Friendship Compatibility


Your fiery Aries personality attracts dynamic and exciting companions, so there will always be a few Leo and Sagittarius types in your camp. You can gain stability and keep your feet on the ground by including a Taurus in your circle, because the Bull of the zodiac can curtail your tendency to jump the gun. Virgos, meanwhile, can help you stay centered while also channeling your creative energy -- but a Capricorn will command the most respect from you. Leo and Aquarius are excellent for companionship, but you might find that your most important relationships will be with the sign opposite you on the zodiac, lovely Libra. Cancer and Capricorn share your "let's get started!" mentality, making them good buddies for you as well.


Being slow and steady has its virtues, and those born under the signs of Virgo and Capricorn will share your practical sensibilities. When you need someone to help you think outside of your rut, a Gemini will give you the inspiration you need to get to brainstorming. Libras -- who have a knack for beauty -- tamp down your pleasure-loving tendencies, so they're an excellent influence over you when you need to put your nose to the grindstone. Pisces make extremely loyal friends. For you, friendship and affection are less give-and-take and more matters of you getting your way as often as possible, so you also need those around you who can stand up to you. Luckily, Scorpio is smart and strong enough to get your respect, and you will always feel comfortable around Leo's and Aquarius' determination to finish what they start.


Unless your companions are dynamic, your interest in them is going to fizzle out fast. Fellow Air signs Libra and Aquarius will always keep up their end of the interaction (and then some!), so count on spending a whole bunch of time with them. Other fast bonds can be struck up with Aries. You admire the Ram's bravery, and follow their lead with glee. Cancers always offer the kind of grounded, sound influence you know you really need. To you, personal connections should always be open-ended, so no one will understand you better than a Sagittarius -- you both share the desire for a long leash. Meanwhile, Pisces will be as flexible and fun as you are.


Someone as sensitive as you are needs to be surrounded with others who understand the depth of your feelings and can cope with your shifting moods. Pisces and Scorpio will always be sympathetic and supportive when you need it most. Look to a Leo when you need someone to help you assert yourself the way you know that you should. Taurus will always be a stabilizing force, and you'll find yourself drawn into their favorite activities because you know you can depend on them for a good time. But you'll also find Libra and Aries easy to live with and around. Their ability to get people moving will blend well with your nurturing attitude, and allow you to see big decisions from similar perspectives.


You're strong, dynamic and resourceful -- but you need to surround yourself with those you can trust. Aries and Sagittarius will match your ability to get the party started, and you'll also find Gemini to be a lot of fun. Because you admire a worldview that's practical and ambitious, you'll want to throw some Capricorns into the mix, too. But ultimately, your pals should be deserving of all the warmth and passion you bring to the relationship, so it might be surprising that you find yourself drawn to Aquarius. Their cool, almost-inaccessible veneer is a source of constant intrigue for you. The inventive water-bearer will also know exactly how to keep you from getting too carried away with yourself. Other good, solid influences are Taurus and Scorpio, who keep promises and remain attentive to your needs.


You're trustworthy and solid enough to take care of yourself, but you like it when you have emotionally stable buddies like Taurus and Capricorn to back you up. Cancer's sensitivity also attracts you -- you might feel like this is the one sign that can really take care of you on the rare occasion you need it. Aquarius helps you see the big picture, while Gemini can urge you into doing almost anything to get where you want to be. You'll also find that dreamy Pisces will draw you in: here is someone who takes your fantastic advice and wakes up your imaginative, romantic side. Brave Sagittarius and busy Gemini will also make good, fun friends, because they share your ability to change direction when you need to take a different track and keep the wind in your sails.


It isn't hard to find company that appreciates your ability to listen with an open mind, but when you want a genuinely rational conversation, you'll gravitate toward your Gemini and Aquarius friends. Scorpio offers you a unique perspective, including the possibility of asserting your will without provoking those messy, direct confrontations. Leo's dramatic flair often inspires your own penchant for the performing arts. But it's Aries that's your best bet for BFF. The challenge of taming this wild beast and bringing seemingly limitless energy into balance brings out your fun side. Cancer's and Capricorn's "can-do" attitude offers nice possibilities for self-improvement and widening your horizons. One really big plus: these fast-acting types can help you make quicker decisions.


Will you ever find anyone who meets your standards of perfection? Probably not, but you still enjoy the friendly company of others -- particularly intuitive sorts like Cancer and Pisces. With these emotionally intelligent influences, you share the ability to face feelings and act upon them. Aries helps bring out your thoughts into the open where they can be acted upon, while you respect Leo's innate leadership cred and charisma. When you need someone who has a strong personality and who will call you out when you're being too domineering, Taurus is only too happy to step up. You'll also find that Leo and Aquarius are good diplomats around you, because they're most comfortable when everyone cooperates in an effort to maintain some semblance of stability.


You're the quintessential free spirit, and people admire the firm grip you maintain on your independence. In turn, you cherish friends who respect your freedom and add excitement to your life, such as vivacious Leo and fearless Aries. Virgo offers the structure you need to channel your energy into something productive. If you're looking for a confidante or a "BFF," it is essential to have someone in your life who not only understands your need for a long leash, but who also is busy enough to maintain an active life away from yours. Gemini is ideal for you, and so is Pisces or Virgo.


No man is an island, but sometimes it can appear that you're trying to be just that. You require confidante-level trust in your friends, and that's why you can always rely on your steadfast fellow earth signs, Virgo and Taurus. But Libra keeps you in check, supplying an influence of even-handedness that allows you to avoid becoming a tyrant. You may not always like the soft-pedal approach, but you know it's good for you. When you come home from the trenches, you need someone who will pamper you unconditionally, even if it's only with attention. Cancer's nurturing energy will give you the feeling of "home" from the get-go. Libra and Aries are, like you, self-starters, so your energy is totally in sync.


It's true: you're an original, and only those who are willing to accept that will provide satisfying companionship for you. The easiest signs for you to get along with are Libra and Gemini, because they share your ability to break things down so they can be processed with a rational mind. Still, you'll probably find that Scorpio will have the right mixture of intuition and common sense to gain your loyalty and respect. Cancers will be especially helpful, if a tad too weepy, in helping you process matters of career and of the heart. But make sure you surround yourself with those who are also dynamic and bold ... and worthy of your ultimate coolness, like Leo. Scorpio and Taurus can also put you at ease, due to their ability to be logical, steady and consistent.


You have to be careful about the company you keep, Pisces, because you absorb all the energies around you -- both good and bad. Cancer and Scorpio feel like the safest companions, as they share your emotional vulnerabilities. Idealistic Sagittarius will understand your need to tap into your imagination and be creative enough to allow it to run wild. You'll admire Aries' thirst for adventure. At the end of the day, however, your closest friends need to be those who can help you deal with that illusive reality while still marveling at your ability to escape it on a moment's notice. Virgo is ideal for this, but you can also work out great arrangements with Gemini and Sagittarius, who share your ability to find ways to function simply by going with the flow.