March 27, 2017

This month you can anticipate smiling much more at the office. You can thank your ruling planet, Venus, for this welcome change of pace. Even if you haven't been unhappy at work, from January 3-February 3, you'll enjoy a phase of extra harmony to help give you that warm glow of contentment on the job. Perhaps you will find it easier to collaborate with colleagues on a work assignment. Another possibility is that sparks will fly between you and a coworker, and you'll both decide that now is the time to play out this mutual chemistry. Yum! In fact, new love is quite supported for you after January 27 if you're single, thanks to a gorgeous New Moon in your romance sector.

When it comes to career however, there will be one time to be wary of. A testy Full Moon on January 12 might leave you vulnerable to your boss' bad mood. He or she might throw a bit of a tantrum, and if you're not careful you'll be caught in the crossfire. If you own a business and have a partner, this might be a day where the two of you have a situation that requires careful handling. Another possibility is that this Full Moon will be more about a difficult family dynamic. One of your parents might get into an argument with your spouse or partner. If so, it'll be difficult for you to remain neutral.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Work it

If you're single, this month you might entertain the idea of an office romance with one of your colleagues. There might be exceptional romantic potential around this, but it's also possible that you'll end up in plenty of hot water. Keep your antennae up near January 12 when a difficult Full Moon might lead your boss or another VIP to present a roadblock to this budding relationship. Make sure you're not violating office policy by dating someone you work with.

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You'll begin 2016 determined to take charge of your finances and put yourself in a healthier position when it comes to how well your money is working for you. You'll have enormous support to move forward with ambition and determination as you pursue ways to generate income that are stronger and better suited to your talents.

Enjoy this trend from January 3 through March 5. Although your expenses might spike during this stretch as well, it won't be anything you can't handle. In fact, extra work will easily become available to you should you need to take on an extra assignment or second job. Pay attention to what transpires on January 18 -- you'll be in a position to name your rate if you're a freelancer.

Your central focus this month however, will be more about domestic matters. A potential misunderstanding between you and a child or relative is possible from January 5 through 25 as Mercury travels retrograde. Do your best to listen more and talk less.

A New Moon on January 9 suggests an opportunity is on the horizon connected to real estate or with a relative. This will become much brighter for you by the end of the month so if you initially feel frustration at not being able to move forward, remain patient. You'll have a handle on this by next month.

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Love: Heart are heavy

Avoid major decisions about your love life this month, especially between January 5 and January 8. Mercury will station retrograde in your romance sector, and these days will likely confuse you more than usual. If you make a decision, it's one you'll likely regret.

Another possibility is that you'll have a serious conversation with your lover near January 8 -- and it will be one that you've dreaded for a long time. It may also be connected to a situation the two of you have not been able to resolve in the past. You might not resolve it on this day but at least you'll both voice what is making each of you so uneasy. Your best day for romance this month is January 12. Expect a lovely surprise.

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If you're experiencing career tension near the Full Moon on January 4, take a deep breath. The universe is not conspiring to make your New Year miserable. In fact it's quite the opposite. If you're having difficulty in professional matters, it's obvious that a change is warranted. Perhaps you have kept quiet about what has troubled you about your boss, or you have tried to sweep things under the rug because you worry about your job security. Whatever the details, it simply doesn't matter. It's time to be honest with yourself about where you are career-wise, and how well it does -- or doesn't -- match up to where you really want to be.

Fortunately, after January 12 you'll have tremendous stamina and courage to make changes in how you do your job, and in your work environment. Mars will enter your 6th House of Work, and will remain in this part of your chart until February 19. Now, you'll stop worrying about ignoring the red flags in any contentious work relationships simply to keep the peace. You'll have essential arguments, get things out in the open and, if necessary, lay down the law on how things must change in order for you to do your job. If you have decided to change jobs due to an untenable work environment, you'll have your best luck for a lateral move after January 27 when Venus joins Mars in your work sector. Then, you'll combine motivation with a more harmonizing influence. Also, this might be when you make peace with your current position -- if that is still possible.

A New Moon on January 20 will turn your attention to romance. If single, it's possible that a love affair is on the horizon. Mercury turns retrograde in the same part of your chart the next day, though, and you might be confused about how to proceed. Take it slow...


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Keep In Mind:

Love: Surprise!

Love planet Venus will tour your romance sector for most of January. In fact you'll enjoy this special advantage until January 27. If single, the first month of the New Year promises to bring your most auspicious opportunities to meet someone who'll capture your heart. On until January 13, Venus will be at a dazzling angle to Uranus, now in your partnership sector. If you're already in a relationship, this will be a day when your mate has the power to sweep you off your feet in the most unexpected way. A surprising turn of events in your love life will most certainly make you smile.


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Signals are mixed this month as the pressure to buckle down and take care of business is countered by your needs for freedom and stimulation. The action starts on January 1 with the New Moon in Capricorn. This ordinarily organized event occurs in your 4th House of Roots, reminding you that success starts at home. Putting your living space in order and dealing with family issues should be your priorities. 

