The warmth of your love-light is reflecting back at you in your personal relationships now. But romance isn’t the only way to enjoy someone’s company while good-natured Venus is camping out in your 7th House of Companions for the next three weeks. Clarify your intentions about what you want from others and what you have to offer them. Make plans to share pleasurable activities. Put your emotional energy toward solidifying your friendships. In the final analysis, the only gift you have to give someone is you.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Lucky you, Leo: your love life will receive a fantastic boost this week thanks to Venus. On Wednesday she'll move into your relationship sector, and remains in this part of your chart through February 10. If you recently started dating someone, there's a good chance the two of you will have a conversation about exclusivity. Before you know it you'll each be deleting your dating apps in front of each other! If you're already attached, then harmony between you and your mate will likely be the rule now instead of the exception. Sweet!

Monthly Horoscope

2018 begins for you on an interesting note, Leo. You're keenly aware of whatever psychological obstacles might be holding you back from living a more fulfilled and emotionally healthy life. This awareness is also accompanied by a true capacity to release yourself of these patterns that are not serving you or your best interests. A beautiful Full Moon in your 12th House of Escape on January 1 will help you let go of memories or attachments to the past that you know are blocking you from your future. If you let go of these without resistance, you'll soon realize that they really never owned you to begin with -- you only thought they did. Adding to the power of January is the fact that you'll continue to focus with great determination on mastering your craft and schedule. Becoming responsible with the use of your time and how you do your work will be a central theme for all of 2018, thanks to Saturn now making his way through your 6th House of Routine. Efficiency will be the name of the game this year, and you're ready to roll your sleeves up and do the work. The only caveat comes up at the New Moon on January 16. As you try to implement new ways of doing things, you could become frustrated if you're forced to roll with the punches. Try to embrace changing circumstances at work that are beyond your control. Do your best and remember that the world doesn't flow according to our neat little plan. See the dips as opportunities to test your flexibility rather than as frustrating hurdles. Perception is everything -- a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on January 31 will help you shift yours into its proper place.
If you just started to date someone new and are wondering whether or not your new sweetheart will mesh with your family, this will be a good month to find out. On January 6 Mars and Jupiter will connect beautifully in your domestic sector which will activate deep and meaningful opportunities for connections. Since Jupiter rules your romance sector, this will bring in the chance for you to convey to your family just how important your new love is to you. As a result, they will embrace him or her like one of the family. If you're single, this might be a time when you meet someone through a relative at a family gathering with whom you share an instant, profound spark. Explore it! On January 17 Venus will move into your partnership sector where she remains until February 10. This is when you and your love will experience incredible harmony and support that will allow you to take your connection to the next level. If you are in an exclusive relationship, you might decide to move in together, become engaged, or even marry during this time. If you're already hitched, the two of you will focus more on your friendship together. Experiencing a genuine appreciation for each other's qualities will be easier to feel as well as to express. Since your partner will know, without a doubt, how much he or she is loved by you, it'll be more natural to feel the same in return. In fact, on January 31 a Lunar Eclipse in your sign will have you completely beaming in your feelings of adoration. You're in a sweet spot this January when it comes to love and romance -- enjoy every drop of it.