You’re dazzled by all the new ideas that cross your mind today. Suddenly, changes you were trying to make in your everyday life seem easy now that the Sun lights up your 6th House of Logistics. You realize there are totally different ways to break out of the old patterns that are keeping you from reaching your potential. It helps to share your thoughts with a friendly coworker, so you can benefit from another perspective. However, turning your plan into reality could take longer than you think. Hope is your ally; some of the best things in life cannot be rushed.

Weekly Love Horoscope

You might become more confused than ever about a health matter and what the right course of action is to take. If you think that speaking to your partner about it this will offer you the clarity you seek, think again. Not only is this unlikely, but your partner will probably add to your confusion by offering you more choices, more to consider, and more to worry about. Sure, he or she will mean well, but there will be such an air of confusion around your communication on this particular topic that your partner will only add to the misunderstanding. Talk about this with someone else. Anyone else.

Monthly Horoscope

What a wonderful world it is, Scorpio! Especially when Jupiter is in your sign (which it is!) making gorgeous links to Mercury and Venus as the month begins. On March 1 this lineup will connect you to extraordinary love life potential if you're open to it. If you are single, there is every indication that you'll meet someone new this month -- someone with whom you can fall in love and share something magical. If this doesn't happen early in the month, then pay attention to what happens in your love life after March 17 when a dazzling New Moon falls in your true love sector. It's on! Your social life will also be quite fulfilling as the month starts thanks to the gorgeous Full Moon in your friendship sector on the 1st. You might begin to feel a true connection to some of your work pals, and if so, you might begin hanging out with them more on a social basis once you're off the clock. Speaking of work, it's also very possible that this new love interest is someone you will meet on the job or through colleagues. On March 6 Venus moves into your work sector, opening up this possibility through March 31. Either way, you'll really be in a happy place with everyone you work with, which will only help you feel like your work life is more balanced. And yes, this will continue to feel like the case even after Mercury turns retrograde in your work sector on March 22. Why? Because your colleagues will be there to help you if there are any revisions happening with major assignments. Together, you've got things under control. Also, you will have Mars, the planet of assertive drive, entering your communication sector on March 17. Mars remains in this part of your chart through May 16, cautioning you to be aware of the strength behind your words. You might unintentionally intimidate others during conversations. On the flip side, these next few weeks will be amazing for you to negotiate any type of contract or other agreement because you will courageously ask for what you want in a way that others just can't seem to refuse. In fact, they wouldn't dare! By the end of the month, even though you'll be having an overall good vibration, you might begin to feel slightly worn out. A Full Moon in your most private 12th house on March 31 reminds you to fill your cup, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Even you can run out of gas if you're not careful!
Are you ready for dessert? Hopefully, the answer to that question is yes, because this month, in matters of the heart, it is going to be as sweet and delicious as possible for you! Venus will still be in your true love sector early in March -- until the 6th. On March 1 she'll be at a perfect angle to Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, now in your sign. This is literally one of the happiest planetary combinations you can hope for when it comes to love. If you're single, pay close attention to who you meet around this time. This is the person who might change your life. If you're dating, this could be when you and your sweetie make those declarations of love for the first time. Your love life will only continue to get better as the month progresses. On March 17 a gorgeous New Moon will land in your true love sector. Single Scorpions out there, you will have every potential to meet someone with the capacity to take your breath away. This person might have artistic or spiritual talents or be in a field that helps those who are less fortunate. You'll be instantly smitten. Last but certainly not least, on March 31 Venus will enter your relationship sector and remains here through April 24. If you're in a committed partnership, then you and your mate will express just how much you value each other, and your relationship. If you're dating someone seriously then this could be a time when you are ready to make a more formal commitment. Yes, that could even mean marriage. Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: