Your nerves are likely on edge today, especially if you're lured into an emotional drama beyond your comfort zone. Short of booking a last-minute ticket on an airplane, there isn't much that you can do to avoid the intensity of the Cancer New Moon landing in your 8th House of Intimacy. Forget about trying to escape; it's out of the question. Sink into your feelings, armed with the knowledge that they will lighten again soon. John C. Maxwell wrote, "Change is inevitable. Growth is optional."

Weekly Love Horoscope

Extraordinary financial opportunities are available to you and your partner if you are in a committed relationship. After Friday, you may hear exciting news that your mate has received a generous salary increase or more attractive benefits package connected to his or her job. Another possibility is that you'll both be ready to make a significant investment together such as purchasing a home. You've got this.

Monthly Horoscope

You might feel more emotional and out of sorts early in the month. A Full Moon in your sign on June 9 will have you completely in touch with your feelings but you will likely be uncomfortable about them -- almost as if they are an inconvenient truth. This may particularly relate to a domestic situation that you wish you could turn a blind eye to. You'll realize that if you continue this strategy, you're only hurting yourself and your loved ones. Expenses connected to credit card debt, a loan, or an insurance payment might skyrocket for you from June 4 - July 20. Careful financial management will help you through. You might even find a way to consolidate debt or find another solution after June 23. Also, it appears that more work is coming your way. So, if you need a boost in income to meet these major bills, you can count on it. From June 6 - July 4 Venus will tour your work sector, offering more freelance assignments or even a second job that pays well. Additionally, you'll be glad to know that harmony between you and colleagues will improve. That means if there's a team project to work on, it'll be easy to collaborate.
You might be more emotional than usual, especially if you feel as if your need for freedom and personal space is not being respected in your relationship. A Full Moon in your sign on June 9 might bring this theme into sharp focus for you. Fortunately, communication between you and your partner will flourish from June 6-June 21. Use the energy of Mercury touring your relationship sector to remember how vital it is for the two of you to actually relate to one another.