If you've been waiting to hear news about a loan or mortgage application, expect correspondence after January 8 once Mercury starts moving direct again. You might have dealt with missing or incomplete paperwork or even vital financial documents that were lost in the mail. Thankfully, this all begins to get resolved by the middle of the month.

Your career prospects are quite harmonious in January thanks to Venus moving to the top of your chart on January 3. She'll remain there until February 3 and during this time you can expect to feel quite valued and appreciated by higher-ups.

Even so, you may not see this translate into more money -- at least not right away. In fact, financial news might be frustrating near the Full Moon on January 12. A source of income might end, but it's also possible that you'll have a difficult expense to figure out. Fortunately this doesn't impact your career, and you will be in a position to at least have a conversation with your boss. He or she is likely to be sympathetic to your situation, and if a raise cannot be offered this month, there is likely to be the promise of one down the road. You might decide to go back to school to earn a certification or license after the New Moon on January 27 in order to make yourself extra marketable. This will be a positive step.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Movin' on up

There's an excellent chance that your partner will help you get ahead in your career this month. He or she might know an influential person who has the power to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. Or, it's possible that you'll be using your lover as arm candy more this month, taking him or her to several public events. In some way, your relationship will lift up your social or professional status.

On January 27, however, you might not be feeling the love as much. Responsibility trumps romance. 

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When your ruler, Mercury, turns retrograde it can seem unsettling. Your equilibrium is somehow off balance and overall, you're not feeling as if you're at your strongest. Ironically, these cycles provide a tremendous opportunity for you to take a pause and consider what in your life requires a tune up.

Between January 5-25, Mercury will be in hibernation mode signaling that it's time for you to regroup in a certain area of life. In particular, you might have a few situations to take care of in connection to a joint financial matter, your taxes, or any debt you may have. It's also possible that an insurance problem will require your attention.

Although this might feel like a frustrating time where you need to make endless phone calls or locate hard to find documents, in the end, you will be glad that you went through this situation with a fine toothed comb. After January 25, there is every indication that you'll end up benefiting from whatever changes you made or mistakes you've found. Finances will look brighter than ever by month's end so keep your eyes on the prize.

In other news, Mars will enter your 6th House of Work and Health on January 3 and remains here until March 5. During this time, you might feel extra-ambitious to pursue a special assignment that your boss hand picks for you. In fact, there's a good indication that you'll receive accolades for your dogged efforts near January 18.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: The truth comes out

Your love life will run the gamut this month from "serious business" to "full of surprises!" On January 8, there might be a moment of truth between you and your mate. If you've been wondering whether or not the two of you have what it takes to stand the test of time, then you'll likely get your answer.

If you are committed to someone now then you can be certain that the two of you will be in it for the long haul. If, however, there is a major problem between you, or a growing disconnect, you'll need to face it squarely. On January 12, expect sudden bliss when you and your love do something together that's out of the ordinary. If single, a sexy love connection is possible.

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Don't allow feelings of insecurity about money to harsh your New Year optimism. A Full Moon on January 4 may hit you in your wallet, but if this happens, understand that you're better off knowing about it sooner rather than later. If a source of income dries up early in the New Year it's a blessing in disguise, because you'll have the drive needed to pick yourself up and figure out a plan. In most cases, things won't be as dismal. What's more likely to happen is a newfound awareness about money, and what needs to happen in order to create the financial security you want. Awareness is GOOD. It allows you to make changes that will ultimately put you in a better position.

On January 12 you'll receive an incredible push to make things happen in the career department. Mars will enter your 10th House of Profession and remains there until February 19. This is a once-every-two-years event that gives you tremendous drive and impetus to initiate anything you've always wanted to professionally. Now is the time to launch that business or reach for a promotion. Be assertive -- it will take you far! Venus enters this same area of your chart on January 27, helping you to be as charming as possible to higher-ups. Use it!

A New Moon on January 20 will fall in your 9th House of Mind Expansion. You might consider traveling abroad or signing up for a certification course or other educational pursuit you've been thinking about. Remain patient if you experience any delays or frustrating setbacks. The very next day, on January 21, Mercury will turn retrograde in the same area of your chart. You'll have to revise your plans as you go along, but ultimately this will help polish them. Ideas will shine after February 11, and so will your mind.

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Keep In Mind:

Love: Make it or break it

Now that Saturn, the planet of lessons and structure, is firmly settled into your relationship sector, you're in a powerful position. You may not realize it or feel as if that's the case, but when it comes to your love life, you have remarkable potential. How? Make a decision this month -- right now -- to dissolve any self-limiting beliefs you have about partnership and love so you can write a new story … one that has merit, truth and purpose. A story about partnership that will empower you, rather than keep you stifled in any fear-based decisions.


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Digging in and dealing with the difficult details of partnerships is the lead item on your agenda this month. The willful Sun, alluring Venus, and your clever ruling planet Mercury start the year in orderly Capricorn and your 8th House of Deep Sharing -- where clarifying your commitments is a must. 

On January 1, though, the wild Capricorn New Moon occurs in this intimate part of your chart to shake, rattle and roll your relationships. Sudden changes of mood and circumstances are kicked up by a tense aspect with electrifying Uranus while another one with provocative Pluto spurs suspicion or deepens desire. Either way, you will have plenty of fresh information that's likely to alter the course of personal and professional alliances.
Fortunately, bright ideas start popping when brainy Mercury enters innovative Aquarius and your 9th House of Higher Mind on January 11. Your ability to understand and express big ideas can make you an effective spokesperson for a cause. Your powers of persuasion grow even stronger with the Sun's entry into your 9th House of Higher Mind on January 19. This ability, however, works better in public affairs than in private ones. 

