A close relationship will be your main focus this month. In late January, Mars moved into your partnership sector, stimulating this area of your life. On February 3, Venus will also move into the same part of your chart, helping you make peaceful changes in a relationship that needs shaking up. The shakeup is the job of Mars, and the reconciliation or compromise is Venus' domain. Together these two planets promise that the dynamic between you and someone close will shift in an exciting way.

If, for example, you are involved in a stale business or personal relationship, then you can look forward to February being a month where you can both begin to pursue the connection you truly want with each other. Yes, this will require bravery and possibly some mediation, but together you have all the ingredients necessary to cook up a much more satisfying partnership.

Your social life also looks bright thanks to a stunning Lunar Eclipse on February 10 in your friendship sector. Expect to hear heartwarming news from at least one of your pals. Another possibility is that you will be reach one of your dreams. Either way, fulfillment is the keyword for this eclipse. Somehow, someway, you will be sated.

Then, on February 26, you might be ready to make a change health wise. It'll be a perfect time to join a gym, hire a trainer or nutritionist, or make an important doctor's appointment. Looking for a new job? Send out those resumes and interview now -- an ideal opportunity is likely.

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Love: Keeping things fresh

Your love life will enjoy plenty of attention this month. If you're in a relationship, you and your partner may feel connected in a beautiful, new way. The two of you might agree that life need not become a stale routine. As a result of this unanimous revelation, you're likely to make a concerted effort to try new things together. This can be anything from sexual experimentation to a new dating adventure.

You may have a domestic situation threaten your mutual harmony near February 22, but by February you'll be back in an exhilarating experimentation mode together, unconcerned about the family drama.

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This month, love is in the air! After February 8, it's all systems go when it comes to your romantic prospects. In fact, this could be the month you meet the love of your life! It all starts with a brilliant New Moon in your 5th House of Love and Pleasure on February 8. The two weeks following this lunation are ripe for you to plant seeds of intention surrounding the kind of love you want to attract into your life. Open your heart and your mind and prepare to be amazed at what the universe delivers!

Things get even more interesting on February 13 when communication planet Mercury enters your romance sector, followed by love planet Venus on February 16. You might develop an uncanny mental connection with someone you go out on a date with. This may naturally progress to a physical and emotional connection -- faster than you can imagine!

If you're already in a relationship, you'll still benefit from this extraordinary energy. You and your partner might feel the sparks of excitement all over again as you decide to explore an unusual recreational activity together. Or, you may decide it's time to try for a baby. If you're ready for that baby carriage, then this is a great month to start trying.

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Love: New prospects

If you're in a relationship, there might be a development between you and your love that connects to family or your living situation. Pay attention to events from February 5 through February 7.

Even if something rattles you and your partner, it'll end up being more than okay in the end. If single, mark your calendar for February 16 when Venus enters your true love sector. Until March 12, you'll have dazzling prospects to meet someone new and fall in love.

Things are definitely changing for you in the romance department. Whether you're single or attached, this month there's something for everyone. The month begins with a social Full Moon in Leo on February 3. You'll have an opportunity to feel significant emotional connections with your friends or as a part of a group you belong to. The camaraderie will be solid -- and fun.

Mercury Retrograde continues until February 11, but after that any miscommunication between you and a child or your sweetheart will begin to subside. Also, if you've felt a creative block with a project you've tried working on, now you'll find that your muse is working once more.


The New Moon on February 18 will bring a brilliant opportunity for you to start dating someone new if you're currently single. Be sure to consider all of your options. That also means giving someone a chance who you normally might discard as "not your type." This month, you might be pleasantly surprised!

If you're in a committed partnership, things are about to get HOT after February 19. Mars moves into your relationship sector, followed by Venus the very next day. With the cosmic lovers together, you and your mate can anticipate plenty of steam, passion and spark. February 22 might be the very best sex you've had together in ages! Expect the good vibes to last throughout most of March.

