There may be a rough patch ahead for you and your lover. From March 4 to April 15 love planet Venus will retrograde, mainly in your romance sector. If you are dating someone, it's possible that you'll have a disagreement leading you to question whether or not you should even remain together. Do you share the same values and overall desires in a relationship? These are important questions to ask yourself now. Still, just because you may see trouble in paradise it doesn't mean that you should immediately jump ship. If you are in love with each other then you'll have an opportunity to work through whatever may trouble the both of you now. It'll take consciousness and work but you can certainly come out of this cycle with a stronger, more enduring romance.

If you're single, Venus Retrograde might work in a different way. One of your exes may come back into the picture. You might even consider giving him or her a second chance. While this isn't automatically a terrible idea, if you make a major decision about love during the retrograde period you might live to regret it. Allow things to evolve, but hold off on a final decision until later next month.

Professionally, you are on fire this month. Mars will move into your work sector on March 9, giving you plenty of ambitious energy to use on assignments. You'll complete work in record time. In fact, a major project will likely be under your boss' review near March 12. Expect it to be well received.

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Love: Take a step back

Your love life is up for serious review. On March 4 Venus will turn retrograde in your romance sector, and until April 15 it's possible that you'll need to take a giant step backward in order to reassess matters of the heart.

If you're single this will be a valuable time to really look within and uncover exactly what you need from a lover. If you're in a relationship it'll be a time where you may feel as if you're not being pursued enough by your sweetheart. The chase will become more important. Also possible: an ex-lover might resurface.

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Matters of the heart seem to be all you can focus on these days. On March 3-4, you'll have a brilliant opportunity to make the most of a sexy love connection with someone special. This person is likely to have a background that is different from you in some way. Perhaps he or she is from a dissimilar culture or religion than you. Whatever the details, you'll find the differences exciting. This person will make you feel alive!

You'll pull yourself away from your love life on March 5, just long enough to enjoy any accolades your boss or other VIP connected to your career wants to give you. It appears that you've done something quite special professionally, and now you'll have an opportunity to shine. One way or another you'll be in the spotlight for a career matter -- and it looks good!

Venus, the planet of harmony, will enter your workaday sector on March 17, and she remains there until April 11. This will make life at the office run even more smoothly than you can imagine. You and your colleagues will easily collaborate with one another on projects. If you are a business owner, now will be a great time to hire new staff, as you're likely to find the perfect fit.

Your domestic life will also be a-buzz this month, thanks to a powerful Solar Eclipse in your home and family sector on March 19. If you're thinking about a move or a home renovation, this will be an ideal time to set the wheels in motion.

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Love: Change will do you good

Romance will be exciting this month, but it will also be extremely volatile. In the end, only you can decide if the pleasure is worth the pain. On March 4, you might start out feeling as if things could not possibly get any better between you and your lover. Then, a sudden turn of events might lead to you seeing a side of your sweetheart you never saw before. Passion, obsession and control issues are all themes that may emerge. This might also have to do with a financial matter, and if you discover that your lover has unsavory intentions connected to your personal resources you might quickly react.

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UsChanges in family, your career, and your social life are all indicated this month. On March 1, a New Moon will light up your domestic world, offering an opportunity to make a fresh start on the home front. You may decide to put your home on the market or begin looking for a new place to live. You might also begin a new endeavor with a relative.

On the same day, however, you might begin to feel less motivated to spend time with friends or at social events. Your desire to mingle will lessen and you might even struggle with wondering whether or not it has been worth it to spend as much energy as you have pursuing one of your personal aspirations. This situation, as well as re-evaluating the company you keep, will be a theme until May 19.

On March 16, your focus will be career and you might receive an award, recognition or honorable mention from a VIP. Any career pinnacle will certainly be possible now. Because your ruler, Jupiter, will have also turned direct (on March 6) you might be in a sweet position to receive a more attractive benefits package or even royalties. A piece of the pie is always a good thing!

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Career: Slow and steady wins the race

You tend to run a high energy race when it comes to work but this is a month when a slower pace could put you in first place. While aggressive Mars and serious Saturn are stopping dead in their tracks and turning backward on March 1 and 2, your lucky ruling planet Jupiter is ending its retrograde period and begins moving forward on March 6.

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Love: Making progress

With your ruler, Jupiter, turning direct on March 6, your natural style of optimism and faith will soon take over in every arena of life -- including your love life. Anticipate key progress in matters of intimacy with a partner if you're married or in a committed relationship. Also, you might focus more on joint financial matters. This might seem rather unromantic at first, but if you think about it, the more you're willing to pool your resources, the greater your trust in your alliance is. Conversations relating to finances and domestic matters will go especially well with your mate around March 22, March 26 and March 28. You'll make decisions together that leave you feeling unbreakable.

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The fires of passion and creativity burn brightly in you this month. You can set the stage for the excitement by beautifying your residence or resolving family squabbles with the compassionate Pisces New Moon on March 11. This lunation in your 4th House of Roots conjuncts gracious Venus, inviting harmony into your home, healing old wounds, nourishing faith in yourself and stimulating your imagination.

It won't take you long to put your dreams into action, because irrepressible Mars rams into impatient Aries and your 5th House of Romance on March 12, provoking impulsive and sometimes reckless behavior. However, it's better to carefully test the waters than immediately plunge into a love affair or make a sudden business move. Logical Mercury's forward turn in your foundational 4th House of Roots on March 17 gives you the information and healthy perspective you need to guide your actions more skillfully.

On March 20, the Sun enters ardent Aries, marking the Spring Equinox and adding fuel to your 5th House of Self-Expression. Amorous Venus follows the next day, further enhancing your ability to attract attention, entertain others and display your creative gifts. Your desire for immediate satisfaction can provoke foolhardy actions in matters of the heart.

This is a terrific time to enjoy yourself by reigniting the flame of love to revive a fading relationship or to pursue a new one. Just be careful about assuming that one night of bliss guarantees a lifetime of happiness. Downsizing your expectations ensures that the pleasure you receive won't be too costly. The partnership-oriented Libra Full Moon on March 27 shines in your 11th House of Community, balancing your desire for pleasure with a willingness to honor what others need.

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Keep In Mind: Making yourself more comfortable at home doesn't mean that you're lazy; instead, it gives you the confidence you need to be even more expressive and outgoing than ever.

Career: Aim High

You could be in a reflective mood when this month begins. Four planets in sensitive Pisces occupy your introspective 4th house, which is better for looking inward than pushing yourself forward professionally. Allow your imagination to inspire visions for a more fulfilling future. You may not be able to reach them soon, maybe not ever, but even impossible dreams can lift your spirits and point you in a more exciting direction.

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Love: Stay in Check

Taming your tendency to be blunt can make a big difference in your personal life this month. That's because March starts with four planets in supersensitive Pisces where strong words easily wound others. Tune into your tender sign by slowing down and listening to your feelings. Your fiery nature often drives you to take action when standing still is sometimes a more effective way to go.

The willful Sun, active Mars, attractive Venus and verbal Mercury are all in your 4th House of Roots, which is a good time to review your past and strengthen your relationships with family members. Time spent at home or other quiet and safe settings may be more rewarding to relationships than going out on the town.

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Lingering tension from recent demands at work and at home adds stress to your relationships when this month begins. Fortunately, the opposition between aggressive Mars in your 10th House of Career and the willful Sun in your 4th House of Family on March 3 can also expose differences about priorities, which is a good way to start finding solutions. Short tempers could lead to an open conflict, but your good intentions and a willingness to work toward a long-term solution to a current dilemma should be enough to get you through a difficult situation.

Thankfully, the instability begins to settle down when graceful Venus enters practical Taurus on March 5 and forms a cooperative sextile with altruistic Neptune on March 6. If you must be critical on March 8, when the perfectionist Virgo Full Moon hooks up with expressive Mars, do it constructively rather than saying something hurtful for no reason.

Don't be too disappointed if you fall short of your own expectations, for you'll have another chance to handle those issues that remain unresolved when communicator Mercury turns retrograde in your 5th House of Self-Expression on March 12. The Winged Messenger continues its backward flight until April 4, giving you plenty of time to review your recent progress and revamp plans as needed.

But don't wait until then to take definitive action; Mars backs into stabilizing trines with lovely Venus, opportunistic Jupiter and incisive Pluto, which are all exact on March 14. Your strength of conviction enables you to ride a tidal wave of optimism that expands your self-confidence and graces you with the power to accomplish great things. The incorrigible Aries New Moon on March 22 fires up your creativity and inspires you to express your inner child.

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Keep In Mind: You will invite frustration if you expect immediate results from what you initiate this month. However, combining determination with patience should lead to success.

Career: Hit the Brakes

You might not be showing your usual level of enthusiasm during the first half of the month, with the Sun in sensitive Pisces hidden in your domestic 4th house. Taking care of personal needs and attending to issues on the home front may require more attention than usual. But it could be that you want to simply take your foot off the gas pedal and coast a little during the last days of winter.

