Navigating through the tangle of relationships issues is complex enough on its own, yet an intense interaction with someone could make interpersonal dynamics even more complicated today. You may be scheming to control the information as you grow more aware of the differences of opinions. Nevertheless, pushing for resolution right away is not wise because an assertive tactic might precipitate an emotional meltdown. Communicate your position as clearly as possible and then just let it go. Keep your heart open and move on.

Weekly Love Horoscope

If you're single, don't be surprised if an office romance starts to brew for you. There might be incredible chemistry between you and a colleague that you have tried very hard to ignore for months now. Happily, after Friday and until June 6, the universe is actually giving you a green light to explore this. You aren't likely to regret it. If you're in a relationship, a New Moon in your partnership sector on Wednesday will bring a substantial opportunity for you and your mate. It'll enhance the security you feel in your relationship.

Monthly Horoscope

Although planet Venus has been retrograde since March 4, from April 2-15 you'll notice significant shifts in your romantic life. You might reassess what you value in a relationship as well as what you're truly looking for in a lover. If you have been unrealistic about your desires, this might be a wake-up call. You might have been holding out so long for the ideal soul mate that love has passed you by. Now, you'll have an opportunity to change this. Another possibility is that one of your ex-lovers will come back into your life for one reason or another. He or she might even want a second chance. Hold off until after April 15 before making any significant decision about matters of the heart. If you're in a relationship, your love life might become extra tricky, especially after April 9 when Mercury turns retrograde in your partnership sector. You and your mate could have very real disagreements about children, your sex life, or your relationship in general. There might also be a decision about finances that the two of you are having trouble compromising on. Keep the lines of communication open even if they are muddy now. After May 3, Mercury will turn direct and you'll be able to move through whatever is holding you both back now from truly relating to one another. In fact, a gorgeous New Moon in your partnership sector on April 26 promises a fresh start for you and your love. Yes!
From April 2-15, Venus will retrograde through your true love sector, prompting you to reconsider certain aspects of your romantic life. Are you with the right person? Is there something about him or her that you've been trying not to see in the hopes that if you ignore it, it'll change? If so, this might be a more difficult time because the universe will make it impossible for you to ignore it any longer. Fortunately, by choosing to see things for what they are, you'll then be able to decide where to go from there. A gorgeous New Moon in your partnership sector on April 26 might be exactly what you and your mate need to infuse new beginnings into your relationship.