Hiding your feelings might actually be a smart idea today as long as you’re willing to address them at a later time. You may feel isolated from your closest friends, but this is only a temporary situation. Unfortunately, by dwelling on your emotions you could inadvertently extend your current loneliness, turning it into a deeper state of pessimism. Fortunately, your perceptions are sharp and your logic is sound. Instead of mourning over what's gone wrong, channel your intensity toward accomplishing something right. Small steps lead to significant changes.

Weekly Love Horoscope

You and your love are ready to reach new heights together in order to spice up your relationship. You may both want to learn a new language, travel to another country, or explore another type of adventure in order to expand your horizons. Doing this together will not only be more fun, it'll also enhance the bond you share. As you nurture a common interest, you'll find that the leisure time you spend with each other becomes richer and more satisfying for both of you. If you're single, this might be a time you meet someone new while you're cultivating a spiritual or educational pursuit. Be open.

Monthly Horoscope

There's certainly plenty of activity happening in your domestic world, Libra. The problem early in the month, however, is that things are not moving as quickly -- or in the exact direction -- you'd prefer. In fact, you might be feeling downright exasperated over the seemingly insurmountable obstacles keeping you and your clan from enjoying the domestic harmony you so desperately crave. On April 2, Mars and Saturn will align in your 4th House of Home and Family followed by a tense square between Mercury retrograde (in your partnership sector) and Mars. This is definitely trouble. You and your partner can't seem to agree on a course of action related to a family matter. One of you pushes, while the other pulls. Together, you're getting nowhere. An angry confrontation is possible, which won't feel very comfy for you given your preference to maintain peace at any price. Still, with Mercury retrograde in your partnership sector, there is so much miscommunication happening between you and your mate these days that this outburst seems unavoidable. Just go with it. Sometimes a good fight really is the only way to clear the air. Don't expect the air to be clear, however, until after April 15. That is when you'll begin to have more cosmic support. At this time, a potent New Moon will fall in your relationship sector followed by Mercury turning direct on the same day. Although it won't be smooth sailing, there is the promise of a fresh start for you and your mate. As long as you're both willing to make concessions in this domestic debacle you're facing, the two of you can expect to feel the electric sparks of love in no time at all. As for the family matters? You'll see progress between April 24 and April 26. In other news, financial fulfillment is yours by the end of the month. A beautiful Full Moon in your earned income sector might bring money your way. Let it in.
Confusion will give way to clarity this month, Libra -- but you'll need to harness all your patience in order to wait for it. Until the April 15, chaos will seem to reign supreme. This is because Mercury will still be traveling retrograde in your partnership sector. Your partner might be having a difficult time making up his or her mind about a specific situation. It's equally possible that the conundrum has to do with the direction of your relationship itself. You -- or your partner -- might struggle with the idea that perhaps being single and independent is a better idea than being locked into a partnership. Themes of freedom and independence as well as of getting one's own way are all likely sources of contention now between you and your mate. Is it possible to work through this? Absolutely. But you'll have to wait until after April 15 to even try. Fortunately, not only will Mercury turn direct at this time, but there will also be a transformative New Moon in your relationship sector. This lunation is close to erratic Uranus, so you'll need to be prepared for a sudden change of direction in your love life. But it's not something you should stress about because it appears to be of your own design. At least now you'll feel clear about what you want and how you want to get it. If your partner is on board, great. If he or she is not, you'll happily do your own thing -- in or out of a relationship. Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: