People appear to give you mixed signals today. However, you’re unlikely to lose your center of gravity while the Sagittarius Moon collaborates with stabilizing Saturn in your 4th House of Foundations. Stop looking to others for solutions now; you won’t find any clues as long as you doubt your own decisions. Ultimately, the assurances you seek must come from within. Nobel laureate Richard Feynman said, “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Typically, Virgo, you're the one who tends to find everything wrong about a person. Unfortunately, this tendency can sabotage romantic potential before it even begins. When you do get into a relationship it's because you see the faults, but decide it's your job to fix them. This week, you'll notice a fascinating change of pace. It'll soften you enough to invite love in if single, or treasure the moments you share with your current beau if attached. You'll start to notice what's right and ignore what's wrong. Sure, this is a temporary spell you'll be under, but hey, why not enjoy it? Your partner certainly will.

Monthly Horoscope

You're like a magician this month, Virgo, quietly working on a creative pursuit or other passionate endeavor that soon -- very soon -- will be revealed to all. And once it does, you mean business! It all begins on September 5 when Mars, the planet of assertive drive, moves into your sign for the first time in nearly two years. This is a significant cycle where you'll be in a power position to launch anything important to you -- and have the stamina to see it through to success. You'll have this cosmic edge through October 22, so be sure to make the most of it. Adding to this, will be the fact that your ruling planet, Mercury, will turn direct on September 5. He's been napping in retrograde since August 12, making it difficult for you to get much accomplished without taking at least two giant steps backward first. Never mind. Now, that's all in the past and the only place you'll be moving is toward your goals. There's also an opportunity for dreamy romance near the Full Moon on September 6. If you're in a relationship, you and your sweetheart will have a fulfilling encounter that reminds you why you're perfect soul mates. If you're single, don't worry -- the universe has something special in store for you as well. On September 19 Venus will move into your sign, granting you incredible powers of attraction. Then, on September 20, a New Moon in your sign offers a fresh start that you can direct in any way you choose. Don't limit yourself, Virgo; this month you can truly have it all.
Your time for love has arrived! This is Virgo season, and between Venus gracing your sign on September 19 and a dazzling New Moon in your sign on September 20, there is truly nothing stopping you from attracting the most amazing romance your way. But first, let's talk about Mars.../p> Mars is the planet of assertive energy. He is pure drive, libido, and ambition. Once every two years Mars will pass through your sign, giving you the most incredible feeling of stamina and "go get 'em" energy. Guess what? On September 5, that day will arrive for you. With Mars in Virgo until October 22, you will truly feel as if you can accomplish anything -- and you will. In matters of the heart this will make you more courageous. You're typically one of the shier signs in the zodiac, and rarely pursue others in an assertive way. With Mars in your sign. however, you'll get a boost of bravado that allows you to do something you normally wouldn't -- like extend yourself and flirt with that sexy someone you meet. This will also boost your sex drive, whether you are single and looking or in a long-term relationship. There is also something magical happening if you have already found your true love. On September 6, a Full Moon in your partnership sector will inspire you to reveal all of your deep emotions together. You and your mate will treasure the fact that you can lose and find yourselves all at once, simply by gazing into each other's eyes.