Some of your friends and associates wonder where you find all your energy to be so socially active. They could be in for a surprise today if you are even chattier than before. Nevertheless, the Sun illuminates your 11th House of Groups, amplifying your desire to network for business, pleasure, or for no reason at all. However, others may have a lower tolerance for such a high level of verbal interaction. Respect the needs of your audience and leave them wanting more. Giving others space allows them to see you in a more gracious light.

Weekly Love Horoscope

You might become seriously confused about whether or not to begin a romantic relationship with one of your friends. If this pal of yours approaches you for the first time this week with an actual proposition, then the best course of action might be to delay any decision. Tell your friend that you're completely flattered and, yes, you do share chemistry, but at this time Mercury is retrograde in your friendship sector right next to love planet Venus, and you simply have to wait until after April 15 to give an answer. If your pal is the right one for your next great romance, then he or she will surely understand. After all, timing is everything.

Monthly Horoscope

As March opens up you'll likely be all cozied up at home, nestled in the warmth of your family and loved ones. A gorgeous Full Moon in Virgo will land in your domestic 4th house on March 1, offering you incredible fulfillment in all matters of home and hearth. There might be an important reason you need to stay close to home in early March, such as a major family affair. Or, you might be tying up a real estate matter. Whatever the details surrounding you, your home life, and your clan, it does appear positive. At the very same time, you might also receive the most stunning career news, thanks to Venus at a gorgeous angle to both Mercury and Jupiter. Your boss might single you out for a dream assignment or, you might land a new job that is a perfect fit for your career goals. Either way, it's phenomenal! Your social life doesn't look too shabby either, after March 6 once Venus moves into your 11th house. A major push to enjoy time with friends and in group activities will prevail through March 31. Although Mercury will turn retrograde in this same area of your chart on the 22nd, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be experiencing tons of miscommunication with pals. In fact, you might reconnect with a childhood friend or old college buddy and rekindle the amazing friendship you once had. Your love life might not be as easy to navigate this month -- especially if you're dating someone new and are not in a committed relationship. A stressed Full Moon in your romance sector on March 31 suggests a turning point that is more about separation than fulfillment. Of course, this might also be about something else entirely. Perhaps you're ready to walk away from a creative endeavor that no longer gratifies you. Another possibility is that, if you have any children, one of them will test you in a whole new way. Stand your ground!
If you're in a relationship, there might be a stall between you and your love this month -- very likely due to a shift in your work life. Jupiter, the ruler of your partnership sector, will turn retrograde on March 8. Since Jupiter is now wedged in your 6th House of Work and Health, you might realize that your job requires more of your focus, and as a result, you'll need to put your relationship on the backburner for a bit. With a promising New Moon in your career sector on March 17, you really do want to make the most of whatever opportunities are coming your way professionally. Your partner will be supportive and might also use this time to refocus on his or her health or work life. It might not seem very romantic, but there's a certain level of stability in your committed partnership that will allow for this lull in passion between you without it becoming anything too stressful. Now if you are casually dating someone, on the other hand, then this could be a difficult month. An incredibly frustrated Full Moon will fall in your 5th House of Pleasure and True Love on March 31. This might be a breaking point for you and someone you're dating -- especially if one of you wants something more intimate and committed but the other doesn't. You might also feel as if you need to focus more on your money and career and less on going out and having fun. Truthfully, Gemini, you do. Swim with the cosmic tide and not against it. Your time for love will come again soon. Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: