You don’t like hearing negative feedback unless it’s constructive enough to help you be more successful. It’s especially unnerving when you receive criticism from a secondhand source. You wonder why your critic doesn’t have enough respect for you to simply talk with you directly. You may just walk away from the entire situation because you don’t want to engage in adolescent-like emotional games now. The trick is to set an outstanding example by letting the results of your actions speak for you.

Weekly Love Horoscope

A turning point in your relationship can be expected thanks to a Full Moon in your partnership sector on Sunday. This will be a powerful lunation with clear implications of the level of commitment and depth you and your mate share. If you are ready for something serious, you and someone you've been casually dating might decide to go all in and become exclusive. There is certainly an "all or nothing" quality to this Full Moon -- but it does appear to go in your favor. As a result, unless things are truly bad between you and your partner, a break up is not likely. What's more likely is a deepening of the bond you share.

Monthly Horoscope

April begins on a frustrating note for many. In your case, Taurus, it seems as if you are paying the price for secret information you've been holding inside. You might be quite upset over the fact that someone asked you to keep a secret that you are not comfortable keeping. In fact, it's pressing your moral buttons, and between April 2 and April 4 you might explode, unable to hold this information inside any longer. Another possibility is that you need to make amends for your own misdeed in the recent past. You might hold yourself accountable to someone you look up to such as a mentor or other authority figure you respect. In an act of confessing this wrong, you will immediately feel a sense of release -- and a solid drive to do everything you can to make things right again. Fortunately, by this moral dilemma will clear itself up and be gone for good by the middle of the month. In fact, on April 15, a New Moon in your 12th House of Secrets along with Mercury turning direct will allow you to free your mind from whatever self-imposed prison this situation has been holding you in. You'll be ready to move onto bigger and better things, namely money and romance. Venus in your sign will be at a perfect angle to Pluto on April 17 empowering a financial situation that involves international matters, publishing, advertising, or broadcasting. This will also be a powerful day where you will feel spiritually aligned to your lover. Money truly begins to flow after April 24 when Venus enters your financial sector. It's possible that two new revenue streams might open up. Be creative and use all your communications skills to enhance your earning potential through May 19. The month ends on a sublime note when it comes to love and partnership. If you've been dating someone special, the Full Moon in your relationship sector on April 29 will leave no doubt that this person wants to be yours and only yours -- forever.
Oh, Taurus. You just can't seem to escape this lesson, can you? Self-worth, personal value, and developing your own talents with confidence are all major lessons you signed up for this time around. And since you are ruled by love planet Venus, all these lessons naturally extend to your romantic life. How many times have you given your self-respect over to your partner? How many times have you allowed yourself to shrink in order to feel loved? If the answer is that it has been too many times, then listen up: it's time for a change. This month, the universe is offering you an opportunity to let go of those unhealthy patterns. Whether you're in a relationship or single, you will have the power to do this. Mercury turns direct in Aries along with a New Moon in the same sign on April 15. This occurs in your 12th House of Shadows, the area of our chart where we tend to self-sabotage. You'll have a significant lightbulb moment at this time that reminds you that self-care and self-respect are NOT the same as being selfish. Drawing these boundaries in your love story is critical now, so don't be afraid to get to work. What highlights this theme for you even more is the fact that Venus moves into your 2nd House of Earnings and Self-Worth on April 24. Wow, Taurus, can the universe scream this message any louder for you to hear? It's time to claim your birthright. You are a total catch and if someone out there doesn't recognize it, shame on them. But the flipside? If you don't recognize it, shame on you. Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: