You have little desire to do more than is necessary today, so you might spend much of your time sticking close to familiar routines. You can turn a busy calendar into a quiet day, yet you still have something to say now that the reflective Cancer New Moon occupies your 3rd House of Communication. Speaking your mind is certainly warranted, but listening to the feedback helps you improve your message. Everyone feels included when there is an equal give and take in their interactions with you. The most successful conversation is a two-way street.

Weekly Love Horoscope

This week you are sure to benefit from many romantic cosmic connections. For starters, if you're looking for an ideal time to sign up for an internet or personalized dating service, this is the week to do so. You'll receive personalized attention, and you might be surprised at just how easy it is for you to find your perfect match. There may be an intense spiritual or philosophical connection. You'll be on cloud nine!

Monthly Horoscope

This month, your voice will be heard. From June 4 - July 20, assertive Mars will tour your communication sector, allowing you to speak up for yourself and anyone or anything you have an emotional investment in. You'll have an edge in negotiation, and will be able to move ahead quickly in writing assignments or other projects related to communications or sales that you might be working on. The most incredible news for you this month, however, has to do with your ruling planet, Venus. She'll tour your sign from June 6 - July 4 which is always an auspicious event. Expect to feel a surge in confidence, allure, and overall contentment. Relationships will improve, and if you're single you're sure to catch more attention now from others. You might consider updating your wardrobe or personal style in some way. This will also be an ideal time to get a cosmetic procedure if you've been considering one. A Full Moon on June 9 will challenge you to remain realistic in the pursuit of your financial dreams. Steer clear of any financial situations that challenge your personal integrity. You might also pay off a significant debt this month, much to your relief. Relying on anyone else's money this month would be a mistake.
You'll certainly be feeling the love this month. With Venus moving through your sign from June 6 - July 4, you'll notice more confidence, a boost in spirits, and a feeling that you don't need to worry at all about matters of the heart (you don't). You have this magical power of attraction and receptivity that truly draws others your way. You've done a lot of work recently to beautify yourself from the inside out. This month, it all begins to show.