This month you'll have an opportunity for significant financial and personal developments. Cash flow will likely see an increase as early as February 3 despite mounting expenses that you may have battled since late last month. Any extra money you make this month will be directly related to your entrepreneurial spirit or, at the very least, your willingness to try something new without worrying so much about it failing.

Another way you might earn this extra money is if you take on a freelance assignment. If you already have freelance work, it's possible that one of your big projects will reach completion near February 10. This will likely be one that you are quite proud of since it makes the most of your creativity.

If you are going through a health situation, the middle of the month may bring an end to your treatment protocol, and you're likely to feel invigorated. If you required a surgical procedure for any reason, you'll be on the mend.

Finally, on February 26, a Solar Eclipse will fall in Pisces, making it especially meaningful for you. There is a magnificent fresh start for you on the horizon, and it will only be limited by your own vision. Fortunately, if there was ever a sign that dreams big it's you. So, go ahead and reach for the sky; you won't be disappointed.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Unconditional support

Financial happenings this month might be a major theme for you and your partner, but it appears positive. After February 3, you may have an opportunity to cultivate one of your talents and make a plan to market it.

This will happen due to the unwavering support of your partner either financially, emotionally, or both. You'll feel so grateful to have him or her in your corner. Life gets even better for you by February 26 when a gorgeous Solar Eclipse in your sign signals a personal fresh start. Again, it'll all feel possible thanks to your partner.

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You're a compassionate soul who easily sees the pain of others and truly wants to help. In fact, one of your great lessons in life connects to being able to do this while also learning how to draw healthy boundaries for yourself so that others don't take advantage of your kind heart. This month, you may have a special lesson connected to this, and if so, see it as an opportunity to make significant strides in your personal development.

You might feel drained near February 7 if someone is asking more than you can give. If so, you'll be tempted to retreat into a safe haven that shuts you away from the chaos rather than addressing it directly. Fortunately, you might receive the help you need after February 8 to figure out how to handle this situation.

In fact, you might seek spiritual or therapeutic guidance by mid-month in order to figure out how to continue to be the helpful soul you are without it sucking you dry emotionally, spiritually, or even financially. There is much work to be done for you in this area, but the good news is that this month, you can make tremendous progress.

In other news, a Full Moon in your partnership sector on February 22 will help deepen the bond between you and your mate.


Keep In Mind:


Love: Friends to lovers

On February 5, Venus and Pluto will embrace in your friendship sector. If you're craving a more romantic connection with one of your pals, it'll be difficult for either of you to ignore the mutual chemistry now.

Still, be aware of what you say to a friend about your love life on February 6. You might reveal information that's better left unsaid. After February 16, you'll yearn for extra privacy and will prefer to keep your love life under wraps.

As the month begins, you may feel more out of sorts than usual. On February 6, Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign, which can aggravate any already existing confusion in your mind. If there's a decision you need to make that's vital, hold off until after February 28, when Mercury Retrograde ends.

Your best bet this month is to carve out plenty of time to be alone with your thoughts. Sorting them out privately will not only prove beneficial, but it might also aid in healing any worries you start out the month carrying.

On February 14, a Full Moon in your work and health sector might bring attention to these areas of your life. If you've been neglecting your health, it's possible you'll now feel extra run-down, and you will know that something has to change. This will be an ideal time to rid yourself of an unhealthy habit, such as smoking, excessive drinking or overeating. At the office, you may hear news that someone is leaving their position or has been fired. You might also complete a major project, but if this happens it'll be after you've spent extra time revising your work.

On February 23, your imagination and intuition will soar! Use this day to work on any creative endeavor or to extend your compassion to someone less fortunate than yourself. You'll feel incredibly connected to a higher power on this day, and you will have remarkable faith and optimism.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Play a supporting role

This is a transitional month that starts out with you getting less attention than usual and ending with a chance to take the spotlight. February rolls in with the life-giving Sun in quirky Aquarius and your 12th House of Obscurity. While this is an excellent position for gaining perspective, it's not that easy to advance your agenda. Taking time off, tending to your personal needs and completing unfinished business are more constructive activities now. Getting some distance from a stressful situation will provide you perspective to make better decisions about your career.

