You may be so concerned about your health today that you take specific steps to modify your lifestyle. Although you can research all the dietary options in the world, you won’t improve your physical wellbeing unless you make tangible changes to your eating habits. But embarking on a new regimen is tricky business; making small adjustments that last is better than turning your life upside down for a short period of time. Virgil wrote, “The greatest wealth is health.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Your love life is about to get mental in a good way. Mercury, the planet of communication, will move into your partnership sector on Tuesday and will remain here until November 5. Mercury and Jupiter will collide on Wednesday, offering you and your mate an opportunity to have a serious "great minds think alike" moment. This will be a perfect time to make a major decision about your relationship or to sign contracts together for any reason. Either way, conversations between you and your sweetie are about to become deeper and more gratifying than they've been in a while. Nice!

Monthly Horoscope

There might be a secret you have -- or a secret project you're working on -- that is about to be exposed. One possibility is that you want to keep this quiet for a little longer, but someone may out you near the Full Moon on October 5, leaving you feeling vulnerable. The need to regroup at this point may be strong, but you shouldn't worry. Very soon you'll see that this will all work out even better than you imagined. Another possibility is that this is more of an emotional frustration you're grappling with early in the month. A need to purge yourself of any personal demons might be a significant theme, and if that's the case, you'll be ready to do so during this Full Moon. Your emotional health is important, and it does you good to clean away those mental cobwebs and nourish your soul every once in a while. Make sure you allow time and space to do this early in the month however you see fit. By the middle of October your focus will be on work and health matters -- and there is SO much happening! Your ruler, Venus, enters your 6th House of Employment on October 14 where she'll remain until November 7. It'll be easier than ever to collaborate with others on team projects. If single, an office romance might begin to blossom. If you're a business owner and need to hire staff, you'll find someone who is the perfect fit. It's a good thing that your relationship with colleagues will run smoothly because you'll need their support at the New Moon on October 19. This lunation occurs in your work sector and symbolizes amazing potential for a brand-new assignment or job to come your way. It might be the result of that top secret project you were working on (that may have been exposed) earlier in the month. See? You didn't have to worry so much about it! It turns out that even if it ruffled someone's feathers -- possibly someone higher up -- it led to an even better opportunity. You'll have no trouble spinning this situation in your favor! In other news, your relationship world is about to change, becoming richer and more meaningful. Jupiter, the planet of blessings and abundance, will move into your partnership sector for the first time in 12 years on October 10. He remains here until November 8, 2018, and many single or dating Taureans will find the love of a lifetime and make a relationship commitment during this time. If you are already married, then you and your partner will enjoy a year of amazing support. Business partnerships are also highly favored during the next thirteen months. The right people will come to you.
Imagine a real relationship, one you can sink your teeth into. No, really. Imagine that. This month, Taurus, the possibility of a genuine committed partnership just might become more than a fairytale -- it may very well start to be your reality. It all begins on October 10 when, for the first time in 12 years, the planet Jupiter enters your 7th House of Partnerships. Jupiter will remain here through November 8, 2018, and promises to expand all of the possibilities of goodness between you and someone close during this time. This is incredible support if you are already in a relationship because Jupiter will help you and your lover become closer than ever. In fact, you'll probably have a conversation between the 17th and 18th that blows your mind and leaves you feeling truly bonded. Even if you're single, Jupiter will help you because over the next 13 months there is every indication that you will meet someone who has the potential of turning into "The One." The best way to prepare for this event is to focus on your health right now. You have so much to give, Taurus, and you want to be ready to fully immerse yourself into a relationship once your love decides to reveal him or herself. So, clear out the psychological debris you might be clinging to from past relationship drama. Eat clean, exercise more, drink or smoke less, and even organize your living space to eliminate clutter. In fact, you might consider calling in a Feng Shui expert to visit your home this month to help support the romantic corners of your house. All of this will make an incredible difference to your mindset. Once that shifts, anything is possible!