Mysterious cosmic currents create complex emotional dynamics today, challenging you to find your way back to smoother waters. Although you gain support from your family, they also make your life more difficult now because each person has a different opinion about your path. Complicating matters further, it’s obvious that unexpressed criticism influences the discussion, too. President Theodore Roosevelt said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Your level of confidence and positive vibe has skyrocketed since last September when Jupiter moved into your sign. Over the last year you've come into your own in a fabulous way, and this has certainly translated into richer, more fulfilling relationships. This week, as Jupiter begins to wrap up his stay in your sign, he'll receive a buzz from Uranus, waking up something inside of you that might have been dormant. It will help you to freshen up your love life and go in a new, exciting direction with your mate. If single, you'll reinvent yourself in one last, necessary way in order to find the love you're looking for.

Monthly Horoscope

If there ever was a time when you were a master at winning friends and influencing people, that time is now. Your special talent in September is "networker extraordinaire." Because of this gift, you're sure to receive quite a few benefits. This is mainly due to the incredible amount of energy impelling your 11th House of Groups and Friends. Back on August 21 a dazzling Solar Eclipse opened up a portal of energy that promised you incredible new beginnings in your social life, and with connections that could help you make a personal dream come true. This month -- between September 2-5 specifically -- you're likely to see that portal stimulated into magnificent action. There is someone in your social circle who is ready, willing, and able to make magic happen for you. Why? Because you're simply irresistible! Your charisma won't slow down this month either. Until September 19 you'll have your ruling planet, Venus, moving through this same area of your chart. Libra, the company you keep is absolutely helping you achieve something amazing this month. Congratulations! In other news, this might be quite a romantic time. If single, expect plenty of interest from other people while you're busy flitting around from one party and social event to the next. If you're in a relationship, your sweetheart will be even more attracted to you than usual because of your social charm. After September 19, however, your lover will want nothing more than to keep you all to him or herself. You'll begin to crave this extra privacy as well. Don't worry; a private romantic interlude is definitely in your future!
Your love life might feel like it runs from loud to barely audible this month. Even if things remain consistent, there will surely be a shift in your vibe -- what you're looking for when it comes to love and your social time. Until September 19 the atmosphere around you is all very fun, passionate, and playful. Venus will continue to move through your 11th House of Groups and Friends until then, offering many opportunities for partying with your sweetheart if you're attached. If you're single, it'll bring several dating prospects your way, either through a friend's introduction or a chance meeting at one of the many events you'll be attending. After September 19, however, there will be a decided shift in how you feel. You may grow tired of such a hectic social schedule and prefer to become more reclusive with your mate. The two of you might even feel burnt out and ready for a couple's retreat. Until October 14, it'll be a great time to channel your relationship efforts into creating more sacred and private space for you and your lover in whatever way you see fit. If you're single, this might be a stretch of time where you worry more about the future of your love life or pine away over a secret crush or someone you want to be with but can't have. Don't fall into this pity party trap. You are worthy of much more. By the middle of next month, you'll see this for yourself.