Problems at the office might begin to surface, and no matter how much you try being the peacemaker, there may be unavoidable fallout. You might discover that one of your colleagues or employees has been causing contention during business hours. From March 4 until April 15 you might have to figure out a way to handle this -- even if it means calling out the person causing all the drama. If you are a business owner, you might end up firing the troublesome staff member during this time. Although this is never an easy thing to do, you'll have to consider the overall health of your office and recognize that if everyone else doesn't like coming to work because of one person, your entire bottom line will be affected.

Another possibility is that you're a freelancer, and during this phase you may struggle with getting new clients or assignments. The good news is that you'll likely get enough repeat business from existing customers to see you through. But somehow, this may not feel as gratifying as it has in the past. You'll use this time to figure out ways to expand your reach, and fortunately, after April 15, you'll be able to implement your new plan.

In other news, you might have a few more arguments with your partner after May 9. Trying to spice up your relationship might be your goal during this time, but the way you're going about trying to achieve it may not be ideal.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Not meeting in the middle

The division of labor in your relationship may come up for review this month. It seems as if you and your spouse or partner have an uneven distribution between you, and it's now causing tension. Instead of placing blame or feeding into feelings of resentment, this is the time to attack the problem head on. Make a list of chores if you must, but make sure that you're both feeling comfortable with who is in charge of what.

Unnecessary fighting is possible after March 9. Do your best to head it off at the pass.

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Get ready for some potential financial aggravation. On March 5, Mars, your co-ruler and the planet of assertion, will move into your 2nd House of Earned Income. This will have a twofold effect.

For one thing, it's quite possible that you'll have to navigate a few unexpected and frustrating expenses. By the same token however, you might realize that you're extra motivated to pursue any and all income opportunities that come your way. In fact, you're also likely to create one out of your sheer will and determination.

You'll fight for what you know you're worth so if you're in the freelance industry or your own business, it's likely that you can basically name your price now. No one would dare counter you! If you work for someone else, you can certainly attempt asking for a raise but you'll have to be careful that you use extra finesse. You don't want to come across as pushy.

In other news, a brilliant Solar Eclipse on March 8 will fall in your true love sector. If single, this will be an amazing time for you to open your heart and get yourself out there. In fact, on March 12, Venus will join the same area of your chart and until April 5, your prospects for romance are truly dazzling. Don't waste it!

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Deeper bonds

This month, love is in the air! Venus will enter your romance sector on March 12 and remains there until April 5. If you're single, this will be one of the most auspicious times over the next year to meet someone special with the power to capture your heart. In addition, you'll likely feel a deep spiritual bond with your lover. If you're already in a relationship, it's possible that you and your sweetie will start talking about having children. Congrats!

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A lucky break at work may lead to a phenomenal opportunity that will truly get you ahead in your career. Pay attention to events that unfold near March 3, and be certain to make the most of whatever comes your way.

He or she might be going through a health crisis, or may have a problem at work that's affecting his or her well-being. Do what you can to lend support. Alternatively, it's possible you'll be involved in a sensitive situation with your friend directly. Handle with care.

A business or personal relationship will likely improve in a wonderful way after March 17. Until April 11, Venus will move through your partnership sector, allowing you and your mate to enjoy more harmony together than usual. If things are already good between you, expect them to get even better. You might deepen your commitment in some way, and it'll be a great time to make any decision with y our mate that involves co-mingling your money.

If you're single, you have a gorgeous prospect for romance after the Solar Eclipse on March 19. This eclipse will fall in your true love sector to set the stage of opportunity. All you need to do is plant the seeds and make the effort and it's quite possible you'll meet someone special who captures your heart. If attached, another possibility is that you and your sweetheart will make a serious decision about having a child. Wonderful!

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Let the chips fall

An office romance might become so messy near March 4 that you and your lover decide it's no longer worth the price you'll need to pay. If this has been a casual affair, you can be sure that the price will not be worth it. If, however, the two of you are truly in love, see if you can ride out the more difficult energy and examine where the chips have fallen after March 11. One of you might need to leave your position in order to salvage the relationship or your career.

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Usually, you prefer to fly under the radar. When no one sees you coming, you have an ability to make a deep and lasting impact. This month, however, you might feel unduly frustrated at your capacity to press forward in a personal endeavor. If, however, you remember that your power lies in your gift to remain secretly intense, the phase you begin on March 1 won't unravel you. Instead, it'll empower you.

That phase has to do with Mars. He is the warrior planet and rules our drive and motivation. From March 1 until May 19, he'll move retrograde in the area of your chart that is completely surreptitious. You may already be involved in a behind-the-scenes project that requires incredible stamina, and if so you might need to revise your approach to this endeavor over the next several weeks. Another possibility is that you will revisit a few demons from your past that you thought you'd already annihilated. They might need one more beating.

While all of this is going on inside, or behind the scenes, you might find there are incredible social opportunities taking shape. A New Moon in your true love sector on March 1 might be all you need to meet someone with serious soul mate potential. After March 5, you can expect domestic harmony to be the norm rather than the exception.

Then, a Full Moon on March 16 might open doors for you to deepen your affiliation in a group or organization. You might receive an invitation to join the board of directors or to speak for the association. A second New Moon of the month on March 30 might bring a new work opportunity, but be warned: There will be a lot of baggage attached to it!

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Keep In Mind:

Career: The power behind the throne

It's a good thing that you enjoy mysteries because the ways in which your career works this month can be a bit murky. March starts with the Sun in dreamy Pisces and your 5th House of Self-Expression, which is excellent for spurring imagination, kicking up creativity and adding pizzazz to your presentations. The magic of Pisces is in how you use emotions to inspire others, so don't be afraid to allow your instincts play a role in impressing people.

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Love: All talk, no action

There's plenty to talk about this month as it relates to your love life. Unfortunately, it will all happen underneath the surface, and all of this talk might not lead to much action. Still, there's something going on deep inside of you. Even if you can't act on it just yet, it will change you at the core.

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The first part of March has a stabilizing quality that makes it an ideal time to solidify your plans before you set them into motion. Although several aspects to pragmatic Saturn in resourceful Scorpio focus your attention on serious matters, you're also feeling restless with six planets in your 5th House of Fun until March 12, when action-planet Mars leads the planetary parade into your 6th House of Work.

You turn a creative idea into a real project when the Sun, valuable Venus and clever Mercury trine Saturn and sextile Pluto on March 1, 6 and 7, respectively. Heavyweight Saturn sextiles insightful Pluto in your 3rd House of Communication on March 8, deepening your convictions and providing you with the skills to get your ideas across in a simple and straightforward manner.

The fanciful Pisces New Moon on March 11 falls in your 5th House of Self-Expression, unleashing your playful and romantic spirit and planting a seed of joy in your heart. Even as you push into new territory, however, you continue to review recent experiences, rework your strategies and reconsider your options.

Thankfully, forward progress is just around the corner when messenger Mercury turns direct on March 17, ending its three-week retrograde cycle that began February 23. The Sun's entry into impetuous Aries and your 6th House of Details on March 20 marks the Spring Equinox, and is another reminder that this is a time for new beginnings.

Nevertheless, you must temper your eagerness with reason as overconfident Jupiter forms crunchy quincunxes with Saturn and Pluto on March 23 and March 29, encouraging you to use extreme measures to get what you want.

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Keep In Mind: Problems happen even when things are looking good. Don't get discouraged; just be prepared to handle issues as they surface with a healthy sense of humor.

Career: Patience is the Key

Your creativity could be off the charts when the month begins thanks to four planets in imaginative Pisces in your 5th House of Self-Expression. The willful Sun, active Mars, alluring Venus and cerebral Mercury occupy a part of your chart that is ideal for coming up with original concepts and making presentations with style. You can have the charisma of a skilled performer with the ability to mesmerize your audience.

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Love: Break the Rules

OK, Scorpio, this is your time for fun and games. March opens with your passionate planet Mars, alluring Venus, chatty Mercury and the willful Sun in tender Pisces and your 5th House of Romance. Taking as much time as you can to get away from routine tasks so that you have room to enjoy the pleasures of sweet company is a must. Don't let yourself linger and wait for love to find you since Mars will be leaving this magical, magnetic and appealing part of your chart on March 11.

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Expect adjustments in your daily routine this month as planetary currents pull you in several different directions. The Sun continues floating through fanciful Pisces and your 5th House of Love and Creativity until March 20, keeping you in a playful mood. Captivating Venus dances into your 7th House of Partners on March 5 to attract supportive allies who help make your life more enjoyable and easier to manage. However, your comfort in relationships is countered by cerebral Mercury's move into impatient Aries and your 6th House of Work on March 2.

Developing new skills or responding to emergencies challenges you to get off your cloud and take immediate action, and Mercury's retrograde turn on March 12 could force you to return to projects you thought were already finished. It's wise to keep working steadily until Mercury turns direct on April 4.

You must perform with greater precision if you hope to work effectively with others on March 8, thanks to the Virgo Full Moon conjunct Mars in your 11th House of Groups. You may also recognize that you'll need outside support to turn your creative dreams into reality. Auspicious Jupiter's trine with potent Pluto on March 13 is the last in a series that previously occurred on July 7 and Oct. 28, 2011. This harmonious alignment can turn losses into gains, uncover resources and provide motivation that empowers you to pursue your highest ambitions.

