You've been fighting an uphill battle and running into one obstacle after another. However, the energy shifts today, opening a path to an exciting new spectrum of possibilities. Your friends might surprise you with support, but you can't plan on their consistency now that retrograde Mercury joins unpredictable Uranus in independent Aries. Rather than trying to dazzle everyone with your innovative ideas, step back and take time to further develop your thoughts before moving forward. Persistence and patience are a winning combination.

Weekly Love Horoscope

You're ready to reinvent yourself and your approach to relationships. A gorgeous New Moon in your sign will occur this Wednesday. As a result, you'll have the next two weeks to initiate actions that will help you begin a relationship with someone new, or help improve your existing relationship. You might also begin a vital endeavor that is important to you on a personal level. If so, your partner will likely show wonderful support. After Friday, Venus tucks back into your hidden 12th House of Secrets. Until June 6, you and your sweetheart might crave extra privacy. Magical things happen behind closed doors.

Monthly Horoscope

Your ruling planet, Venus, is still napping as April begins, and will remain out of phase until April 15. Until then, you might spend time reconnecting with an old friend or re-evaluating whether or not you and a pal have grown apart. There is a good chance that you and someone you spend time with socially will have an opportunity to reconnect and forgive one another if there has been a rift. What a perfect opportunity to extend compassion and unconditional love to both yourself and a friend! In other news, on April 9, Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign which complicates matters a bit. You might find that your words and thoughts are more jumbled than usual. Another possibility is that you'll be rethinking plans connected to your personal goals. You'll have until May 3 to rewire your thoughts to accommodate any change in direction that may occur. Workwise, a fulfilling project might reach completion near April 11. You may also hear emotional -- but likely happy -- news from a colleague or someone you employ. From April 21-June 4 your motivation to earn money will be unparalleled. This extra dose of ambition might come out of necessity; at the same time, you'll have a remarkable opportunity to cultivate multiple revenue streams. Work it! The month ends with a New Moon in your sign on April 26. Plant something special in the garden of your soul. Watch it grow.
You might focus more on reconciling the dream of your romantic life with the reality of it this month. Although you and your partner might very much be in love, there is likely to be a wistful longing in your heart that this particular relationship isn't fulfilling. Now is the time to consider whether you're being unrealistic and ungrateful for what you have, or if you are going to hold out for the greatest love you have always aspired to share. You might just wake up and realize that you've had it all along.