Unsolicited advice from a reliable source may mislead you today. Protect yourself by following your own instincts, even if those you trust don’t agree with you. A tense opposition between aggressive Mars and diffusive Neptune adds to the confusion because even those things which are most believed become less certain. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Albert Einstein said, “Assumptions are made and most assumptions are wrong.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

When it comes to love, you really need to be with someone who builds you up and reminds you that you've got some truly magnificent qualities. This might seem like a need for constant attention and praise to some people, but the person who adores you will understand that your confidence grows when you feel appreciated and validated. This week, your partner will help to make you feel like the king or queen you know you are deep down inside as you reach for a vital personal goal. Your sweetheart is your biggest cheerleader. Because of this, no one can dull your sparkle.

Monthly Horoscope

This September, Leo, you'll be ready to claim your crown and rightful place on the throne of your personal kingdom. Once this happens, you'll know that everything is right in the world. You might have felt a strong hint of this late last month at the Solar Eclipse in your sign on August 21. This eclipse was filled with spectacular potential for you to come into your own in the most joyful, creative way possible. For some, it might be about a new romantic relationship. For others, it's about falling in love with yourself and all of your rich potential to make your mark in the world. Now, this all sounds magical, but during the eclipse there was one cosmic snafu: Mercury was retrograde. As a result, you might have felt teased by all of this potential, because the timing wasn't quite right to take advantage of it. No worries Leo, now your time has arrived. On September 3 Mars in Leo will travel over the sensitive eclipse degree, followed on September 5 by Mercury turning direct in Leo, at the very same degree! This is rare and powerful Astrology that essentially promises that there are forces bigger than you at play here. These forces will usher in the events necessary for you to become who you're meant to be at this stage in your life. It'll be quite an exciting time! Adding to this energy of delicious possibility is the fact that Venus will move through your sign until September 20. Venus will help you remain confident, smiling through any of the necessary changes and promising that you'll either land on your feet, or in the arms of a sexy lover.
Last month opened up a powerful portal of opportunity for you regarding personal development and relationship potential. A gorgeous Solar Eclipse in your sign on August 21 screamed that it was time to honor the king or queen that you are. Most certainly, this eclipse put you on the edge of glory in some area of your life. This month, your progress will only continue to blossom. Mars and Mercury will both pass over that same eclipse degree during the first week of September. Mercury will also turn direct on September 5 in your sign, helping you to finally communicate your plans for greatness out into the world. With Venus in your sign until September 19, you'll have major opportunities for romance thanks to your unparalleled magnetism. Then, a new romance can become stable or exclusive near September 12. Conversations with your lover will also inspire you near September 15. A unique perspective from your mate will open you up to grand possibilities about your future on September 17. He or she will inspire you to become bigger, better, and more magical than you ever thought you could be. This month Leo, the world is truly your oyster. Whatever you want out of life and love are yours for the taking. Claim your throne.