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Love: Restrain Yourself

Staying sweet and tender is very important for the first half of the month. March begins with the Sun in sensitive Pisces, where you're rewarded for being more delicate and isolated when you come on too strong. Mental Mercury's move into assertive Aries on March 2, though, can make it more difficult to restrain yourself from speaking out. Of course, it's healthy to express yourself, but with the communication planet in this combustible sign it's all too easy to provoke a conflict and push someone away with insensitive speech.

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You're not normally the type to sit and ponder, Sagittarius, but if you've been sitting on the fence recently, now is the time to jump. The emotional Pisces New Moon on March 4 is joined by enterprising Mars in your 4th House of Security, urging you to take more initiative at home or to push ahead in your career. Messenger Mercury fires into headstrong Aries and your 5th House of Self-Expression on March 9, followed there by revolutionary Uranus on March 11 and the all-powerful Sun on March 20. It's essential to get your ideas out in the open; you can make revisions and corrections later, when analytical Mercury turns retrograde on March 30.

The critical Virgo Full Moon on March 19 may kick up a crisis in your 10th House of Career. Its opposition to wayward Uranus can surprise you with sudden changes yet also awaken you to a fresh vision for your professional life. If you go beyond the bounds of good judgment, the opposition of moralistic Jupiter and regulatory Saturn on March 28 will bring you back in line. But if the questions you first asked during their earlier oppositions on May 23 and August 16, 2010, are answered, the path to take is clear.

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Keep In Mind: You don't need to choose between security and stimulation. You are most competent and confident when you're excited about what you're doing.

Career: Let Your Mind Wander

March begins with the Sun in sensitive Pisces and your 4th House of Roots. This could bring out a more subtle side of your personality, making you less outgoing than usual and in need for more quiet time at home. Naturally, you probably can't withdraw from your public life at work, but taking as many breaks as you can is probably a good idea. This isn't, though, about running away from reality (as tempting as that might be); it's about tuning out the world so that you can check into your own feelings to find out what you really need to be happy. Creating some free time to let your mind wander might not seem very productive yet it's a chance to find the inspiration you need to keep up with your current job or to start looking in a new professional direction.

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Love: Reflect Within

Going for quiet people, private places, soft lights and slow music can do more for your personal life than being your usually outgoing self for the first part of March. The Sun in super-sensitive Pisces is in your 4th House of Home and Family until March 20. This is more conducive to atmospheres where whispers can be heard than loud environments where you have to shout to make your point.

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While you have ambitious ideas about your next move, action planet Mars has been retrograde since December of 2009, preventing you from moving forward. March now begins with five planets in your private 4th House of Home and Family, further stalling your worldly success -- yet the energy switches when Mars turns direct on March 10! You also receive a series of energetic boosts throughout the month as Venus, Mercury and the Sun enter fiery Aries and your 5th House of Creativity on March 7, 17 and 20. Harmonious trines to physical Mars should increase the potency of these transits, yet each is followed by a serious opposition with judgmental Saturn on March 9, 18 and 21, showing you the weakest links in your plans.

Keep In Mind: Don't let your months of hard work go to waste just because you're impatient. Shortcuts won't save you time.

Career: A Little TLC

The most important things you do for your professional life might not be obvious to others for much of this month. With the life-giving Sun in your private 4th House of Home life until March 20, you could benefit more from rest and relaxation rather than pushing yourself harder. Personal time offers a chance for you to find peace that leads to professional inspiration, and mental Mercury's shift into your 4th house on March 1 reinforces this idea. On March 7 Mercury joins Jupiter, which can fill your head with enough ideas to keep you busy for years. Then on March 20, the Sun flames into fiery Aries and your 5th House of Creativity, kicking off a month when the full expression of your passion, enthusiasm and charm can grab anyone's attention.

Love: Building Awareness

You may be a little less outgoing than usual early this month with sociable Venus hiding out in your private 4th House of Domestic Life, where privacy and self-care are more important than being available to others. Then, on March 7, Venus charges into your 5th House of Fun and Romance, initiating a more dynamic period of social activity. Nevertheless, she runs into tense contacts with stern Saturn and potent Pluto on March 9 and 11 that could attract some disapproval. The Sun will linger in your private 4th house until March 20 before making its way into your sexy and sassy 5th house. You should be ready to show off, be creative and enjoy yourself while playing the game of love. Yet the Sun's encounters with Saturn and Pluto from March 21 to 25 might attract some criticism.