Your friends are not the source of responsible advice now. In fact, they may be encouraging you to do the crazy thing you have secretly dreamed about for a long time. But you always find a logical reason to avoid taking such a big risk, especially if you’re considering doing something with no socially redeeming value. It can be particularly challenging to put your needs ahead of others, but the cosmos is opening doors and pushing you through them. Don’t resist; it’s your moment to fly.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Conversations with your spouse or partner might be out of the box this week and a little bit fuzzy, but they'll also be highly inspiring and energizing. Don't believe for one moment that you and your love need to have everything figured out all at once. That's a trap that will only set the both of you up for failure. Instead, maximize the energy this week that will allow you both to marinate in sharing your most "out there" thoughts and ideas with one another without worrying about the details. Enjoy each other's innovative minds, and allow that common denominator to enhance the love you share.

Monthly Horoscope

You might feel that the only way to truly find yourself -- and the greater meaning of your life -- is to risk losing your senses completely. That's right, Libra, it's time to go off the deep end. This doesn't mean you'll be checking into the nearest institution. In fact, your entire esoteric and mental experience this month appears to be carefully crafted by your higher self. And yes, it will eventually lead to enlightenment. But first, you need to pave the road... You might need to let go of certain pre-existing beliefs and ideas that you know deep down inside are not serving you. The voices inside your head that whisper you can't do, be, or have exactly what you want and deserve. December will be a test in that regard, because it's often easier to hold onto the brand of what's comfortable rather than try on something new. The universe is now demanding that you try on new ways of thinking by discarding old, outworn patterns in the same way that life eventually forces you to throw out your most comfy pair of jeans because they're worn to rags. They have served their purpose. Mercury will help you achieve this mental closet cleaning from December 3 until December 22 as he travels retrograde through your message sector. You'll come out of this experience ready to embrace a new intellectual endeavor, especially thanks to the help of the New Moon on December 18 in the same area of your chart. But pay close attention, Libra, because the universe is shifting your mindset for another reason, and it has to do with your greatest security needs. Saturn, the planet of lessons and responsibility, will move into your home and family sector on December 19, remaining here through December 2020. It's time to build a solid personal foundation and to learn how to provide your own nourishment without relying on anyone else. Family responsibilities might increase, but that's because it's your turn on the cosmic wheel of life to be the caretaker. You've got this ... and it all begins in your mind.
Life and love might seem more confusing than usual for most of December thanks to Mercury and his decidedly murky retrograde in your communication sector. From December 3-22 he'll be out of phase, warning you not to make any vital decisions, sign contracts, or cast anyone out of your life due to silly misunderstandings. If at any point during this time you and your significant other are not in alignment over an important matter, do what you can to put discussions on hold until the end of the month. You'll be glad you did. Responsibilities at home are likely to increase after December 19. If you're in a committed partnership, you might want to discuss how to divvy up chores or other obligations with your partner. Saturn, the planet of frustration and lessons, will move into your domestic sector at this time and remains in this part of your chart until December 2020. While it's possible that you'll have to care for an elderly family member or tend to other domestic burdens, there is no reason you need to do this alone. Your partner is your partner through good times, bad times, and everything in between. Remind him or her of this if you begin to feel overwhelmed. If you're single, then pay attention to happenings around December 20 when Venus is at a gorgeous angle to Uranus, the ruler of your romance sector. One of your siblings might introduce you to someone you find instantly captivating. Another possibility is that a sexy new neighbor will move into your apartment building or on your block. Definitely introduce yourself on this day!