You want everyone to know you can be trusted when it comes to defending those you love. Your participation in a community cause demonstrates that you’re not just in it for your personal gain. Nevertheless, you might still try to slip off alone in an attempt to reestablish your center of gravity. Don’t be too greedy with your own time now; being in service empowers you to experience a divine energy only true altruism provides. Robert Ingersoll wrote, “We rise by lifting others.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

There's a lot happening in your world these days related to career, Leo, but you can also anticipate plenty of action connected to your domestic world this week. Your lover might feel as if you have no room for him or her because of it, but not to worry -- this isn't likely to cause any strife. In fact, it might be a situation of "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Hey, it's only a week! If you're in a committed relationship, then your partner might make a snap decision this week to go back to school or quit school. Either way, it'll be a shock.

Monthly Horoscope

It's time to clean house this month, Leo. This is both in terms of your physical wellness and your current work routine. Something you've been doing -- in fact, a lot of what you've been doing -- is not working for you. It'll become impossible to turn a blind eye to this fact or to ignore making any necessary changes as April opens up. Now, before you despair, recognize that while it might feel difficult initially, you're in the process of building significant strength in the work and health areas. It's like building muscle. The only way to do it is through repetitive strength training that breaks down existing muscle fibers first. That's the symbolic way in which you'll transform your current routine, work life, and overall wellness. Fortunately, the planets are here to help you through this process. If you're willing to show up for your workout, then reward is promised. Pay close attention to the happenings between April 2 and April 4 since they'll likely bring a turning point. Realizing that your current course of action isn't working is only half the battle. Instead of getting angry at a mentor or other authority figure who's trying to help, humble yourself enough to listen and absorb this person's wisdom. You'll receive the key to your future success. The stress will lessen after April 15, and you'll be ready to start implementing these changes full force. A "Eureka!" moment is likely thanks to a New Moon in your 9th House of Higher Learning on the same day that Mercury turns direct. You'll be ready to move forward with a brilliant, alternative solution to what used to feel like an insurmountable problem. Again, it won't be easy, but nothing worth having or doing is meant to be easy, so just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Soon, you'll have reason to celebrate. In other news, by the end of the month -- on April 29 -- a gorgeous Full Moon will illuminate your home and family sector. Heartfelt news from a relative is possible. You might also be gearing up for a major domestic change such as a move. You're ready.
For the first half of the month you might be all work and no play -- unless you can manage to integrate your love life with your profession. If, for example, you and your sweetheart work together, then you might be quite busy on a major project for your company. Even if you don't work together, it's possible that you'll both be strongly focused on climbing the ladder of success in your respective industries and will enjoy an unparalleled level of support. Beautiful romantic potential is a result of your ambitious natures. Even if that doesn't sound like a turn-on, it will definitely turn into one. Pay attention to sparks flying between April 11 and April 14 as you celebrate a career win. It'll be quite steamy! On April 24, Venus moves into your 11th House of Community, opening up a plethora of romantic opportunities if you're single. Until May 19, you're likely to notice that you have plenty of options when it comes to dating and pleasure. The people you meet will all be so interesting and fun that it might be quite difficult to choose one specific person to focus on, which is fine because dating is meant to be a time of exploration. Spend time getting to know the potential partners the universe has placed in your life and don't worry so much about narrowing it down to that one special someone. When your heart speaks you to, you'll know it's time to listen. Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: