Your emotional detachment enables you to explore a complex situation at work today. However, trying to convince people of your moral superiority could alienate the very same folks you want to count as your allies. Rethink your strategy before deep-diving directly into the most intense topic on the table. Allow the discussion to flow on its own without manipulating the direction. You might be shocked to find yourself arriving at your appointed destination much sooner than you expect.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Love is in the air! This Friday Venus will move into your romance sector, and remains here until June 6. This might seem like familiar territory since Venus actually has been in and out of your true love sector since February 3. However, she turned retrograde from March 4-April 15, kicking up plenty of dirt in the romance department for you to sort through. Now she's finished teaching you any lessons about love, and is ready to reward you. You've earned it!

Monthly Horoscope

If you've recently overspent on a home renovation, decorating project, or even the purchase of real estate, the first half of April might be spent on trying to fix any potential financial mess this may have caused. Another possibility is that you and a relative or several family members need to carefully review a domestic financial matter in order to come up with a workable solution for everyone. Sacrifices might need to happen, but it's better that you approach the situation now with a healthy dose of realism rather than pay for it even more down the road. Communication between you and a colleague might become tricky after April 9. If a misunderstanding arises, try to give him or her the benefit of the doubt before escalating it into an argument. You might also notice that your assignments require extra revision from April 9-20. Use this time to polish your work and improve your efficiency. Mars will move into your partnership sector on April 21, and remains here until June 4. As a result, you'll notice a stronger motivation for you and your mate to create more passion and excitement in your relationship. If you don't find a healthy physical outlet together, it's likely you'll wind up arguing more over little things.
Venus has been retrograde in your true love sector since March 4, bringing sometimes difficult lessons to the forefront in matters of the heart. You might have also struggled to decide whether or not to allow an old flame back into your life. This month, from April 2-15, Venus will retrograde out of your romance sector and into your home and family sector. Suddenly, it might appear as if every single one of your relatives thinks he or she knows what's best for your love life. Alternatively, you might re-evaluate whether or not a current living situation with your mate is working out. After April 15, the two of you will begin to find answers. In fact, by April 21, Mars will enter your partnership sector, infusing you with plenty of motivation to succeed in love and relationships.