An opportunity to pursue an international project with ties in the publishing, advertising, or broadcasting industry is possible this month. After July 4, you might have a conversation with someone who can help bring one of your creative ideas to the masses. Go for it!

Romantically, you'll have the most incredible day on July 6, when Venus in your sign makes a perfect link to Mars. With the cosmic lovers in sync, sparks will surely fly! This will be an ideal time to plan a trip abroad with your sweetheart if you've always wanted to travel to an exotic and romantic destination together.

Career matters take precedence after July 13. Mercury and Venus will move to the top of your chart at this time, allowing you to charm the pants off any VIP. Your ideas will sparkle as you deliver them with remarkable charm. This will also be a great time to remind your boss how valuable your talents are to the company. A long term, positive change to your earnings is possible near July 20.

Emotionally charged news from a sibling might distract you near July 19. Your brother or sister might be going through a rough patch and needs your support. Another possibility is that you'll be putting the finishing touches on a major writing project during this time. A contract or negotiation might also be completed.

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Keep In Mind:

Love: Love is an adventure

If you're in a relationship, it's possible that you and your partner will be traveling overseas during the first half of July. This might be a vacation that you've both dreamed of for quite some time. Just as easily however, it might be that you're visiting relatives who live in another country.

Getting reconnected to your heritage and roots with your partner will be extremely fulfilling. Whether single or attached, pay special attention to July 6 when sparks will fly. If you are single, you could meet someone very sexy on this day. You'll be irresistible!


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If you're a writer or in the communications or sales industry, you might finish up a major project near July 1. Whatever the details behind it are, you'll feel inspired and optimistic about the outcome. Another possibility is that you'll have a deep and meaningful conversation with your sweetheart about your love life. You might be afraid to reveal your emotions initially but soon realize you have nothing to fear at all.

If you have any children and need advice, why not seek the help of one of your siblings? It appears that you'll receive heartfelt, sound advice from your brother or sister early this month. On July 15, you might consider going back to school to study for an advanced degree, license or certification. You might have plenty of ambition and energy to move forward with this decision but you'll need to be patient. The red tape and other paperwork needed to put this into motion might be quite frustrating. Still, it'll be worth it.

On July 25, Venus turns retrograde and until July 31, an old friend might come back into your life. After July 31 and until September 6 you might struggle with feeling less than appreciated from higher ups. This might also be a time to consider whether or not you're using your talents to the best of your ability. Honest examination now about where you are professionally can lead to greater rewards after September 6.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Matters of the heart

Communication and sexual pleasure between you and your love will be strong early this month. On July 8, Mars will be at a perfect angle to Neptune, now in your true love sector. This might set up the potential for you to share one of your deeper sexual fantasies with your mate -- and have it come true! Then on July 13, Mercury will be at a gorgeous trine to Neptune. You and your sweetheart will have little trouble sharing your dreams with one another. You'll also inspire each other to reach a little higher for them. These might also be days the two of you collaborate beautifully on an imaginative pursuit you both find fulfilling.

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An agreement that requires your full commitment will be ready for you to finalize near July 12. This might be an actual contract, but it could also be a verbal agreement, as well. Whatever the case, you'll be in a serious mindset, and you will have a realistic understanding about what you'll be responsible for. You'll be up for the task.

Another possibility is that you'll hear news from a sibling near July 12. If this happens, it's likely to be serious enough to rattle you emotionally. You might need to lend support to your brother or sister if you learn that he or she is going through something troubling.

After July 16 and until August 2015, you'll have one of the most spectacular transits for career advancement! Jupiter, the planet of luck and blessings, will reach the top of your chart -- a once in 12-year event. This will mark the beginning of a long and prosperous cycle that allows you to get ahead in your profession.

Whether it's a promotion, honor, award or special recognition you're hoping to achieve, now is the time to enjoy professional glory. You might also decide to launch a new business, and if so, you'll feel confident about the prospects. Wait for the New Moon after July 26 to act so you'll have a double-dose of cosmic support. 

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Use your imagination

Dealing with people in faraway places or in educational institutions could be beneficial for you professionally this month. The Sun is in caring Cancer and your 9th House of Travel and Learning to awaken a bigger vision of your future. Even if you don't leave your hometown, you can get inspiration from a distant locale that broadens your thinking about work.

