You are so confident that your solution to a problem at work will be successful that you don’t hear the advice you receive from others now. You are quick to dismiss the observations of your associates without even giving them real consideration. Although your intentions are good, your execution is lacking. You like to work at your own pace, but you’re not truly a solo act if your actions affect anyone else. Instead of getting angry at people for offering constructive criticism, be grateful for what they bring to the game.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Your partner has the power to shift your world view in many ways. He or she is likely helping you to see life in an entirely new light and because of this, you find yourself falling more deeply in love than ever before. This week, the two of you might feel even more spiritually connected than usual. If you have different religious backgrounds, you'll honor one another's faith without it encroaching on your core personal beliefs. Most likely, however, the two of you appear to be in perfect alignment about all of the big life subjects that truly matter.

Monthly Horoscope

You're not the type of person who will chase instant gratification. No, Taurus, you much prefer a slow and deliberate approach to all types of fulfillment. That's because you, more than any other sign, can appreciate how savoring each step in the journey toward achieving a certain aim is actually the most important part of the trip. Cooking a perfect steak requires that you allow it to rest on the cutting board before slicing into it. It's the only way the juices will distribute evenly, guaranteeing your meal won't dry out. Similar to this analogy, you know that patience and "resting time" is the only way to ensure each bite of your delicious meal called life is juicy as can be. Guess what? This month, you're going to need a few extra napkins... It all begins with a perfect Full Moon in your sign on November 4. This lunation makes a sublime link to enchanting Neptune. One of your most heartfelt dreams can and will come true this month, and because you've patiently waited so long for this to happen, you will be even more delighted at the outcome. Your cup will truly runneth over this month and you'll have so much to be grateful for. Sometimes a Full Moon is about endings and letting go. This Full Moon is all about fulfillment and culmination. Savor it. This Full Moon might connect to a technology-related endeavor you've been working on such as a webinar series, podcast, social media project, or even a new website. You might also be asked to present at a workshop to share your special brand of inspiration. Another possibility is that someone in your social network will connect you to someone else who can help make this dream of yours a reality. Whatever the details, success is stamped all around it. Even more important, so is joy. A brand new partnership might come out of this -- particularly in business. Pay attention to the events that transpire after November 18 when a glorious New Moon falls in your relationship sector. Venus, your ruler, will be in this part of your chart along with Jupiter. Having the two benefics here at the time of this lunation suggests that whomever you join forces with now will certainly be a blessing. As for your love life? Everything you've ever wanted is right in front of you. Treasure it.
You're not messing around this month when it comes to love, life, or your personal growth, Taurus. In fact, as November begins you're finally ready to release something that you know has been holding you back from enjoying everything you know you want -- and deserve -- in matters of the heart. On November 4 a Full Moon in your sign will make a sublime link to Neptune, the planet of faith and inspiration. As a result, you'll be emotionally open and aware of what direction you want to take next. If you've recently met someone new (quite possible!), this will be a time when you're ready to trust and follow your heart. Falling in love is a big risk, but without being willing to take that leap, there can never be any reward. You're ready to let go of any fear you might have, but you're also ready to let go of something even more crippling in your world: your comfort zone. Because you are a sign that would rather remain in your rut because it is "known," it's difficult to get you open to new life experiences. But the universe is being very clear these days when it comes to your love life. It is time to discard the old and embrace the new. Venus will join Jupiter in your partnership sector from November 7 - December 1, and these two fortunate planets embrace on November 13. You have every opportunity to win the cosmic jackpot in love and relationships! A new committed relationship can actually form after the New Moon on November 18. If you're already in a partnership, it appears you and your mate are ready to deepen your bond in some way. So go ahead Taurus; it's time to take off your security blanket. Something even better wants to wrap its arms around you now. Love.