind expanding -- and possibly even mind blowing -- month ahead! It all begins with a dazzling Full Moon on November 4 that will fall in the area of your chart connected to higher learning. This would be specialized studies such as pursuing an advanced degree, certification, or license. If you have been working hard to obtain any of these diplomas or credentials, it's possible that you'll be celebrating at the time of this lunation. It's also likely that someone close to you, such as a professor or other mentor, will have become quite instrumental in your success. Don't forget to thank him or her. Alternatively, this Full Moon might relate to a business opportunity that is about to gel. If you are looking to partner up with someone in advertising, broadcasting, publishing, or with a company that has international ties, there's an excellent chance that now you'll be sealing the deal. Lastly, if you have been trudging through a legal dilemma, your attorney will come to your rescue and help you wrap up the case, most likely in your favor. In addition to all of these possibilities, it appears that the month of November is brimming with intellectual opportunities. You are truly in a mindset of loving to learn and wanting to learn. As a result, you might find yourself studying or researching an area that you have a deep interest in. It might even relate to finances, psychology, self-help, or the human mind. You might also move forward with a vital contract or other agreement that will benefit you financially. Pay attention to these developments near November 13 -- you'll be pleased. If you hope to begin a new writing or other communications-related project, hold off until after November 18. A brilliant New Moon in your message sector will ensure that all of your ideas sparkle. Go ahead and speak your mind this month Virgo. It would be a terrible thing to waste!
When it comes to love, this month you're feeling unusually empowered, Virgo. There is more control over your mindset, and that's likely the reason you're experiencing this level of deep "knowing" about your relationship or the current state of your romantic world. It's as if you've sat down with your higher self and finally realized "I've got this." And you do. Venus, the planet of love, will move through your mental 3rd house from November 7 - December 1, helping you create the reality you want in your love life simply by knowing you have all the tools inside your mind to make it happen. If you felt held back in romantic matters recently, you now know that the only limitation occurring was because of your mind. This will be a potent month to get right with your way of seeing things. Instead of wishing they could be a different way, your perspective will shift and suddenly -- things WILL be different. Wayne Dyer is famous for saying: "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." This viewpoint will have a powerful and far-reaching impact on your love life now. From November 13-16 you can look forward to some serious bliss if you're in a relationship. You and your mate will share visions about your future together and find a way to make your fairytale dreams come true. Or, it's possible that you'll both take stock of the very distinct possibility that you're already living the dream, and if so, you'll both be extremely grateful. The most transcendental day this month for you in matters of the heart, however, will occur on November 21 when Venus and Pluto are in perfect harmony. Together, you and your sweetheart really do have the power. The power of love.