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Love: Slow start, strong finish

Go easy on yourself in February -- especially if your sweetheart accuses you of not communicating in an open manner. It's unlikely that you intend to come across in a less than honest way. In fact, you probably aren't. The trouble is that on February 6 and until February 28, Mercury will turn retrograde affecting your ability to communicate clearly.

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This very special month may set the tone for the rest of the year, starting with a push from muscular Mars entering your 1st House of Self on February 1. Take charge of your life by being more physically active and willing to act on your own initiative. You're unlikely to come on too strong with value-conscious Venus' shift into cool Aquarius and your subtle 12th House on February 1. Your desire to please people recedes as you become more independent and require less approval from others.

Perceptive Mercury moves into psychic Pisces on February 5 to stimulate your mind and loosen your tongue. However, finding the right words to express your thoughts might not be easy; metaphors, symbols and forms of expression such as art, poetry, music and dance are all wonderful ways to tell your story. Don't overload your schedule with too many tasks because fleet-footed Mercury slows down in the second half of the month before turning retrograde on February 23, complicating communications, muddling details and messing with travel plans until it turns direct on March 17.

You gain spiritual insights when the conceptual Aquarius New Moon on February 10 occurs in your 12th House of Divinity. The Sun's entry into Pisces on February 18 boosts confidence and raises your profile. Relationships take the spotlight with the pragmatic Virgo Full Moon shining in your 7th House of Partners on February 25. You're wise to fix current alliances by attending to specific issues -- unless the limitations imposed by a personal or professional union become unbearable and you consider leaving it. If you keep your heart open, you can feel the love wherever you go when adoring Venus visits your dreamy sign on February 25 to March 21.

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Keep In Mind: You learn more and achieve better results by tuning into your feelings and following your own instincts rather than by letting other people tell you what to do.

Career: Thinking Ahead

Your mind and your actions may be a little ahead of your capacity to apply them at the highest levels of effectiveness this month. Assertive Mars enters your sign on February 1 and mental Mercury follows suit on February 5. These tend to motivate your desire to push in new directions, which has its benefits if managed carefully.

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Love: Chasing Rainbows

Passion starts percolating early this month when ardent Mars, the planet of action, enters Pisces on February 1. The good news is this can give you the drive to improve yourself and to take more initiative in relationships. It is possible that you will be impatient or even pre-mature in your actions, though. That's because the Sun is still hiding in your obscure 12th House of Spirituality until February 18, when you will be more confident, creative and capable of taking charge of your personal life.

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You're tempted to think about avoiding the challenges of daily life now, because the Sun in your 12th House of Spirituality until Feb. 19 tends to distract your attention from mundane activities. But instead of escaping into a fantasy world, you're meant to transmit images and dreams that inspire everyone around you. Still, your attraction to environments without rules and other states of consciousness is strengthened when your modern ruling planet Neptune returns to psychic Pisces on Feb. 3. Its previous visit to your sign from April 4 - Aug. 4, 2011, was a preview of a transit that will now last until 2025. Your dual existence between the worlds of fact and faith is likely to become even more important in the years to come.

The expressive Leo Full Moon brightens your 6th House of Work on Feb. 7, generating bold ideas about your career. New ways to earn money can be kindled when resourceful Venus dashes into trailblazing Aries and your 2nd House of Income on Feb. 8.

The lure of creativity calls again when Mercury moves into watery Pisces on Feb. 13, followed there by the Sun on Feb. 19. The real magic happens, though, during the Pisces New Moon on Feb. 21, as it is connected with spiritual Neptune. Dreams are being seeded; when you nourish them with compassion, forgiveness and faith, they can grow into enduring expressions of your highest ideals.

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Keep In Mind: You have access to everything you need to be happy when you set aside your doubts and follow the flow of your positive feelings.

Career: Back up your facts

You have two favorable astrological patterns that can positively impact your professional life this month. February begins with alluring and attractive Venus in your sweet and tender sign. This tends to make you more appealing to others, inspires creativity and makes you especially good at public presentations.

