You’re certain that your current plans are built upon solid assumptions. You’ve taken great caution to avoid conflicts of interest, but those concerns resurface today as you revisit your original thinking. Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of an argument before shoring up your facts; knowing the difference between a verifiable truth and an opinion is a necessary first step. Benjamin Franklin wrote, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Are you and your partner trying to make a major life decision together? If so, now you'll find it easier than ever to come to an agreement. What will help you reach any compromise is the fact that you'll be able to consider alternative ideas without automatically shutting them down. Being open to new concepts will not only broaden your horizons, but will also help you make any of your current plans as successful as possible. If you and your partner need to sign any vital contract together, aim for this week. Are you single? A juicy conversation with someone through social media might quickly turn into a passionate first date.

Monthly Horoscope

You might be all sugary sweet, Libra, but this month you'll also be an incredible powerhouse! That's because all month long you'll enjoy the benefits of having Mars tour your sign. Mars is the planet of assertive drive, and when a soldier wears Libran clothes you'd better prepare for some sophisticated sparring! Until December 9 you'll have an amazing edge to fight for whatever you want in a way that no one can ignore. It's almost like peaceful warrior energy where, by standing up for yourself courageously yet refusing to get your fists bloody, you'll actually make more of an impact than someone who throws those nasty sucker punches. So use this amazing boost to move forward in any and all of your most vital pursuits, whether it's career-related or personal. On November 17 you'll have remarkable courage in your words as well as your actions, so you can truly make an impact if you have any type of communications-related endeavor to nail. The only day you might want to kick your graceful assertiveness down a notch will be on November 19, when Mars squares off with Pluto. Any building resentment about a domestic situation that you can't seem to control might infuriate you on this day. You don't need that kind of stress in your life, so take a breath and rise above whatever transpires. In other news your financial prospects are absolutely stunning all month long. Venus and Jupiter -- the two lucky planets in the zodiac -- will move through your earned income sector, and will perfect their link on November 13. Expect positive news about money such as an influx of cash or the opportunity to earn more income through another revenue stream. You'll really get to move financial mountains near the New Moon on November 18. Approach your boss for more money or raise your rates if self-employed. No one would dare refuse your request this month!
Intimate (and financial) fulfillment is possible for you and your partner this month, Libra. A gorgeous Full Moon on November 4 will light up the area of your chart connected to deep sharing. This is physical, emotional, and psychological sharing. You and your partner might feel more gratified than ever when it comes to the level of true connection you have with one another. This bond is no accident, however. It's the direct result of conscious work the two of you have been doing to get closer to one another during a time where it's all too easy for you to drift apart. If you have been going through a rough patch, this Full Moon will shine a light on the darkness and help you both find a way back to healing. It's clear that neither one of you want to go it alone in this world, and the love appears to be there. Now, the universe is also helping the two of you do the work necessary to find your way back into each other's embrace. It'll feel like coming home. This might also be a more money-focused lunation for you and your partner. It appears that the two of you are about to receive a hefty sum of money. This might be a tax or insurance check owed to you or it might have to do with a settlement you've been waiting on. Another possibility is that an investment you've made together is ready to mature. You'll be pleased with the outcome. If you and your love happen to also be in business together, this might be a royalty, commission, or other bonus check you've been waiting to receive. One day to handle with care this month will be November 19. Mars, now in your sign, will square off with Pluto. A domestic dispute between you and your mate might leave you unwilling to compromise. Don't offset the progress you can make all month long in your relationship because of one outburst. Is it really worth it?