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Love: Kindred spirits

Someone at the office might make an unexpected pass at you near July 7. The truth is, there's a distinct possibility that his or her interest in you will spark a level of excitement that you hadn't anticipated. You might even get caught up in the moment and enjoy a bout of flirting ... or accept an invitation to meet up after work for drinks. This could be fun!

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Once you make up your mind, you can become so fiercely focused on your goal that your unwavering determination might seem obsessive to others. Fortunately, your intensity could pay off this month by giving you the drive to turn your idealistic dreams into reality. In return, you must be willing to patiently wait for your labor to bear fruit. 

Although your heightened sense of urgency leaves you frustrated, avoid risky behavior on July 4 when the Sun squares thrill-seeking Uranus. Mischievous Mercury is retrograde in your 9th House of Big Ideas until July 20, thwarting forward movement, bringing unexpected delays, and revealing where your plans still need work. Saturn's direct turn on July 8 eases the resistance to your progress, but it takes time for this slow-moving planet to gain momentum. 

The caring Cancer New Moon, also on July 8, falls in your 9th House of Higher Truths, urging you to water the seeds of your beliefs and gently nurture them as they grow. When restless Mars enters tenacious Cancer and your 9th house on July 13, you redouble your efforts toward realizing your goals.

An emotionally grounding Grand Water Trine on July 17-19 magically blends the energies of promising Jupiter, strategic Saturn, and intuitive Neptune, enabling you to harness your creativity as you continue to pursue your dreams. The combination of brainy Mercury turning direct and Mars reactivating the Grand Trine on July 20-22 rewards your persistence. When the Sun's shift into showy Leo and your 10th House of Career opposes the futuristic Aquarius Full Moon on July 22 in your 4th House of Home and Family, however, you must choose between your professional and personal life.

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Keep In Mind: Although you might feel as if your efforts are not paying off, you're on your way to success. Don't stop now; observable results may take time to manifest.

Career: Future Visions

Serious Saturn began a two-plus year stay in your sign last October that both adds weight to your life but can also intensify your sense of purpose and commitment. If you've been frustrated by delays and disappointments in your career, though, planetary help is on the way this month. First, the Sun is in sister water sign Cancer until July 22, which enhances your intuition and assists you in working with people who can help you to reach your career goals.

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Love: Trimming the Fat

Looking for love in far away places makes sense with the Sun in your 9th House of Travel until July 22. This can also represent attraction to people from other cultures or getting romantic stimulation from foreign food, movies, art and music. But the deeper meaning of this transit is to open your mind (and heart) to seeking new and different forms of comfort in relationships.

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You have a great deal to learn this month, although much of it may seem more like relearning or modifying what you already know. An ambitious Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3 falls in your 3rd House of Information, where it joins with your co-ruling planet Pluto and stressfully squares surprising Uranus. A new twist on an old idea or fresh evidence comes to light that can blow away assumptions about your work and daily routine, leading to some exciting changes.

Intellectual Mercury turns retrograde in your 10th House of Career on July 14, sending you back to the drawing board to do further research, complete unfinished projects, and reconnect with colleagues to shore up your professional image. Nevertheless, your most important work may not be obvious to others; energetic Mars enters diplomatic Libra and your 12th House of Behind-the-Scenes Activities on July 3, when you could be called upon to rebalance and repair relationships.

You're reminded again that you need to go around obstacles instead of plowing right through them by difficult aspects from Jupiter to resistant Pluto and Saturn on July 18-20, sandwiched around the self-protective Cancer New Moon on July 19. You may see extravagant plans with partners delayed or cut back, and you'll need patience and persistence to bring them to fruition.

You can catch some wind in your sails on July 22, when the Sun strides into bold Leo and your public 10th House of Career, while hopeful Jupiter forms a smart sextile with uncontainable Uranus. Still, letting praise go to your head could encourage you to behave recklessly and take on more obligations than you can handle.

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Keep In Mind: Even if you're well versed in a subject, taking another look at it is highly likely to reward you with valuable new insights.

Career: Expand Your Horizons

Travel for work reasons should be useful this month. July starts with the Sun in your 9th House of Faraway Places, providing purpose and inspiration when you hit the road or do business with people from out of town. This section of your chart is also associated with higher education, making the first three weeks of July a good time to expand your intellectual horizons.

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Love: Words Are Not Weapons

Conversations may burn with intensity during the explosive Full Moon on July 3. This lunation occurs in traditionally stoic Capricorn, but its conjunction with provocative Pluto and stressful square from electric Uranus can bring emotions to a boil. Words could be used as weapons, which is not a way to keep the peace.

