Current financial struggles might require you to be fiscally conservative today. Although proceeding with caution may be the most sensible approach for now, it's not the best long-term solution. Tightening the controls is prudent at first because you can't spend what you don't have. Nevertheless, the problem is convoluted and will benefit from a multiple-tiered strategy. Investing some money in your future can be just as important as saving it in the present.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Finances are looking bright for you this week, and as a result, it's likely to expand your outlook on everything -- including your love life. It's no secret that money is the number one reason couples quarrel. Over recent months it's possible that you and your mate have felt like you lived on different planets concerning financial matters. Happily, this will all begin to disappear now. Not only is cash flow increasing, but your ability to agree on what to do with the influx together will improve as well.

Monthly Horoscope

Although Venus has been retrograde since March 4, from April 2-15 you'll feel her retrograde in the most personal way. That's because during this time she'll be backpedaling through Pisces. As a result, you may have an opportunity to re-evaluate whatever might leave you feeling unattractive or less than confident. If you are struggling with your self-worth, or if you're not feeling as physically attractive as you'd like to, now you'll be able to explore what needs to change in order to remedy this situation. Most likely, it's an inside job, and you'll realize this for yourself soon enough. In some cases, an outworn relationship has chipped away at your self-esteem, and now will be a time to realize you can't base your worth on anyone else. A Full Moon in your 8th House of Shared Resources on the April 11 might bring culminating news concerning any debt. You might pay off a loan completely, or discover a clever way to consolidate debt at a lower interest rate. Mercury will retrograde from April 9-May 3 so you'll need to remember not to initiate any vital communications-related projects during this time. You might also encounter delays with travel, or a misunderstanding between you and a sibling. Mars will enter your home and family sector on April 21, and will remain here through June 4. This might exacerbate any frustrations between you and your brother or sister, but the good news is that you'll feel motivated to clear the air even if a screaming match is required.
Venus moves into your sign from April 2-15, leading you to spend half of this month re-evaluating your self-worth as well as your place in a relationship. If you have been pulling the wool over your own eyes in order to avoid an uncomfortable reality of your existing relationship, now is the time to admit this. You don't need to have all the answers now, but you do need to begin a genuine internal dialogue about what you do and don't deserve in a partnership. After April 15, you'll begin to make positive changes to ensure you are, in fact, enjoying the fairytale romance.