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Love: Crystal clarity

Love and relationships will be the main focus for you this month. Thankfully, all matters pertaining to your romantic life appear to be on the uptick, so you'll have much to celebrate. For starters, your social life will feel extra fulfilling near February 3. Time spent with friends and in group activities will bring you great joy -- whether you decide to do this solo or with your love.

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Even with Mercury Retrograde from February 6-28, you'll quickly understand that in February you simply MUST make things happen. That's because on March 1 Mars will turn retrograde in your sign, and it will remain in that state until May 20! With the planet that rules action and energy about to hibernate in your sign, there's every indication this should be a month of preparation.

Still, Mercury Retrograde in February will likely demand that you revise an important assignment. After February 12, you might focus more on thinking about an old flame. You might even run into him or her and consider giving the relationship a second chance. In fact, don't be surprised if the Full Moon on February 14 sets the stage for this to happen. You're likely to be out and about socializing on Valentine's Day weekend, and there's a good chance that by February 16 you will be back in the arms -- or at least the thoughts -- of someone you used to love.

On February 28, you might receive the most wonderful news from your boss or another VIP connected to your career. The smell of money and appreciation is everywhere for you on this day. Enjoy it!

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Change of direction

Your creativity and ability to make effective presentations is likely to be excellent this month. February opens with the Sun in innovative Aquarius and your 5th House of Self-Expression. This energizing and encouraging transit lasts until February 18, pumping up your ability to get and keep attention. You're also likely to benefit with the change of direction of your sociable ruling planet, Venus. She was moving backward (retrograde) in your 4th House of Foundations until January 31, and will be picking up speed in this part of your chart all month.

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Love: First impressions are everything

Your ruling planet of love, Venus, has finally turned direct allowing you to work through any potential rough spots between your lover and your family. If you recently introduced your sweetheart to your clan it might not have gone over as smoothly as you'd hoped.

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You may be pulled between artistic pursuits and more mundane tasks as planets that begin the month in your 5th House of Creativity transition into your 6th House of Employment. On Feb. 3, dreamy Neptune is the first to make the move, but its immediate impact is subtle because it stays in surreal Pisces and your 6th House for the next 13 years.

The proud Leo Full Moon on Feb. 7 shines in your 11th House of Friends and Wishes, enabling you to put your best foot forward in social situations and show off your generous heart. Meanwhile, lovable Venus prompts you to find ways to create peace and harmony in your work environment while she travels through your 6th house until Feb. 8. Venus then dances into uninhibited Aries and your 7th House of Partners, changing the atmosphere completely as you focus on getting along with others, yet her hookup with wild Uranus on Feb. 9 can excite you with the temptation of freedom and spontaneity in relationships.

You notice the shift from inspiration to necessity when Mercury moves into the methodical world of your 6th house on Feb. 13, followed by the Sun on Feb. 19, turning your attention toward your routine tasks and encouraging you to be more practical. Nevertheless, your best ideas may come from daydreams or fantasies, because Mercury and the Sun each connect with intuitive Neptune as they enter Pisces. The introspective Pisces New Moon on Feb. 21 falls in your detail-oriented 6th house, hitting the restart button to your creative process and requiring a more pragmatic approach to your life.

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Keep In Mind: You're great at making your environment more attractive; your challenge is to also use your creativity to work smarter and be more efficient.

Career: Take some initiative

February begins on a very creative note, offering you opportunities to use your imagination and present your ideas with style. That's because the life-giving Sun is in innovative Aquarius and your 5th House of Self-Expression, empowering your presentations with charm and intelligence. You can even come up with new ways for groups to work together or to launch new services or products.

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Love: Don't be shy

Thoughts of romance may not be far from your mind this month. February begins with the Sun in friendly Aquarius and your 5th House of Amour, which tends to put you in the spotlight where you can show off your fun and friendly personality. Exploring different forms of play and self-expression is a great way to entertain yourself and those lucky enough to be with you.

