Containing your enthusiasm might be a significant challenge today. However, it may not be necessary to restrain your excitement as long as you play by the rules. Fortunately, you can manifest your dreams if you sufficiently believe in them. Additionally, you also inspire others to reach for the stars. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to predict your future now because nearly anything is possible. Free your mind and the joy will follow.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Shockwaves are about to go through your love life in the most thrilling way possible! This Wednesday, Jupiter in relationship-focused Libra will oppose Uranus, the planet of sudden events, now moving through your romance sector. Whatever you think might happen, won't, and whatever you are sure won't happen, will -- that is the very nature of Uranian energy. This level of unpredictable outcome, however, will be the kind that wakes up your love life or, if single, your love life potential. You might be stunned, but it will definitely be the kind of jolt that leaves you smiling. Enjoy the ride!

Monthly Horoscope

You're not the type of person who's willing to settle, Sagittarius. In fact, living a "meh" life just isn't in your DNA. This month, when it comes to career, you'll surely demonstrate just how much this personal philosophy rings true. Professionally speaking, the stars are aligning to help you achieve something phenomenal. It all begins on September 5 when Mars jumps to the top of your chart, helping you blaze the most ambitious trails until October 22. This will be your time to reach for any and all of your career goals, knowing that you'll have the courage, motivation, and determination to win. Success as your only option becomes even more obvious by the September 19 and 20 when Venus graces your career sector as well, followed closely by a New Moon. Your talents are visible for all to see, and the end of the month will be your best time to launch a new business, reach for a promotion, or begin pursuing a new career objective. You've got this! Domestic matters are also looking sweet this month thanks to a Full Moon on September 6. You'll feel more at peace and gratified with your domestic situation than in recent months. One of your relatives might experience a "dream come true" situation, and if so you'll be beaming with joy for them. Themes of spiritual awakenings and unconditional love also connect with your clan. Family bliss is very possible now -- what a blessing!
If you and your partner have been sending each other mixed messages lately, you'll be relieved to know that after September 5 you'll begin to get each other once again. Mercury, the ruler of your partnership sector, will turn direct after having been out of phase since August 12. Mercury Retrograde cycles can typically trip up communication between you and your mate, although each one will have a different flavor. This time around it's possible that you were trying to gauge his or her opinion around professional opportunities that have been developing for you. You appear to have been uncertain about which to take and which to ignore. Or, perhaps you had a chance to go back to work for one of your old bosses. Trying to make these decisions on your own was maddening enough, but asking your partner only to receive even more confusing advice -- or none at all -- probably felt like mental torture. Fortunately, after September 5, you'll gain clarity about your professional situation and will also be able to talk to your lover again without frustration. In other news, if you are single, it's possible that a sudden love connection will arrive near September 27. It'll happen out of nowhere, and may have something to do with a friend's introduction -- or it might even come from your friend. Make sure you go to whatever social events you're invited to near this day. It's quite possible that you'll be swept off your feet by an unusual but very special someone.