You are on the warpath today, yet are willing to wait for the most opportune moment to attack your unsuspecting opponent. Paradoxically, you would rather kick back and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach or on the couch. But you can’t afford to be complacent now; you could lose your creative edge if you don’t fight for your right to express yourself. Greek statesman Pericles wrote, “Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

If you and your partner have a major situation to talk through, this will be the perfect week to speak up. Even the most uncomfortable conversation will feel easier to navigate together, because there won't be any judgement or need to control one's feelings or manipulate the outcome. If one of you is wrong, you'll take full responsibility for it and this alone will foster great healing and strengthening to your relationship. If you're single, this might be a week you're feeling more confused than ever about matters of the heart. That's OK ... you don't have to figure it all out at once. Marinating in confusion is sometimes the only way to achieve clarity.

Monthly Horoscope

Get ready for massive developments in your romantic and personal endeavors, Scorpio! This month, you are truly a boss in every sense of the word. It all begins with a gorgeous Full Moon in your partnership sector on November 4. Fulfillment in romance is truly your only option, since this lunation will make the sweetest link possible to enchanting Neptune, now in your 5th House of True Love. If you're already in a relationship, there might be a sense of romantic fulfillment between you and your mate that you thought you lost. Now you'll see that the magic never left, you just weren't paying attention. If you're single and dating, it's possible that you'll narrow down your prospects and decide to go exclusive with someone. You'll be mesmerized by this person -- he or she will truly inspire you to be and do better than you ever thought you could. As if that weren't enough, Venus will move into your sign on November 7, remaining here through December 1. Venus in Scorpio will help you ooze even more sexy and mysterious magnetism than you typically do. You'll come across in a more open way as well, which will only help you attract the right people into your life to help get you where you want to go. Circle November 13 on your calendar, since that is when Venus and Jupiter kiss in YOUR sign. Expect something amazing to come your way. The best is truly yet to come however, since on November 18 a New Moon will fall in Scorpio. You are now on the precipice of significant personal shifts that will allow you to become who you are truly meant to be at this stage of your journey. Remember; your life is an occasion. Rise to it.
Your life is pretty luscious these days, and in November, you might feel like the universe is offering you plenty of whipped cream and cherries to top your already sweet ice cream sundae. A stunning Full Moon in your partnership sector on November 4 will help you and your love be as emotionally open and vulnerable as you need to be in order to get back to the place of fairytale romance you both desire. If you're dating someone, it's possible that this lunation will lead to more of a commitment. You might begin dating exclusively, consider moving in together, or even become engaged. If you're thinking about having a child there might be exciting baby news this month that leaves you both feeling as if a dream has come true. If you happen to be single as the month begins, love planet Venus is about to help remedy that situation. From November 7 - December 1 she'll tour Scorpio, helping you look and feel sexier than ever. A contagious and intoxicating level of confidence and magnetism will effortlessly attract others your way, so don't waste this amazing cosmic love potion! In fact, the most incredible dates for you to meet someone special will occur from November 13-16. If you're in a relationship, you and your sweetheart will sicken the rest of us with your sugary affection for one another. Try not to make the lonely hearts left in the world too jealous!