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You're torn this month between showing off your talents for everyone to see and following an inner sense of caution that tells you to hold back. Planets are playing in your 5th House of Fun and Games, highlighted by the Aquarius New Moon on February 2 and mischievous Mercury's entrance into this outgoing part of your chart on February 3.

You may resist taking too wild a ride or handing over your heart with Venus's move into conservative Capricorn on February 4. Charming Venus, your ruling planet, is restrained by domestic responsibilities and even a dash of shyness as she burrows in your self-protective 4th House.

Venus's conjunction with manipulative Pluto on February 9 evokes mistrust, which can inhibit an openhearted expression of joy. Don't shut down, though; instead, do some careful calculations before taking the risk of self-disclosure or making an important presentation.

On February 25, the final square of expansive Jupiter and secretive Pluto, in a series that began last summer, can drive your buried feelings to the surface. Exaggerated fears, desires, or opinions can inflame a situation, so temper extreme responses to keep a minor matter from escalating into a major crisis.

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Keep In Mind: Proper preparation can improve any performance -- just don't spend so much time rehearsing that you miss out on the show.

Career: Use Your Charm

February starts with the powerful Sun in your 5th House of Self-Expression where it will boost your confidence and garner you more attention through February 18. The New Moon in innovative Aquarius on February 2 falling in this house can spurs more original ideas and unconventional ways to demonstrate them.

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Love: Free to Love

For the most part the first half of February provides opportunities to play in a more carefree way. When you're less self-conscious and primarily concerned with your own happiness you become more attractive to others. A friendly, open way of expressing yourself with less concern about what others think can increase your chances for love. This favorable pattern is due to the Sun's passage through your 5th House of Play and Romance that lasts until February 18. There are, though, a couple of stops along the way that aren't necessarily so easy and breezy.

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You may feel as if you've been knocked off course and it's time to put your life back on track this month. The futuristic Aquarius New Moon on February 13 activates your fun-loving 5th House of Romance and conjuncts both Chiron and Neptune, magnifying the healing power of compassion and love. The Sun's conjunction to the ethereal Chiron-Neptune conjunction on February 14 can surely light up romance on Valentine's Day, especially if you're willing to let your fantasies fuel the fun. The Full Moon in discerning Virgo on February 28 is a conundrum, for it opposes a limitless Sun-Jupiter conjunction in mystical Pisces. Relying on critical thinking can only take you so far -- this is a time to set aside logic and let your intuition take the reins.

Keep In Mind: Don't be afraid to trust your dreams, even if the possibilities before you appear limited. Your horizons will continue to broaden as long as you keep hope alive.

Career: Chasing the Spotlight

Your formidable people skills can do wonders for you this month with the Sun lighting up your 5th House of Self-Expression until February 18. Given an audience to propose your ideas or make a pitch for a new job, you are capable of hitting a home run now. On February 11 your ruling planet Venus enters emotional Pisces and your 6th House of Work, helping you find inspiration and connect with caring individuals in your professional life. You're a powerful team player on February 15 and 16 as muscular Mars in your 11th House of Groups aligns favorably with reliable Saturn in your sign. The Sun enters Pisces and your 6th house on February 18, beginning a month where you may have to work hard without getting a commensurate amount of recognition.

Love: Before the Stroke of Midnight

February starts with your amorous ruling planet Venus lighting up your 5th House of Romance through February 11, putting you in a brilliant spotlight that makes even your most ordinary behavior seem sparkling and remarkable. But don't dawdle when it comes to spicing up your personal life -- your gilded coach can turn into a pumpkin after February 18. That's when the creative Sun passes out of your 5th house where it's been adding brightness to your personality. If you're going to make a move to connect with someone, this is the time to do it. February 7, give or take a day, can be a particularly romantic time as Venus joins spiritual Neptune to open your heart and mind to a dreamlike state of delight where forgiveness and positivity reign supreme.