An intelligent debate is better than a shouting match, but either will suffice to clear the air of building emotional tension today. At first, you might resist participating in verbal combat, proudly declaring that your actions will speak for themselves. Unfortunately, you may not have a chance to act with the clarity you wish to convey. If you need to make your case, try writing it down first so you know you will cover all the critical points. Rumi wrote, “Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

You might begin talking to someone who inspires you to reach for more than you ever imagined possible in life. Before you know it, this person will become a major crush and the two of you might soon be happily dating. The attraction in this case really does begin in the mind. You and your potential new love will likely spend hours on the phone or on that first coffee date that quickly turns into a dinner date. When you find someone with whom you can say anything to and who values your intellect, you have found someone special. Explore!

Monthly Horoscope

You're destined to be in the spotlight for at least one major achievement this month, Leo. Isn't that music to your ears? Of course it is! You adore when everyone else lives on planet Leo, even if only for a few moments. This month, you will receive adoration, praise, and perhaps even a major honor connected to your career. The best part about it, however, is that it'll all be rightfully yours, since you have been working so hard lately to make those professional strides. Expect your glory days to reach full peak near November 4. Another possibility is that you are ready to move forward with a new business and have been waiting to secure venture capital, form a corporation, or seal another financial deal with a company connected to your endeavors. This lunation will bring it all to completion in a way that's favorable to you. Go ahead and smile wide -- it's clear that a significant professional milestone is about to be reached. In other news, this month will also highlight real estate or domestic matters. Venus and Jupiter -- the two great benefics of the zodiac -- will move through your 4th House of Home and Family this month, and will make an exact link on November 14. Expect a lucky break in real estate or extremely blessed news from a relative. Adding to the goodness is a brilliant New Moon in the same area of your chart on November 18. This will be an ideal time to begin the search for a new roommate, home, or apartment if need be. Considering moving in with your lover? This is the time to do so. The two of you will find playing house extremely sexy! The only day for you to put bubble wrap around this month will be November 19. The last thing you want to do at this time is engage in a power struggle or argument with one of your colleagues or someone who works for you. It won't end well.
Communication with your love will be sweet all month long thanks to Mercury traveling through your romance sector starting November 5. If you're dating someone, you can look forward to a month of really getting to know each other better. Expect plenty of long and meaningful conversations -- dialogue about topics that might even surprise you. The best part is that you'll genuinely enjoy talking to your lover. Expect a great mental debate near November 17 that will likely lead to passionate sparks in the bedroom. If you're single this might be a day when you finally have the courage to strike up a conversation with the person you've had your eye on. Go ahead and make a move -- you won't regret it! On November 21 the Sun will move into your romance sector to signal that it really is time to shine a light on matters of the heart. You'll feel more optimistic than ever about the possibilities ahead. Then on the 25th, Mercury will be at a gorgeous angle to Uranus. An innovative conversation with your lover will lead the two of you in a most unexpected -- and stimulating -- direction. By the end of the month you and a new sweetheart might decide to take things to the next level. An exclusive relationship is quite possible. If you're married with children, you and your partner might make a serious decision about your family. Stay tuned for next month when your love life gets even more interesting. You'll have Venus to thank for that!