The Sun enters enterprising Aries and your 6th House of Employment on March 20, marking the Vernal Equinox, and is followed by a trailblazing Aries New Moon on March 22 that can open your eyes to a radically different perspective about your job.

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Keep In Mind: Separating your professional and personal lives keeps the pressures of your work from spoiling your appetite for pleasure.

Career: Expand Your Vision

Travel could enhance your professional life this month, with the inspiring Pisces Sun in your 9th House of Faraway Places until March 19. Dealing with people in distant locations is another way to tap into the benefits of this transit. Education is another possibility, but don't invest in expanding your mind unless your heart is into it, too. Feelings matter even if they don't always seem practical or relevant to your career.

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Love: Let Feelings Flow

You could experience some romantic magic this month. The key to making this happen is to let go of the past and to allow your imagination to guide your actions. The trick is to surrender yourself to love, which means giving up some control over your actions and how others see you.

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If it's intensity you want, this could be your month! Your passions are intrinsically interlinked with your actions starting on March 3 as your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, form a cooperative sextile.

The empathetic Pisces New Moon on March 4 offers you a unique chance to demonstrate your compassion so that others see a softer and more sensitive side of you that's often overshadowed by the fierceness of your strong emotions. On March 9, gregarious Mercury pushes into pioneering Aries and your 6th House of Self-Improvement. Unpredictable Uranus arrives in Aries on March 11 for a seven-year stay, but the initial shock of its presence in your service-oriented 6th house foretells surprising changes at work.

The rational Virgo Full Moon on March 19 is a turning point, ushering out an overly emotional period and welcoming a practical one that aims you at putting your skills to good use. The Spring Equinox on March 20 is the celebration of the Sun's entry into trailblazing Aries, where it joins Uranus, Jupiter, and Mercury, already in your 6th house. You're beginning a new phase of your life in which every move you make feels like the start of another exploration.

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Keep In Mind: Although you're anxious to reach your next destination, you must be patient. It's still going to take you a while to accomplish your ambitious goals.

Career: Gentle Persuasion

While there are many practical considerations involved in your professional life, this month is ideal for letting your creativity flow. The Sun is in your 5th House of Play and Self-Expression until March 20, encouraging you to be more open about presenting yourself and your ideas with charm and confidence.

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Love: Get Creative

March offers some superb planetary support for your relationship aspirations. Mars, your passionate ruling planet, is in imaginative Pisces and your 5th House of Romance all month. This adds an extra layer of mystery and magic to make you more desirable. Having a playful attitude is essential since this is really a time to enjoy the game of love rather than trying to lock down a lifelong partnership.

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In some ways your year is just now starting, as your ruling planet Mars finally turns direct on March 10, having been in retrograde in your 10th House of Career since December of 2009. When cerebral Mercury slips into imaginative Pisces and your 5th House of Creativity on March 1, facts are colored by feelings to enrich the ways in which you communicate and allow you to get your messages across with subtlety and style. The New Moon in dreamy Pisces on March 15 bathes your 5th House of Romance in a brilliant light of self-discovery. An electrifying Mercury-Uranus conjunction closely joined with the Sun and Moon fires your neurons with original ideas that spark spontaneity in your interactions with others.

Keep In Mind: Your growing enthusiasm can help you launch some exciting new activities, but you must gain cooperation from others to keep pushing your projects along.

Career: An Air of Mystery

March starts with the Sun in magical Pisces and your 5th House of Self-expression, which is excellent for putting on a performance that impresses others ... but you don't want to expose everything. You've got a chance to have a powerful impact, as long as you only say as much as necessary to make your point. Pouring on data and extensive explanations kills the mood and reduces the power of your actions. Your traditional ruling planet Mars has been spinning in reverse in your 10th House of Career since last December, slowing progress in your professional life. Mars finally turns direct on March 10 to provide a boost to your career when you bring some boldness and creativity to the table.

Love: In the Moment

Loving Venus lights up your 5th House of Romance until March 7, which gives you a week in which you appear more attractive and earn attention for it. But then Venus moves into your more routine 6th House of Service, where you may be more impressive by demonstrating your work skills than your warm personality. Still, the all-powerful Sun will linger in your sexy 5th house until March 20, continuing to put you in the spotlight. It's a time to forget about the past and to be innocent, open and easygoing. Mars, your traditional ruling planet, turns direct on March 10 to get your personal life moving in a more desirable direction. Yet don't forget to take care of your responsibilities too, because showing confidence, competence and creativity can make you a more desirable partner.