January 18, 2017

Horoscope by Rick Levine, Tarot.com

You're itching for action as your wanderlust continues to grow, but somehow your goals become less specific over time. It's hard to tell today whether you're making concrete plans or just idly watching the clouds roll by. Thankfully, there's no need to struggle now; your best bet is to postpone big decisions until you are clear about your direction. In the meantime, try a bit of escapist fare as purposeful Mars skids into an awkward misalignment with joyful Jupiter. Edgar Allan Poe wrote, "They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."

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Horoscope by Rick Levine, Tarot.com

Weekly Love Horoscope

Pisces Love Forecast for the Week of January 16

Week of Jan 16, 2017

A temporary slump in energy doesn't have to be a romance killer this week. Although you may feel deflated with a career situation until Thursday, instead of retreating from your lover, do your best to hold on as tight as possible to the unconditional love and support.

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone, Tarot.com

Monthly Horoscope

Turn on the charm

Expect to kick off the New Year feeling dazzling and beautiful! Venus will move into Pisces on January 3, and remains in your sign until February 3. As a result, you can look forward to a boost in confidence as well as allure. You'll have magical powers of attraction to help you charm anyone you set your sights on, so if you're single, this is the time to get out there and mingle! You might want to wait until after January 8, however, when Mercury turns direct in your social 11th house. Until then there might be extra issues connected to miscommunication around time spent with friends, at parties, or networking events.

If you have any children, there might be a headache or two connected to parenting for you near the January 12. Most likely this involves an unexpected expense connected to one of your kids. Yikes! Another possibility is that you are dating someone that you are ready to cut loose. If you're not feeling the love, then there isn't much point in wasting your time. Move on. If, however, you're madly in love ,then you can expect a lover's quarrel like you've never had before. The making up part should be intense!

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone, Tarot.com

Horoscope by Maria DeSimone, Tarot.com

Sparkle and shine

This month you'll be irresistible! On January 3 Venus enters Pisces, and remains in your sign until February 3. This is your time to enjoy being the fairest-of-them-all in terms of beauty and allure. Not only will you sparkle more on the outside but you'll have a dynamic inner beauty and confidence that will make you even more attractive to others.

Romantic prospects will be glorious this month so be sure to make the most of them. Fairy tale love is yours on January 12. 

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Horoscope by Maria DeSimone, Tarot.com

About the Sign

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Fish appear to be individuals, but have you ever seen a school of them swimming together? They act as one. Each is part of a greater whole. And you Pisces Fish are more aware of your interdependency than any other sign. It's as if Pisces live in an ocean and the spirit that flows through you is like the one ocean that flows through all fishes. The symbol of the Fish is also the symbol of Christianity, the predominant religion during the past two thousand years -- also known to astrologers as the "Age of Pisces."