Yet being inventive is a must since sticking to old rules and plans is not easy with this wild and wooly New Moon. Eccentric Uranus, provocative Pluto, aggressive Mars and expansive Jupiter make tense angles to this Sun-Moon conjunction to spring surprises and evoke powerful feelings. Making changes in your habits now lays a foundation for taking your career in a positive direction later.

Venus, your romantic ruling planet, begins 2014 in reverse. Her retrograde cycle, which lasts until January 31, is a time to review relationships and re-evaluate your assets. Thinking about someone from your past and, perhaps, even reconnecting with this person is possible. If you have a partner now, finding ways to renew passion should be a priority. Tapping into unused artistic abilities and social skills are also potential benefits of Venus' backwards period. 

Creative thinking grows when brainy Mercury enters innovative Aquarius and your expressive 5th House of Expression on January 11 and your heart opens when the Sun lights up this romantic part of your chart on January 19. Your playful spirit is driven by imagination and will make it so much easier to have fun and get attention during the next 30 days. 

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Keep In Mind: Sticking to the old ways of running your life appears to be the responsible thing to do, but if you're truly committed to personal and professional fulfillment, taking chances is more likely to work.

Career: Stormy waters

The New Year begins with your key planet Venus stuck in reverse. She will continue to backpedal in the 4th House of Roots until January 31, which can get in the way of earning the respect and attention that you deserve. However, this is a valuable time to smooth out professional relationships and to reconnect with people from the past. Old colleagues can help to shore up your self-confidence and provide perspective on your career plans. In fact, you might even think about making a radical change about where and how you work.

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Love: Love is a journey

As we begin the year, you may not feel quite "yourself." This is because Venus, your ruling planet, will be traveling retrograde until January 31. With your powers of attraction and grace stumbling in the dark, it may feel difficult to get much off the ground -- especially when it comes to romance.

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The key to getting this year off to a good start is taking care of personal business and attending to home and family matters. Turn some of your attention away from the outer world to address inner issues with the transits of fast-moving Mercury, Venus and the Sun in your 4th House of Roots this month.

Resourceful Venus, your magnetic ruling planet, enters responsible Capricorn on January 8, reminding you to be more disciplined and patient. Love and approval may not be given easily now, but you can earn them with hard work and commitment.

On January 11, the Capricorn New Moon lands in your 4th House of Roots, inspiring you to be more ambitious and set higher goals for yourself. Managing your time more effectively and bringing order to your home establishes the solid foundation you need to fulfill those aspirations.
You're in a playful mood on January 19, when the confident Sun and chatty Mercury shift into quirky Aquarius and your 5th House of Self-Expression. Your creativity grows when you're willing to try out new ideas and take the risk of looking foolish.

Romance could arrive in unexpected ways, like falling for someone who seems totally inappropriate for you. Yet love flourishes when you open your heart in situations that seem strange and that you don't fully understand. Experimenting with your current partner or with someone new gives you the freedom to explore your feelings without needing to control the outcome.

The bold Leo Full Moon shines in your team-oriented 11th House on January 26, pushing you into prominence in a group situation or bringing a conflict with a friend or colleague to a head.

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Keep In Mind: If you can avoid the rush to instant gratification, you've reached a higher level of maturity, and you'll be rewarded with greater satisfaction down the road.

Career: Practice Self-Control

Ambition is bubbling below the surface this month and it's appropriate for you to keep cooking up bigger plans for your professional future. Just don't be in a hurry, because patience and careful preparation are the ingredients you need to eventually achieve your goals. The Sun is in persistent and productive Capricorn in your 4th House of Roots, which is why a steady pace and solidifying your base are priorities now.

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Love: Close to Home

There's no place like home this month, which starts with the life-giving Sun in your domestic 4th House of Home and Family. This might not bring out the most sociable part of your personality, but you may find more comfort in familiar places and with people you know than in venturing into strange territory. Putting your world in order where you live provides a solid foundation that supports your current relationship. This can also be a time when developing discipline and taking care of business will increase confidence when you're ready to go out and meet someone new.

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You may begin the year with heightened expectations about love. Your ruling planet, Venus, in your 5th House of Romance aligns with Mars in your 12th House of Destiny on Jan. 1. But bridging the gap between what you want and what you have can be tricky business when Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, form an ill-adjusted quincunx on Jan. 7.

Demands at work can also put stress on domestic conditions when the security-conscious Cancer Full Moon spotlights your 10th House of Public Responsibility on Jan. 9. Thankfully, balancing your dreams with reality is within reach on Jan. 13 as Venus forms a harmonious trine with stable Saturn and hooks up with ethereal Neptune. You must work extra-hard now to get the results you desire, but the potential rewards are well worth the wait.

Venus enters psychic Pisces and your 6th House of Self-Improvement on Jan. 14, helping you figure out what you must do to get your needs met. However, her conjunction with Chiron the Wounded Healer on Jan. 16 can remind you of a hurtful situation from your past, increasing your vulnerability. But the quirky Aquarius New Moon on Jan. 23 falls in your 5th house, tempting you to indulge your playful fantasies and avoid your obligations. Although Venus' alignment to naysaying Saturn on Jan. 25 may raise doubts or fears about a personal or business relationship, her anxious aspect to buoyant Jupiter on Jan. 28 encourages you to overcompensate and say yes to just about everything.

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Keep In Mind: Although you may be afraid that your illusions won't last when confronted by reality, letting go of impossible dreams makes way for true satisfaction.

Career: Practice patience and persistence

The first three weeks of January are about getting organized and completing unfinished business before you take on any major new projects. The month begins with the serious Capricorn Sun in your 4th House of Roots, which is more about laying down a solid foundation than jumping ahead from the starting line. Family matters may take more of your time than usual, which is why it's important to shore up your base before adding fresh responsibilities to your agenda. Patience and persistence are particularly important now because this is a period to plant seeds that will sprout later in your professional life.

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Love: Let the good times roll

You should be at your charming best during the first half of January. Alluring Venus, your adorable ruling planet, is in airy Aquarius and your 5th House of Romance until January 14. This is an excellent period of time to express yourself openly and creatively. Innovative Aquarius is ideal for taking risks in your appearance and how you show your feelings.

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Deep rumblings on the home front test your foundation as the New Year begins. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 4 is a Solar Eclipse in your 4th House of Roots that requires urgent action on domestic matters.

The long-lasting conjunction of optimistic Jupiter and visionary Uranus in your 6th House of Self-Improvement, exact on January 4, can spur you to learn an unconventional skill or make a radical change in your health habits.

When the cautious Cancer Full Moon falls in your 10th House of Career on January 19, it could put your professional status in jeopardy. Open your mind to fresh ideas and move forward boldly rather than hunkering down in a defensive posture.

The Sun's entry into freethinking Aquarius and your 5th House of Self-Expression on January 20 keeps your creative juices flowing, increases your confidence, and invites you to take risks.

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Keep In Mind: Playing it safe will only prolong your insecurity. Bold action, however, burns away fear in the excitement of new undertakings.

Career: Explore Your Interests

Building your career from the ground up is worth more than trying to make a big splash as 2011 begins. The expressive Sun and assertive Mars are in ambitious Capricorn and your 4th House of Roots. Securing your base by completing unfinished tasks, tightening your routine and maintaining equipment may not sound exciting but are excellent ways to start the year. This is also a favorable period to review your previous accomplishments because putting them all together can help you realize that you've got more assets for your career than you think.

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Love: Back to Basics

The New Moon on January 4 is a Solar Eclipse in responsible Capricorn and your 4th House of Home and Family. This could kick up some conflict in your household or stir feelings of guilt or responsibility. It's important, though, to recognize that you cannot be held accountable for both sides in a relationship.

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Saturn the Tester is in your sign until April 7, restraining your freedom of movement so you can concentrate on matters of critical importance. It may be nearly impossible to make progress toward your long-term goals with energetic Mars now retrograde in your 11th House of Dreams and Wishes. You may feel stuck, both mentally and physically, with Mercury in cautious Capricorn and also retrograde until January 15, the same day as a Capricorn New Moon Eclipse. Mercury conjoins Pluto during this solar eclipse in your 4th House of Home Life to catalyze family dynamics. The demonstrative Leo Full Moon on January 30 conjuncts action-packed Mars in your 11th house, pushing you to share plans with your friends even if you're not ready to make your move.

Keep In Mind: Your easygoing demeanor is tested by circumstances beyond your control. Don't try to fight back on every front. Instead, choose your battles carefully.

Career: Restructuring the Future

The Sun in Capricorn and your 4th House of Foundations through January 19 puts the emphasis on reorganizing your personal life to make it more efficient. A solar eclipse in your 4th house on January 15 also emphasizes the need to restructure your professional life and the people in it, and could have long-term implications. Your lovely ruling planet Venus shifts into airy Aquarius and your expressive 5th House of Creativity on January 18. The powerful Sun follows the next day to warm you up with creative ideas and charisma. Your judgment about people and your ability to handle them is well above average on January 21. Venus' opposition to assertive Mars on January 26 asks you to keep your cool and use your charm and common sense to turn a conflict into a creative experience.

Love: Loving Freely

The month begins with the Sun and loving Venus trekking through your 4th House of Home and Family, which is great for enhancing a live-in relationship and exploring lessons from the past, but might leave you feeling less sociable than usual. The tide starts to turn in your favor on January 18 and 19 when Venus and the Sun move into friendly Aquarius and your 5th House of Romance. This should make it easier for you to make a strong impression on others without even trying very hard. Innovative Aquarius, though, is about remaining free while connecting with people -- it's not your job to try to adapt to someone else's wishes. You could be especially hot around January 26 when Venus opposes passionate Mars to intensify your desires and increase your desirability.