You have a lot on your mind today, but aren’t sure how much you want to share with anyone else. Your closest friends encourage you to spill the beans, but you don’t think they will be happy with your message. The truth is they will likely appreciate what you say, but not how you say it. You may be more intense than you realize now, and your passionate declaration could inadvertently alienate others. If you use a gentle and sensitive tone, you won’t need to water down your words. Author Kevin J. Anderson wrote, “A moment of consideration often prevents a thousand apologies.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

If you're married or if you're in a committed relationship, this will be a perfect week for you and your partner to have a thorough discussion about your finances. A decision might need to happen concerning a joint investment or what to do with recent positive cash flow that has come your way through an inheritance, settlement, or other benefit. If you're single, this will be a good time to carefully re-evaluate your thoughts on how comfortable you are with sharing all of you when you're in a relationship. You might realize that you have a bit of work to do here and, if so, your awareness will help you move towards an innovative solution.

Monthly Horoscope

Taurus, you're typically not the one who makes bad financial decisions, but this month you've got a bit of a cosmic warning to heed concerning money matters. A murky Full Moon will occur in your earned income sector on December 3, making it quite possible that a source of cash flow for you will literally disappear. You might have been counting on this revenue stream for quite some time, and it'll seem to suddenly evaporate into thin air. This is more likely to be an issue if you own your own business, but it might also be connected to a royalty, commission, or bonus check you've relied on. There appears to be massive confusion all around finances for you this month. On the same day as this Full Moon, Mercury will turn retrograde in your 8th House of Investments and Shared Resources. He remains out of phase until December 22, and this might reveal itself as a frustrating delay if you're trying to get approved for a loan or venture capital. This won't be an ideal time to make any new investments, but you may want to give your current portfolio a thorough look and consider whether or not your strategy needs to change. Fortunately, a New Moon in your 8th house on December 18 will stimulate growth potential that you'll be able to use once Mercury wakes up again. While you might be navigating several headaches connected to finances this month, there's fabulous news concerning educational pursuits, advertising, publishing, broadcasting, or international matters. Saturn, the planet of maturity, will move into the section of your chart ruling these areas on December 19. Since Saturn will be in your sister Earth sign Capricorn, you can look forward to receiving the very best of this transit's potential. Namely, you'll finally be able to build a solid and lasting foundation around scholastic quests and spreading your wisdom out into the world. Stay tuned ... opportunities for expansion are on the way. As for the money situation? It'll work itself out. After all, you are a Taurus.
Taurus, this month your love life is either going to be hot ... or it's going to be a hot mess! The key planetary figure playing into this drama is Mars, the planet of assertive drive and motivation. He'll move into your partnership sector on December 9, remaining here through January 26, 2018. There are several possibilities... For starters, if you're in a relationship and things between you and your mate are contentious, it's possible that you'll find yourself embroiled in senseless arguments about surface issues because neither one of you wants to bring up the major, deeply embedded problem. Eventually, however, this will erupt, and you'll lay all the cards out on the table. Mars will be in Scorpio and like it or not, Scorpio leaves you with no place to hide. Fortunately, this can be exactly what salvages your love connection. The reality is that unless you and your partner are both willing to courageously "go there" with each other, you'll only erode the genuine connection you've worked to achieve. Yes, it's going to be painful and there might be a few battle scars, but isn't love worth fighting for? The good news is that if you are both able to come out on the other side of this major rift, you'll not only find greater healing and deepen your connection, but you'll also have some incredibly mind-boggling make up sex. It's on!