You can’t make up your mind about whether you want to be with people now or spend the day on your own. Your key planet Mars sinks into your 12th House of Invisibility, compelling you to slip out of sight. Retreating into your inner sanctuary seems natural as you embark on a spiritual journey that follows a path meant for your steps alone. However, you are not trying to escape the real world forever; you’re preparing to reenter it refreshed and revitalized. Author Paulo Coelho wrote, “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Jupiter moved into your sign last week, making you feel as if you have a cosmic fairy godmother helping to grant all your wishes. If any of these desires have to do with your love life, then it's definitely on. This week, with Mercury also in your, you'll have a pronounced ability to declare what you want from the universe because you know that it will conspire to make it happen. Write out your must-have qualities for the perfect mate if you're single. If you're in a relationship, write down what you want to see improve in your relationship. Even better, have a conversation with your lover about it. You'll be glad you did.

Monthly Horoscope

Nerve-wracking changes on the job and in your work relationships are likely early in the month. Fortunately, October will also bring a rare cosmic blessing your way that is truly something to celebrate. You might be ready to leave a job near the Full Moon on October 5. There's something about your daily grind that is now frustrating you endlessly. This might have to do with the actual work you're doing, but it may also involve the people you work with or for. If you and a colleague have not been getting on well, it's possible that a discordant conversation will turn into a war of words. What the universe is signaling to you, Scorpio, is that it's time to let go of what is really making you unhappy about your work environment. Not only is this important for your quality of life, it's also vital to your health. If you are a business owner, this might be a time when you need to let go of a staff member who isn't doing his or her job or is not respecting you the way you should be. One way or another it's time to cut the cancer out of this all-important part of your life. The amazing news is that even if the stress is getting you down early in the month, the universe has the most amazing gift for you on October 10. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and blessings will enter Scorpio for the first time in 12 years! Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until November 8, 2018, and you can look forward to a slew of happy changes and opportunities geared to help you embrace life and all that is has to offer during this time. The people you meet during this time truly want to help you, so pay attention to any new relationships you forge now. Another bonus? If you're single, this will be an amazing time for love. In fact, a blissful soul mate connection could be on the horizon. Get ready!
Your time has arrived! Jupiter -- the "Santa Claus Planet" -- will burst into your sign on October 10 for the first time in 12 years, Scorpio. You'll be the VIP beneficiary of his most incredible blessings until November 8, 2018, so get ready to celebrate big time! This celestial event will empower you in many ways. For starters, you're likely to feel a surge in confidence and optimism, a real attitude adjustment for you. Although you're someone who views life in a realistic way with all the darkness, for the next 13 months you'll begin to feel lighter. You'll know that the light also wins, and that perspective will make a real difference in you taking advantage of opportunities the universe plans on throwing your way. If you are single as this transit begins, then you're really in luck because having Jupiter in your sign is one of the most opportune cycles to help welcome new love in. Maybe it's because you'll be smiling more at life and your energy is somewhat infectious. Or, maybe it's because Jupiter will expand your mysterious, sexy vibe. Whatever the reason, you can count on Jupiter's support if you're looking for love. If you're in a relationship, Jupiter will help support its continued strength. What more could you ask for?