You are easily drawn out from behind your mask today. You’re eager to make people feel as comfortable as you, but it turns out to be a complex task. It seems as if everyone but you is stuck on his or her position and not interested in change -- even if a change would serve them well. A touch of discretion on your part can make all the difference in the world. If you inspire others to feel emotionally safe, they are more likely to shift gears and end up in a better place.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Your love life might be in direct conflict to your goals in life. An offer for your dream job or other opportunity to get ahead might come your way and you'll be on cloud nine! Unfortunately, you might quickly come down to earth when you notice that your partner isn't celebrating with you in the way you'd hope. In fact, he or she might appear annoyed or inconvenienced by your amazing news. Before you know it, this can deteriorate into a fiery argument where hidden jealousy or resentment comes out. Of course, this is an extreme case. However, one way or another, you're likely to feel that your partner doesn't have your back when it comes to your ambitions this week. Do you anyway.

Monthly Horoscope

Your imagination is the key to your success this month, at least professionally speaking. Venus will move to the top of your chart on February 10 and remains in gentle Pisces until March 6. Pisces is the sign of creativity, spirituality, and fantasy. As a result, your talents (Venus) in these areas will now be visible for the entire world to see -- and this includes your boss or another VIP! Your greatest success comes from your ability to use your imaginative talents, so this won't be the time to hold back from doing so. In fact, you might even receive some type of award or honor because of them. Don't be surprised if you have an offer this month to make a television or online program appearance. This will also be a great month to schedule a photo shoot if you're planning on updating your website or if you have any other needs for professional photos. Along these lines, you might feel a stronger urge to create a peaceful and less competitive professional environment. If you own your own company, this will be easy to do since you call the shots. Consider scheduling a business retreat for your employees. Your best and brightest ideas, however, will come out of the eclipse energy on February 15. This Solar Eclipse lands in your 9th House of Mental Expansion and will surely help to broaden your horizons in some way. You might decide it's time to go back to school to earn that advanced degree or certification. This will also be a perfect time to begin a new spiritual course of study that intrigues you. Whatever you study now will most likely be visionary or even "out there" according to more traditional perspectives, and that's exactly why you'll soak up every drop of the wisdom this body of knowledge has to offer.
You're probably going to elevate your partner to heights that might not actually be attainable in reality. It's not your fault, really. Hey, you're in love, and when you love someone on that unconditional level, it's all too easy to turn your lover into a god or goddess. The problem with this, however, is that the higher you place this person up in heaven, the harder the fall from grace when you wake up one day and realize that he or she is only human. Do what you can to be aware of the sweet poison apple you're taking a bite from this month. This all has to do with Venus. She'll move into ethereal Pisces on February 10 and will tour your 10th House of Reputation and Status until March 6. This will have you placing your lover in the spotlight -- and you'll have good reason to in many ways. Your sweetheart will not only make you look better in the eyes of the world, he or she might literally be able to help you get ahead professionally or achieve one of your worldly ambitions. This will only make you even more likely to worship the ground they walk on. The red flag day for you this month in matters of the heart will occur on February 25 when Mars in your partnership sector squares off with Venus. This is when you might end up in a frustrating argument with your mate because you'll finally realize that you're giving and giving in the relationship but aren't getting any satisfaction in return. Work it out in the bedroom if possible. If you're single, pay attention to February 21. You might feel as if you've stepped into the pages of your favorite romantic fairytale.