Although you don’t want everyone to read you like an open book, it’s easier to hide what you do today than how you feel. For example, you might be able to get away with sneaky maneuvers, but people can instantly tell if you are frustrated -- even if you greet them with a smile. Since actions ultimately speak louder than words, all you need to do is make sure that your message is in alignment with your behavior now. Entrepreneur Christine Kane wrote, “Consistent action creates consistent results.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Everything about your love life screams privacy these days. You are pushing for a more sublime romantic experience with your sweetheart, and in order to achieve this, you realize it's time to shut yourselves out from life's typical chaos. This will be an ideal week to schedule a couple's retreat at a secluded location offering amenities that will nourish your soul while allowing the two of you to reconnect. It'll be worth every penny.

Monthly Horoscope

Remarkable changes are likely to occur in health and spiritual development this month. At the same time, you'll feel as if the world has slowed down tremendously, almost forcing you to go within and discover the possibilities since you no longer have as many outside distractions competing for your attention. It all begins on August 7 with a Lunar Eclipse in your 6th House of Work and Health. Yes, a major work assignment might now be completed. If so, it'll free up your time to pursue more spiritual objectives. Another possibility is that you have been going through an illness and will finally see that your treatment protocol is working. You're keenly aware of what your body needs in order to heal, and that revelation will help you understand that you must honor it. Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on August 12 and remains out of phase until September 5. This is when you'll really begin to slow down and go within. In fact, a Solar Eclipse on August 21 will occur in your 12th House of Solitude, encouraging you to disappear from the world long enough to nourish your spirit. Do whatever you must in order to accomplish this. You're worth it.
You might feel as if you and your partner are speaking different languages this month. From August 12 on, this might be a particular nuisance -- especially if there is a vital conversation you need to have, or a decision you need to make together. One option is to put a pin in all essential dialogue until after September 5 and try to be in the moment with one another instead. You can try this approach, but there might still be at least one significant and unavoidable miscommunication.