You have your sights set ridiculously high today because you woke up feeling like anything is possible. Some people are so practical they only see what can’t be done. But you’re ready to initiate action now, since you know complications could surface in the days ahead. Encountering obstacles is inevitable, so it’s sensible to make as much progress as you can before you run into trouble. An Arabian proverb states, “A promise is a cloud, fulfillment is rain.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

A love connection is very possible this week all thanks to random, friendly conversations with people you meet as you move through your day. This could be someone you introduce yourself to while waiting in line at Starbucks or the train station. You might also feel inspired to reach out to someone with a stimulating profile on the latest dating app or website. What will draw you in most will be this person's eclectic nature. It's clear that this sexy someone prefers to live not only on the edge, but on his or her own terms. You'll be hooked!

Monthly Horoscope

Pivotal advances can be expected this month relating to work and health matters. But the best part about November just might be the fact that there are so many beneficial opportunities cropping up for you behind the scenes ... and people conspiring on your behalf to make your life more fulfilling than you ever thought possible. The Full Moon on November 4 will focus your attention on a major project connected to your job that is now complete. You'll look at this particular assignment and know that you've created something of value and of substance ... and that will make you proud. Tangible results and rewards for your efforts are to be expected. Also, it's possible that you will finish up a DIY home project that will somehow bring more peace to your domestic atmosphere. Health wise, you may reach a goal connected to improved wellness such as a certain amount of weight lost, or a habit that you've successfully nixed. Celebrate! Most of the happenings in November, however, will occur behind the scenes. But don't let that fool you into thinking that this won't be a vital month, because it certainly will be. In your case, the two luckiest planets of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, will travel in tandem through your 12th House of Privacy starting November 7. On the 13th, they will link up perfectly to one another, bringing you a major gift from a source you didn't see coming. Embrace the goodness! This can be anything from a financial gift to someone working on your behalf to help you achieve a personal goal. Spiritual advancement is also likely this month, so if you're thinking about tapping into your psychic abilities, you've got major support for this. A New Moon in the same area of your chart on November 18 signals a time for you to extend kindness to someone less fortunate. Anything you do now that is charitable and takes you outside of yourself will earn you major karmic brownie points down the road.
When it comes to your love life, Sagittarius, this month there will certainly be more than meets the eye. Your heart might go underground from November 7 - December 1 as love planet Venus moves through your secluded 12th House of Privacy and Escape. During this stretch of time it's possible that you'll feel more sad and hopeless about matters of the heart -- especially if you're still trying to heal from a romance gone wrong, or if you're pining over a crush who isn't giving you the time of day. Your feelings are tender now and if you have been betrayed in any way, you'll need time to process all the hurt. This would be a perfect month to go into therapy in order to help you understand, grieve, and finally turn the page. Although it might seem dismal to have Venus hiding out, there are some cases where this is actually quite a beautiful placement. If you are in a relationship, for example, the next month might be a time when you and your sweetie realize you much prefer spending time alone rather than with crowds. Consider taking a short vacation together if you can -- preferably to a secluded and relaxing destination. In some cases, there might be a need to keep a secret for your lover or about your love life. Don't automatically assume it's a bad secret. This might be a conscious choice you and your sweetheart make to remain hush-hush about something amazing, such as the decision to move in together, buy a home, or start a family. You might even elope!