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Extreme planetary patterns challenge you to stay on course this month. The first storm that stirs up deep emotional waves is the security-conscious Cancer New Moon Eclipse on July 1. This Solar Eclipse in your 9th House of Future Vision could raise fears about your long-term plans. Its dynamic square with solemn Saturn might discourage you from taking too great a risk yet also force you to make a critical decision.

But erring on the side of caution isn’t the answer, either, for a rainbow-chasing Jupiter-Chiron sextile on July 2 might actually deliver on the promise of a pot of gold. Irrepressible hope continues to blow things out of proportion until Mars trines reasonable Saturn on July 6. But it’s still difficult for you to rein in your ambition when optimistic Jupiter harmoniously trines irrefutable Pluto on July 7.

The emotional intensity continues to wash over you through July 8 and then eases up on the 9th. The socially contractive Venus-Saturn square on July 13 can be yet another reversal of fortune in a month-long ride on the tumultuous seas of change.

A deeper malaise sets in as the traditional Capricorn Full Moon on July 15 is accompanied by pensive Mercury making harsh aspects July 15–16 to unorthodox Uranus and evolutionary Pluto. These two slow-moving planets are in their own long-lasting square that will radically change how you think and alter your daily work routine over the years ahead. Now, however, a job-related struggle remains unresolved until the Sun trines brilliant Uranus on July 27, temporarily relieving the stress. The dramatic Leo New Moon on July 30 emphasizes your 10th House of Career and can reveal a previously unseen path to your success.

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Keep In Mind: You may think you’re being blown off course, but someday you’ll look back at this time as the emergence of a whole new direction for your life.

Career: Make Cultural Connections

Travel and people in distant places can put some fuel in your professional tank this month. The Sun in Cancer in your 9th House of Voyages can open doors on the road or when connecting with different cultures. The beauty of this solar transit is that the 9th House is visionary yet Cancer is a cautious builder. This is a great combination because it opens your eyes to new possibilities while keeping your feet firmly planted in reality.

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Love: Mixed Messages

Emotions may run high for much of this month, and they’re not the kind you’re going to hide. Romance’s leading planet Venus enters sister water sign Cancer on July 3, which warms up your insides with a need to express your desires. Instead of dancing around the edges of emotion with sly hints or subtle remarks, you’re ready to speak from your heart.

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A long process of change that began in November 2008 is finally culminating when karmic Saturn and revolutionary Uranus oppose each other for the last time on July 26. Expect radical shifts in your daily routine, your job and even your spirituality. A Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse in your 9th House of Higher Truth on July 11 helps you let go of outmoded beliefs and unrealistic expectations about your future. And an efficient sextile from active Mars to this eclipse can keep you busy. On July 21, ambitious Saturn settles into your 12th House of Endings, encouraging you to lighten your load by eliminating extraneous activities. The stern planet's two-year stay in your 11th House of Long-Term Goals is over, leaving you more certain about the current direction of your life.

Keep In Mind: Stretch your mind but keep your feet on the ground as you work to reconcile the apparent incompatibilities of freedom and obligation.

Career: Thinking Big

July begins with the Sun in sensitive Cancer and your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education, inspiring you to expand your mind and rewarding you professionally when doing business with people in faraway places. This can also, however, make it harder to pay attention to minor details and routine tasks. It's best not to rebel openly or make a sudden move now. Instead, focus your thinking on a strategy that may take time, but which can ultimately put you on the path to more fulfilling work. The New Moon on July 11 that falls in your 9th house is also a Solar Eclipse. It's important to let go of old emotional attachments that get in the way of your work -- you may have to toughen up to deal with some immediate challenges now that could delay bigger plans.

Love: Going with the Group

Mars, the traditional ruling planet of your sign, is in your 11th House of Groups until July 29, which means getting a push from pals, groups or organizations might just lead to someone or something new. Sharing common interests is a good foundation for a relationship now. Venus, the planet of love, also moves into your 11th house on July 10, underscoring the importance of friendship and common social concerns as doorways to intimacy. Still, both Venus and Mars are in analytical Virgo, placing a premium on clear thinking and planning, even in matters of the heart. On July 11 the New Moon in Cancer creates an itch for new experiences in your 9th House of Expansion. The key to happiness now is opening yourself by giving generously and receiving with gratitude.