It’s nearly impossible to hide your emotions today, but the good news is that you actually want others to see your vulnerable side. The moody Moon’s return to idealistic Sagittarius encourages you to share your inner process with your friends. Nevertheless, you still might plan on withholding a part of your story if you think it could upset someone. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to spill all the beans once you start talking. Author Annie M.G. Schmidt wrote, “Every story has a happy ending; you just need to know when to stop.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

The opportunity to enjoy a breath of fresh air in your social life might feel unsettling to your lover. He or she may want you to have fun with friends and to enjoy group activities but then feel as if you're straying too far away from your romance when you do. Encourage your sweetie to explore other interests besides you so that you don't begin to feel stifled in your relationship. Another possibility is that a sudden turn of events in your love life offers you more time to spend with pals. It might be your lover who asks for more space. If this happens, don't focus on the void, focus on the chance to do more of what you haven't had time for lately. Then go out and do it!

Monthly Horoscope

We all know that children can bring incredible joy to our lives. They are also quite expensive. At the Full Moon on October 5, it's possible that something major is culminating for one of your children. He or she might even be going through a very happy personal life milestone (depending on their age). Whatever is happening in their world, however, is costing you a bundle. If you have older children this might have to do with college expenses, a first car, or even a wedding gift. Some of you extra generous Sagittarians might also be helping a child move into his or her own place. Another possibility is that this has nothing to do with a child but is more about a creative endeavor that is close to your heart. You might have to stop doing it because it's just too darned expensive. Try not to stress because an unexpected solution may arrive just in the nick of time thanks to a friend. One last potential with this Full Moon has to do with your love life. You and someone you're dating might decide to call it quits if things are not going well. Hang in there if you're feeling lonely and frustrated. If you and a lover end things, it's because you know in your heart that it just wasn't meant to be. New romantic potential is around the corner. Venus will move into your social 11th House of Community on October 14. This is always an opportune time to consider Internet dating, hiring a personal matchmaker, or even allowing one of your pals to set you up on a date with someone. Attend as many fun social gatherings as possible through November 7 -- you're likely to meet someone who makes you smile. A New Moon will fall in the same area of your chart, lighting up networking opportunities for you on the 19th. This will also be a time where sudden changes in direction to that creative project from earlier in the month might somehow prove to work in your favor. If at any point life feels impossibly stressful, you are about to experience one of the most profound universal blessings ever. Jupiter, your ruling planet, will move into your hidden 12th house on October 10. You'll enjoy guardian angel protection no matter how rough life gets until November 8, 2018. It's not guaranteed that life will become more stressful, so don't freak out. It just means that if you are faced with a major problem over the next thirteen months, you can count on someone to help you out of it. Consider it your "get out of jail free" card from the universe, Sagittarius. Use it well.
Matters of the heart are definitely pulling at your heart strings as the month opens up. A Full Moon in your true love sector on October 5 will demand that you remain true to yourself no matter what the consequences. Yes, even if that means you need to let go of a love affair. If a breakup is inevitable for you this month, you might feel torn about it. On one hand, you know deep in your gut that this relationship will never give you what you really want. However, to be fair, you aren't equipped to give your lover everything he or she wants either. On the other hand, it's possible that are truly attached to this person. There might not be any hate, ill will, or feelings of betrayal involved in this separation -- and that will make it harder to part ways. You do like each other, but are you really, truly in love? Fortunately, you'll have no shortage of opportunities to meet new romantic prospects later in the month. So, once you cut ties with this person, you won't have to worry about feeling lonely. You'll have amazing opportunities to meet someone new after October 14 as you go about socializing with friends. You might even experiment with the hottest new dating app or decide to go old school and ask a pal to hook you up. The end result might be much happier than you anticipate.