You may be exploring the possibilities of partnering with someone who possesses assets or skills that you lack. The enterprising Aries Sun marches into your 8th House of Shared Resources, clarifying the benefits of sharing the burden of work while also sharing the rewards of wealth. Although collaborating with another person is a smart idea, it’s not wise to rush into an agreement with a new acquaintance. Mercantile Mercury turns retrograde in a couple of days and you might discover that this relationship can’t go the distance. Take your own advice and think before you act.

Weekly Love Horoscope

You and your partner might begin to take an honest look at your finances. How you've been spending your money might come under review -- especially if you and your partner find that you can't seem to agree on what is worth spending it on. If, for example, you are considering purchasing a home together, it's possible that one of you will feel it's worth spending more for a neighborhood in an excellent school district while the other feels it's not as important. You might also disagree on how much money to spend on your children and their recreational activities. Talk things through, and then talk it through some more.

Monthly Horoscope

You might as well make peace with the fact that, as the month begins, you'll be highly emotional. On March 1 a Full Moon in your sign will have you wearing your heart on your sleeve. Fortunately, this won't be as uncomfortable as you might initially think. Yes, you are someone who prefers to exercise supreme control of everything -- including your emotions. Although a Full Moon can bring out the crazy in all of us, this will be the type of crazy you'll actually want to show the world. It seems as if your romantic feelings for someone are quite strong at the time of this lunation, and if so, you'll be sure to share them. Another possibility is that you have a very good feeling about a business partnership opportunity. Go with your gut now because sealing the deal in the first few days of the month will assure its success. Not only will this alliance be mutually beneficial from a camaraderie standpoint, but it will also be financially lucrative as well. Once March 17 hits, there will be a potent New Moon that occurs in your partnership sector. On the same day Mars, the planet of action and motivation, will move into your 5th House of Romance and Children. This is quite a fortunate event to occur on the same day as a lunation --particularly if you're single. There is every indication that someone new is about to pop into your life, so be sure to circulate and make the most of any social opportunities that come your way. If you're in a relationship, this might be a time when you and your love decide to start a family. Fertility and sex drive will be higher than usual through May 16. Use it or lose it! After March 22 you might begin to notice a few errors as you and your accountant finalize your taxes, thanks to Mercury Retrograde. The good news is that you'll be able to find them and correct them. The bad news? You might need to get an extension to file your taxes. Mercury will not turn direct until April 15.
Plan on spending the month as in tune with your body and physical needs as you can possibly get. On March 1 a Full Moon in your sign will also have you feeling emotionally vulnerable about a romantic situation that you can't seem to control. As a Virgo, you pride yourself in being able to separate the wheat from the chaff no matter what the situation. You'll polish anything into perfection, whether it's a work project or a relationship. This month, however, there is something to be said for allowing yourself to let go of this need for control in matters of the heart. So what if everything in your love life isn't wrapped up in a neat little bow? In fact, this might be a time for you to awaken to the possibility that love just might be more fulfilling if you leave a little room for improvement. Stop micromanaging your love life so much and instead, start living it. Whether you're single or attached, after March 17 your love and sex life will surely become more eventful. A New Moon in your relationship sector along with libidinous Mars entering your 5th House of Pleasure assures that this is the case. If you're a Virgo who hasn't been getting his or her groove on lately, a welcome change in your sex life is on the horizon. A new dating relationship also has the potential to become an exclusive partnership. Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: