There's a fascinating bit of cosmic irony at work for you this March, Taurus. On the one hand, your ruling planet, Venus, will turn retrograde on March 4 in your hidden 12th House of Secrets and Sorrow, but Venus remains out of phase until April 15. This will likely be a time of deep reflection and personal life course correction. There's a blind spot connected to your love life or self-worth that needs sorting out, but first, you have to admit that it's there. The retrograde will help you become more comfortable with this reality and instead of continuing to ignore it; you'll have an opportunity to eradicate it. Much of this transformation will occur on an internal level, but eventually the world will be able to see the results of your breakthrough.

But back to the cosmic irony. You would expect this month to be all interior, however you'll soon realize it will be anything but. On March 9 Mars, the planet of assertive drive, will enter your sign for the first time in nearly two years. Until April 21, you'll be in the most enviable position to initiate plans with ambition and stamina. This is your time to push ahead toward whatever it is you want most. You may initially feel that until you do that inner work, however, it won't matter how much you push. Trust that eventually the action you take internally and externally WILL collide and that the end result will be success.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Wake up call

You're in for a pivotal awakening this month when it comes to your love life. For starters, Venus, your ruling planet, will turn retrograde in your 12th House of Escape and Privacy on March 4, and remains napping until April 15.

You may wonder how you'll "wake up" in matters of the heart if the planet of love is sleeping. Ah, that is the beautiful irony of Venus Retrograde. Your ability to dig deep and tap into your unconscious love life issues this month will be the key to embracing the romantic happiness that is meant to be yours. Deep soul work, counseling, hypnotherapy, or dream analysis may all help you achieve this. On March 12 a Full Moon in your true love sector will help you know for sure that fulfillment is within reach.

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Expenses might rise, along with your temper as the month begins. On March 5, Mars will enter the part of your chart connected to joint finances, taxes, insurance, investment money and debt. It's possible that you'll hear some frustrating news from your accountant about extra money you owe or deductions that are not allowable.

Another possibility is that you'll learn that you're responsible for more healthcare related expenses. This might be due to your job cutting back on the amount of coverage offered, or, it might be connected to a deductible or hefty co-insurance that you have to pay. What will be most aggravating about this expense is that you'll likely feel it's unjust in some way. It probably is but the truth is, you'll still have to pay up.

Don't worry, there's plenty of joy in store for you this month once you get past the money crunch. On March 8, a Solar Eclipse falls in your 11th House of Friendship, followed by your ruling planet Venus, moving into the same area of your chart on February 12.

A bright opportunity to meet new friends and attend social events you find inspiring are sure to be on your agenda. You might also enjoy taking on a new and creative role for a group you're a member of. The 11th house is also connected to one's greatest hopes and wishes. With this line up, there's every indication that your wish will be the universe's command. Make it count.

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Love: Getting hot

Your sex life will heat up as you and your partner decide it's time to explore the more erotic side of your relationship together. This might be in the form of sharing your fantasies but it can also be more about exploring the spiritual-sexual dimension together. If single, you'll have wonderful prospects to meet someone new via internet dating websites or a dating app after March 12. Get your profile ready!

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Expect a lucky break from behind the scenes that affects your family or your living situation near March 3. Whatever the details, you'll feel a mixture of relief and excitement over the news -- whew!

Then, a Full Moon in your true love sector on March 5 will put the spotlight on matters of the heart. You might have recently met someone who takes your breath away. If so, you'll need to decide if you're ready to go "all in" and allow yourself to fall in love. It sounds unromantic to feel the need to make a choice, but in this case it works for you, Taurus. You are, after all, quite practical. Somehow, feeling a sense of control in this situation makes it more manageable for you.

Luckily, you'll be in an enviable position to make progress in just about any area of your world after March 17. Venus will enter your sign, and she remains there until April 11. During this time you'll feel a surge of confidence, and you will have an allure that makes it difficult for anyone to resist your charms. Work it!

A Solar Eclipse in your social 11th house on after March 19 might bring an opportune development with friends or in your group endeavors. This will also be a ripe moment to cast your intentions out to the universe about one of your most personal aspirations. Now is the time to make it happen!

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Hell hath no fury...

If you start the month still pining away for someone you know you shouldn't be with, emotions could be tricky to navigate. On March 4, you might suddenly reveal your feelings in a way that makes you look more crazy than flattering to this person. Or, it's possible you'll decide this person isn't worth losing your sanity over after all. If that's the case, you'll begin to get angry, and you might unleash your fury close to March 11. Try not to misdirect your anger. Remember, if you're this upset, it's not a healthy situation, and you probably shouldn't be with the person. Let it go.

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If you start out the month feeling drained, it'll be a clear signal that it's time to schedule a doctor's appointment to see what's going on. If you already have a health condition diagnosed and you've been treating it, you may feel frustrated at what appears to be a lack of progress. Or, it's possible you'll discover there's an entirely new issue to take care of this month.

You'll be angry -- but you may also feel defeated. Sometimes, we need to lose a battle in order to humble us enough to realize that we're not fighting in the most strategic way. The truth is, you're probably not being fair to yourself -- to your health. Do you really need to have the wine and the chocolate together at night? If you walk up a flight of stairs and try to ignore the fact that you're gasping for air, it should serve as a wake-up call. It's time to take care of you!
As far as work goes, it's possible you'll re-visit an old partnership opportunity that never got off the ground. You may also feel frustrated over a delay in collaborating on a project that you're actually quite excited about. If there was ever a time to display your signature virtue of patience, that time is now. You can expect progress near March 14, when a VIP offers encouragement and validation. Whew!

Fortunately, your friends and social contacts will be you sanctuary. A New Moon on March 1 might open up new networking doors for you. Then, conversations with friends will become especially soul nourishing between March 17-22.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: You're an original

Professional opportunities depend upon innovation and cooperation this month. Venus, your magnetic ruling planet, leaves productive but serious Capricorn on March 5 and enters quirky Aquarius as originality becomes your key to success. This transit occurs in your 10th House of Career, where you can advance yourself by bringing more creativity to what you do.

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Love: Put yourself out there

On March 1, a delicious New Moon will illuminate your social networking sector. This is the area of your chart that rules all of your convivial encounters with friends. Those meet-up groups you attend, and the parties and organizations you belong to? They're all under this domain. With a New Moon here, it's likely you're about to expand your social circle in an exciting way. You might participate in activities with pals that are more spiritual or artistic. If one of your friends offers to set you up on a date with someone, be sure to accept in the first 10 days after this lunation -- there's a good chance that you and this person will have a lot in common.

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Although a series of positive aspects indicates smooth sailing through the watery Pisces New Moon on March 11, it still seems as if you're losing traction because interactive Mercury is retrograde until March 17. However, this is a great time for visualizing your ideal future while several planets cluster in dreamy Pisces and your 11th House of Long-Term Goals.

You have the fortitude to transform your vision into reality when the Sun harmonizes with unrelenting Pluto and unwavering Saturn on March 1. Similarly, resourceful Venus and loquacious Mercury connect with Pluto and Saturn on March 6-7, gracing you with uncommon clarity and unflappable determination.

But it's the Saturn-Pluto sextile that's exact on March 8 that supplies you with inexhaustible energy and willpower all month. This long-lasting alignment enables you to exhibit discipline in the face of temptations and maintain a positive attitude in these challenging times.

You can feel your forward momentum building when enthusiastic Mars enters enterprising Aries on March 12. Mercury's direct turn on March 17 feels like a booster rocket -- and then additional propulsion arrives when the Sun and Venus blast into fiery Aries on March 20-21. Electrifying conjunctions to irrepressible Uranus from Mars on March 22 and from Venus and the Sun on the March 28 should launch you into orbit.

Ironically, it's not that simple to stay on course, because expansive Jupiter creates irritating quincunxes with constrictive Saturn on March 23 and heavy-handed Pluto on March 29. Although the objective Libra Full Moon on March 27 helps you reestablish emotional equilibrium, squares to Pluto from Venus and the Sun on March 31 can surprise you with the dramatic power of your feelings.

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Keep In Mind: Even when things are going your way, there's still room for trouble. Stay cool, calm and collected, because your persistence will pay off.

Career: Unexpected Twists

Teamwork could be the key to your professional success in the first half of the month. March rolls in with four planets in your 11th House of Groups, which supports your ambitions when you're working with people who really care about what they're doing. These planets are in imaginative Pisces where creativity and inspiration are a must. If you don't believe in what you're doing, you're likely to tire easily. Volunteering won't put any money in your pocket but can be an excellent way to meet helpful people and to arouse your enthusiasm. Helping others, both on and off the job, is a great way to help yourself now.

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Love: Love Behind the Scenes

There is something extra sweet about being with friends this month. March opens with the expressive Sun, chatty Mercury, alluring Venus and active Mars in sensitive Pisces and your 11th House of Groups. Social opportunities are strong when you're with pals or part of an organization. Working for a cause is an excellent way to connect with someone new who shares your values and can be very useful for solidifying an ongoing partnership.

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Your heart opens to love this month -- and your mind wanders off into dreamland. The gifts of joy and attraction come from alluring Venus' entry into Taurus on March 5. Her four-week stay in your sign is a time to indulge yourself in pleasure, soak up sensual delights and earn more appreciation from others.

Yet, while you slow down to sip the sweetness of life, inquisitive Mercury races into brash Aries on the March 2 to provoke impulsive thinking. Communications can be especially complicated because Mercury turns retrograde on March 12 and slips back into surreal Pisces on March 23, helping you revive old dreams before turning forward again on April 4. While you're enjoying the taste of life's most delectable fruits, you could also be missing messages or messing up data that requires more careful attention.

The Virgo Full Moon lights up your 5th House of Play on March 8, reinforcing your desire for fun and your yearning for creative self-expression. You'll find the balance between supporting others and fulfilling your own needs shifting. Pleasure, though, is not a privilege; it's an essential key to your happiness and well-being.

You are blessed by a trine between beneficent Jupiter in Taurus and powerful Pluto in Capricorn on March 13. This favorable alignment helps you stretch your resources, including time and energy, allowing you to have plenty of recreation but still get your work done. The Spring Equinox on March 20 is when the Sun enters Aries, starting the astrological year in your 12th House of Endings. Be sure to clean up unfinished business before you tackle anything new.

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Keep In Mind: Even if pleasing yourself is a priority, don't become so preoccupied that you fail to meet your other responsibilities.

Career: Put Your Best Foot Forward

There is a very favorable planetary pattern coming this month that can upgrade your value, earn you more money or just help you to be a happier person. Venus, the planet of attraction, is entering your earthy sign on March 5 and it is likely to make you more desirable to others. Now, this isn't a time to sit on your laurels, but it's the beginning of a four-week period when you may be able to garner more appreciation for your work. If you're seeking employment, this is a great time to put your best foot forward and start making new contacts.

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Love: Put Your Best Foot Forward

There is one great astrological pattern this month that can make March special. It's the entry of the love planet Venus into your sweet sign on March 5 that can provide you with an extra portion of pleasure during the subsequent four weeks. Venus is at home in earthy Taurus, where sensual delights and increased self-worth are expected. Slow down to enjoy your senses instead of rushing through your day too quickly, and appreciate the sounds, smells, sights and tastes that make life worth living.

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Exciting experiences and new challenges await you this month, for you are eager to explore the uncharted territory before you. You may grow more popular at work with friendly Venus in your 10th House of Career March 1-27, sweetening your professional world. The intuitive Pisces New Moon on March 4 emphasizes your visionary point of view with a six-planet pileup in your 11th House of Dreams.

Your world is undergoing rapid change and you can't help but notice on March 9, when an anxious Mercury-Uranus conjunction floods your nervous system with so many thoughts that it's difficult to hold on to any one of them. Mercury blasts into irrepressible Aries and your 12th House of Endings on March 9, followed by Uranus on March 11, confirming that your magical journey is officially under way and you cannot return to the past.

You could be overflowing with anticipation on March 19, when the Virgo Full Moon reflects the emotional depth of the vulnerable Pisces Sun. You're poised for change and can feel the energetic boost from the Sun entering Aries on the Vernal Equinox on March 20 and the electrifying Sun-Uranus conjunction on March 21. Meanwhile, deep rumblings of frustration can surface when agreeable Jupiter opposes doubting Saturn on March 28, followed by Mercury turning retrograde on March 30.

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Keep In Mind: Life feels unpredictable right now, and as cosmic winds blow stronger throughout the month, you need to be more imaginative to dream your way forward.

Career: Work Together

Teamwork makes the difference in the success of your professional life this month. March begins with the Sun in your 11th House of Groups and active Mars will be in this cooperative part of your chart until April. If you're seeking employment, check in with friends, classmates and old colleagues who may be able to provide you with some leads. You may be tempted to brush off some of their ideas as unrealistic but don't be too quick to reject them. Being open to suggestions is more likely to inspire you and garner more support than shutting others out. Getting along with team members may also require some flexibility on your part.

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Love: Get Out of the Rut

Letting go of old ideas about relationships isn't easy but if you don't loosen up a little now, love may feel further away. Venus, the alluring ruler of your sign, enters unconventional Aquarius on March 1 and will bring ripples of change until March 26. Aquarius is quirky, inventive and experimental, which requires a more open-minded attitude about partnerships. Whether you're single and looking or in a committed union, the more tightly you hold onto the past the more difficult the present will be.

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Your passion is aroused in unexpected ways this month, starting with your ruling planet, Venus, entering independent Aries on March 7 to spice up your social life with spontaneous actions that could provoke shocking reactions. The spirit of risk taking is reinforced when assertive Mars turns direct on March 10 after a twelve-week retrograde cycle that's been keeping you bottled up emotionally and energetically -- this direct turn enables you to get new projects up and running. This uncharacteristic restlessness is fed by the New Moon in Pisces and your 11th House of Groups on March 15: its close conjunction with mentally-active Mercury and electrifying Uranus presents fast-moving surprises with friends or colleagues that spur unconventional ideas and events.

Keep In Mind: If you grow frustrated with the world, look within your soul. The meaning and purpose you find there will bring you the peace you desire.

Career: Learning to Adapt

Your sweet ruling planet Venus dives into your 12th House of Secrecy from March 7 to March 31, making it more difficult to get attention or earn recognition for your work. The New Moon in your 11th House of Groups on March 15 could shake up a team or bring some radical changes. Mental Mercury's conjunction with inventive Uranus during this New Moon could create even more chaos on the job, yet it's also a chance to take a fresh look at how to work with others. The Sun fires into energetic Aries on March 20, which will put more wind in almost everyone's sails. Moving and thinking faster is likely to become a requirement, but take some time to get away from it all, if you can, to get a broader view of your professional life.

Love: When You Least Expect It

Love planet Venus, ruler of your sign, is moving into your 12th House of Privacy on March 7, which is good for advancing your personal life in quiet, out of the way places. You might also feel like retreating from the complexities of relationships all together, or you could have a harder time getting attention. It's best not to force something at this time -- with this transit it's more likely you'll find connections when you're not trying. Venus hits a rough patch from March 8 to 12 as she faces hard aspects with Saturn and Pluto. These tough planets require focus and intensity to deal with a difficult person or a down mood. Act carefully -- the impact of what you do now could be lasting. The bright light at the end of the tunnel comes when Venus enters your sign on March 31, promising easier times ahead.