Unexpected events on the home front pull your attention from worldly affairs today. Or, you might be distracted by a flood of childhood memories. Either way, there are personal issues that can prevent you from being fully present in your daily routine. Unfortunately, there’s no off switch that controls your inner awareness and if you try to suppress your thoughts now, they will only grow louder. Instead, don't be afraid to bring your past back into sharp focus. Only when you embrace the intensity of your family history will it release its grip on you and allow you to move on.

Weekly Love Horoscope

The closer you try to hold on to your partner this week to help you feel better about a domestic situation, the more likely you are to be disappointed. It's possible that your mate just isn't in a position to lift you both up if there's anything disappointing to deal with. In fact, you might start to feel as if your partner is not communicating with you in the way you need him or her to about what's really going on. This doesn't have to be about lying -- and it's probably not -- but something might be troubling your mate a lot more than he or she is letting on. Whatever is happening at home might pale in comparison. Dig deeper and remind your love how much you care.

Monthly Horoscope

Peace and harmony will prevail for you when it comes to home and family matters this month ... for the most part. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will slide into your 4th house on February 10 and remains in this part of your chart through March 6. You'll notice that your relationship with relatives becomes easier during this stretch of time, much more natural and flowing. If there has been any strain between you and someone in your clan, this is a time when you'll notice it almost melts away. Or maybe what's really happening is you're no longer sweating the small stuff. Where you put your attention is where life tends to happen. If you have been placing your attention on what is wrong with your family life, then you've been attracting more of what's wrong. With Venus in Pisces, you'll start to vibrate towards this mystical level of knowing that once you let go of that tendency, a more fulfilling domestic life truly awaits. This isn't to suggest, however, that you blatantly ignore and try to escape from any significant domestic matter that might be going on. It's more about you surrendering control of the outcome and just making peace with the flow of your current family situation. That alone will bring you greater tranquility. On February 17 when Mars in your sign crashes against Neptune in your 4th house, you'll truly understand how futile it is to fight against a force you cannot control. Let go or be dragged. You make the choice. In other news, if you're in the sales or communications industries, there's a promising project on the horizon after February 15. A dazzling Solar Eclipse in your message sector will help you initiate anything that has to do with speaking, teaching, writing, or sales. This will be an ideal time to make new agreements, sign contracts, and flesh out any of your brilliant plans for the future.
It might feel like a strange month for you romantically speaking. On one hand, you'll enjoy Mars in your sign all month long, which is a fabulous assist to your overall energy level and sex drive. You are definitely feeling frisky in February! If you're in a relationship, your partner will certainly be the recipient of some good times in the bedroom. The strange part happens after February 10 when Venus moves into your home and family sector. This will be sweet energy that makes you want to spend more time cozying up on the couch with your love, having more "Netflix and chill" nights together than anything else. However, a problem might rear its head on February 17 and again on February 25. It's possible that on either (or both) of these days your domestic life will somehow negate your ability to enjoy some quality romantic time with your lover. Other people who live with you might literally become a physical interruption right when you and your sweetheart are in the heat of the moment. It could also be that one of your relatives will have a problem and need your help at the most inconvenient time, making it impossible for you to enjoy any sweet lovemaking that was on your agenda. The good news is that besides these two dates, you should be enjoying a very sexy February. Get busy!