Magic lurks in the shadows, attracting you toward the darkness. But your enchantment is ripe with positive potential as there’s nothing sinister to be found today. The truth is, you can effectively manage your earthly affairs if you remember to stay grounded while doing your work. In your haste to remain practical now, don’t forget to cultivate your connection to the spiritual world. Heraclitus wrote, “The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

The lines between romance and friendship might get blurry this week -- so you'll want to use all of your signature Spidey sense to navigate any murky waters. The problem seems to be one of your pals. This might be about him or her crushing on you (and your resulting confusion about it). It can also be a sense of disappointment you feel if you introduce your sweetheart to one of your friends and notice that he or she isn't as enthusiastic about your new love as you are. Fortunately this is all temporary -- the fog will lift by early next week. In fact, very soon you're about to win the cosmic jackpot in life and love. Stay tuned!

Monthly Horoscope

Your star is definitely rising, Scorpio! The potential of the August 21 Solar Eclipse at the top of your chart will finally begin to come to life this month, thanks to two spectacular cosmic events. First, on September 3 Mars will be at the top of your chart, triggering this eclipse into action. Then, on September 5, Mercury will turn direct -- at the same degree of the eclipse -- helping you to gel any plans and ideas you have connected to your professional ambitions. You'll have amazing potential to move mountains and go after a new career goal, but after September 5 you'll find that your greatest asset in achieving anything has to do with your social circle. Until October 22, Mars will stimulate this area of your chart. You'll have no trouble taking the lead and networking your way to the top. Romance is also on the docket for this month thanks to a stunning Full Moon in your true love sector on September 6. If you've recently started dating someone, you may realize that this person has officially captured your heart. If you're in a relationship already and have children, there might be special news about your son or daughter. If single, you might meet someone with spiritual or musical abilities who sweeps you off your feet! In fact, after September 19 one of your friends might introduce you to this special someone. Romantic status aside, there's every indication that after September 20 you'll be ready to go after one of your greatest hopes and wishes. You'll have no trouble working hard on the details in order to make this dream a reality. As you can see, September will be a month where you'll enjoy tremendous success: both personally and professionally. You are blessed!
A richness in your love life is possible this month -- one that you've been craving for quite some time. On September 6 a Full Moon will fall in your romance sector, leading you to feel more complete thanks to a dreamy connection you've got going on with your current soul mate. If you are single, this lunation will likely offer you a prophetic vision of what's to come in your love life, so be sure to pay close attention to your dreams and any hunches you experience over the next several days. Trust your intuition when you meet anyone new. If you feel that this person is worth getting to know, be sure to act on it. If you are single, a whole new world of romantic opportunity will open up for you after September 19. Venus will sail into your friendship sector, bringing the potential for your team of friends to help you find love. Until October 14 it's possible that one or more of your pals will offer to set you up on a date with someone they believe would fit you like a glove. It's equally as likely that you'll feel ready to move out of the friend zone with that special someone that you know could be so much more. Go for it -- timing is everything. Your time is now.