Your time at work offers an additional bonus today because you need a vacation from personal issues. Being a dedicated worker often brings you joy from a job well done. Fortunately, you have little mind space left over for other matters when you are intently concentrating on your assigned tasks. It might even be a relief that you don’t have to talk about your emotions now. However, this avoidance technique is not a long-term solution; sooner or later you must sit down and address your feelings. Running away from yourself only works for so long.

Weekly Love Horoscope

A fresh start is possible in your love life, but buckle up: it's going to feel like quite a roller coaster ride! A New Moon will land in your romance sector this Tuesday, helping to ignite sparks of amazing potential between you and someone close. Before you relax into the notion of a fairytale romance unfolding, you might want to know that there will be a plot twist. Perhaps one of you is already spoken for, which will be an obvious complication. Anything is possible since this lunation will rub against erratic Uranus. At least one thing is certain: new energy is opening up in love for you. It may be messy, but it also might be worth it.

Monthly Horoscope

You have every reason to count your blessings as 2018 begins, Virgo. A stunning Full Moon in your 11th House of Hopes and Wishes on January 1 can herald a magical time for you where one of your most heartfelt dreams becomes reality. Soak up the emotional fulfillment of this lunation because it's rare and beautiful. This Full Moon in Cancer will make inspirational links with Neptune in your partnership sign, as well as with expansive Jupiter in your communication sector. A mystical and fortunate Grand Water Trine is the end result, which can only help you effectively communicate your wishes to a partner or anyone else in the world. You'll not only be heard, you'll be understood. Mid-month you might be ready to take on an extra layer of responsibility connected to one of your children or in your love life. Be willing to own your role in the current state of this. Recognize that, if you're able to contend with a change beyond your control near January 16, it might ultimately lead to an improvement in your connection with your child or lover. Shakeups are sometimes necessary in order to reach a breakthrough, and it does seem as if that needs to happen now. After January 17 you'll be in an enviable position at the office. Venus will be traveling through your 6th House of Work, and harmony between you and colleagues will prevail. If you're working on a team assignment, you'll know your contributions are appreciated. Single? This might be a time when you and one of your coworkers realize that there's no longer any point in denying the chemistry you share. Explore the romantic potential!
You have an interesting love story emerging this month, Virgo. It all started last month -- technically last year -- in December when stern Saturn moved into your romance sector. Until 2020, you are in the throes of what will become a time in your life that teaches you more about love than you've ever imagined. You are taking baby steps now that will help you truly define what you require in a romantic relationship. This is more than just your "must-haves" like tall, dark, handsome, etc... No, Virgo, this lesson will be much more than skin deep. Saturn here will command you to take love with great caution and sobriety, because you are now more aware than ever that the biggest risk in life happens when you give your heart away. And therein lies the potential for the greatest reward: true and lasting love. While Saturn does offer you the rich potential to achieve an enduring bond with someone who has real substance, before this happens you have a thing or two to learn about matters of the heart. In January you're ready to roll up your sleeves and begin this process in earnest. Venus will continue to tour your true love sector through January 17, helping to soften any harsh edges around these lessons for you. Also, on January 16, a New Moon in the same part of your chart will open up the door to new romantic opportunities if you're single, or bring in that new karmic lesson that Saturn promises in a current relationship. Are you ready? Of course you are. If there's any sign that is always on the clock, it's you. You've got this.