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Love: Put your own needs first

People may appreciate you more than you expect them to early this month. That's because attractive Venus is in your sign until February 7. This is a dreamy and delicious transit that is likely to make you more desirable to others. One of the risks, though, is that people can project fantasies on you, falling in love with an illusion instead of the person you really are. Nevertheless, it's nice to be appreciated and you can enhance this potential by updating your appearance.

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You long to hide from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with several planets secreted away in your 12th House of Escapism, and the emotionally detached Aquarius New Moon on February 2 luring you into solitude where you are free to be yourself.

Introspective Mercury, newly arrived in your 12th House on February 3, reinforces your need to be alone. Its cooperative sextile with philosophical Jupiter on February 5 widens your intellectual horizons, encouraging your interest in metaphysics, religion, or creative pursuits.

The proud Leo Full Moon on February 18 sheds light into your 6th House of Self-Improvement as you consider what you're willing to sacrifice to reach your goals.

You come back from the realms of your imagination gradually, starting when the Sun returns to your sign and highlights your 1st House of Personality on February 18. Meanwhile, your need for success swells as an incoming tidal wave of motivation heads your way, powered by the continuing Jupiter-Pluto square that first occurred last summer. The culmination of opportunistic Jupiter's square to transformational Pluto on February 25 challenges you to reach farther than you thought possible without becoming obsessed by the temptations of money and power.

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Keep In Mind: Allow yourself the luxury of withdrawing into your inner world, but be prepared for another round of heightened activity once you emerge.

Career: Kick Back

You may not get the attention you desire or find the energy you need to advance your interests in the first part of February. If that's the case, take as much time as you can to dream about your career. Of course, you need to take care of your responsibilities but until February 18 it's like you're warming up in the bullpen. This is because the Sun is in your 12th House of Obscurity until then. You could feel invisible or given tasks for which you don't get your fair share of recognition. Still, if you support people in need, whether friends, colleagues or strangers, you will feel good about yourself and earn some long-term support.

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Love: Spice It Up

You may be feeling a little less sociable than usual for the first half of February. The Sun will be in your 12th House of Secrets until February 18, increasing your need for privacy and making you less visible to others. A desire to get away from it all and avoid responsibilities now is understandable so reduce them as much as you can and don't take on any new projects.

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Your life gets rosier this month as Venus, the magnetic planet of pleasure and attraction, enters your sign on February 11. Your manner and appearance are more appealing when you're enjoying life's little delights and sharing those good feelings with others. Your optimistic plans may be diverted when your co-ruling planet Jupiter is snagged by a clunky quincunx with dour Saturn on February 5, but you can regain your bearings quickly when Jupiter forms a regenerative sextile with powerful Pluto on February 6. If you lack inspiration, the February 13 New Moon in idealistic Aquarius, joined with Neptune, fuels your imagination. Upcoming experiences can show you that those dreams you feel are out of reach are actually closer than you think.

Keep In Mind: Partake in every moment of delight life has to offer and your capacity for joy will continue to grow.

Career: Out of Sight

Getting recognition for your work can be difficult during the first half of February with the Sun skulking through your 12th House of Privacy until February 18. While you might feel almost invisible during this time, it's a great period to make quiet connections and build up support. Value-based Venus and the Sun join your imaginative ruling planet Neptune on February 7 and 14, taking your creative thinking to a higher level -- just take plenty of time to study your plans before taking action. Also be alert for individuals who may talk a good game but are incapable of living up to their promises. The tide turns on February 18 when the Sun enters your sign and increases your self-confidence. The days surrounding February 28 could be tremendous as the Sun joins fortunate Jupiter in your sign to expand hope and put you in a very favorable light.

Love: Enjoy Yourself

February starts with Venus and the Sun in your 12th House of Privacy through February 11 and 18, which may keep you on the social sidelines. Whether you're seeking a break because you need some quiet time or you just seem to be invisible to others, it's probably wise to chill for the time being. The mood takes a definite turn for the better when the love planet Venus enters your sign on February 11. Attention is drawn toward your favorable traits to make you more desirable now. Do what you can to please yourself with pampering and doing activities that warm your heart. You've got to like yourself first to get honest appreciation from someone else. Just to try not to be overly sensitive to others' opinions, since you may take everything to heart.