Slowing down to listen carefully before making your case can make a difference between success and failure on January 25 when brainy Mercury slams into a tense square with restrictive Saturn. This can block or slow communications yet could work to your advantage if you organize your thoughts carefully before expressing them. This kind of self-control could be vital to a key connection as there will probably be some unfinished relationship business until sociable Venus turns forward in Capricorn on January 31. 

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Keep In Mind: When you are in doubt about your feelings it's better to remain silent until you think through the ramifications of what you are about to say.

Career: Make a plan

The New Year opens with the life giving Sun in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, which puts relationships on the front burner in your professional life. You may have to deal with bossy or demanding people who are very difficult to satisfy. With sociable Venus moving backward in this intimate part of your chart until January 31, stepping lightly around these individuals will probably be more effective than confronting them head on. Of course, if you've reached the limits of your tolerance and are willing to leave your current job, then standing up and fighting for yourself makes sense. Just remember, though, that these are volatile times that can produce more dramatic events than you expect.

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Love: Focus on the heart

Love matters will be pivotal this month. You'll be busy reflecting on your approach to intimacy, and any difficulties you may have in this area. That's because Venus, the planet of love, will be retrograde all month long in your 8th House of Depth – emotional and physical. In addition, a New Moon will highlight this part of your chart on January 1, bringing it into even sharper focus. This is the area of your chart where you share resources with another person in the most significant way. It's where you get naked not just physically, but on that soul level.

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It's not easy to define expectations or follow the rules in relationships, yet this is exactly what's demanded of you as the month begins with the willful Sun and thoughtful Mercury in serious Capricorn and your 8th House of Deep Sharing. These transits reward you for knowing what you want and sticking to your commitments, but they may make life unpleasant when you are vague about your desires and let others take control.

Be patient on January 7, when aggressive Mars in your visionary 9th House of Future Vision slams into a tense square with restrictive Saturn in your 6th House of Habits. If your dreams of adventure or more creative work are stymied by the demands of your daily duties, don't give up; dig in with greater determination. You'll earn the freedom to explore new territory by taking care of business first. The earthy Capricorn New Moon in your 8th House on January 11 marks a fresh start in your most significant relationships. Set clear goals and restructure responsibilities to strengthen these alliances.

Your mind and heart are open to fresh concepts and new experiences on January 19, when the winged messenger Mercury and the radiant Sun fly into airy Aquarius and your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education. Pressure drops and hopes soar, lifting you above the dull predictability of your usual routine.

You're buzzing with a million bright ideas and there's so much you want to say with the expressive Leo Full Moon in your 3rd House of Communication on January 26. Additionally, supportive aspects from effusive Jupiter in inquisitive Gemini and innovative Uranus in impulsive Aries can cheer you on. However, a lunar square to strict Saturn demands discretion, so choose your words carefully and back them up with facts to make them stick.

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Keep In Mind: When you have a map in your mind of where you want to land in the future, your chances of success are infinitely greater than if you're making it up as you go along.

Career: Proceed with Caution

Focusing on your professional priorities should be foremost in your mind in January. The month and year begin with the Sun in responsible and ambitious Capricorn and your 8th House of Shared Resources. Even if you feel constrained by someone else's rigidity, it's smart to show that you know how to play by the rules before you consider trying to change them.

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Love: Not to Be Taken Lightly

January starts with plenty of romantic potential thanks to amorous Venus' presence in your 7th House of Partners. Attracting an adventurous person and being more risk-taking yourself can provide plenty of excitement. If you already have a partner, it's time to spice things up with new and different activities. Otherwise, boredom can undermine what you've already built.

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The future seems so close this month that you might just want to reach out to grab it. Unfortunately, even if you're sure a goal is right around the corner, you might actually need all year to reach it. On Jan. 7, your key planet, Mercury, forms supportive sextiles to both Saturn and Neptune, coaxing you to believe that your fantasies are real. But mental Mercury's entry into calculating Capricorn and your 8th House of Shared Resources on Jan. 8 enables you to be more practical by involving others in your plans. Although you can incorporate their ambitions into your overall strategy, the tenacious Cancer Full Moon on Jan. 9 illuminates your 2nd House of Personal Resources, shifting the focus back to your individual needs. You may find the recognition that you seek with Venus' move into your 10th House of Career on Jan. 14 -- if you remain focused on your objectives.

Resistance falls away as the Sun enters experimental Aquarius and your 9th House of Big Ideas on Jan. 20, and squares expansive Jupiter on Jan. 22. Your progress could slow as energetic Mars turns retrograde on Jan. 23, the same day as the futuristic Aquarius New Moon. You might feel as if you're losing ground, but don't panic; Mercury enters Aquarius and your visionary 9th house on Jan. 27, stimulating innovative thinking as you reformulate your plans.

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Keep In Mind: Success doesn't necessarily look the way you expect. Although you might be disappointed, what you do now can be instrumental in what you accomplish later on in the year.

Career: Extra effort pays off

Dealing with demanding colleagues, hard to please bosses and tough customers can be a test for you this month. The Sun is in disciplined Capricorn and your 8th House of Others' Values until January 20, which requires a more serious and better organized approach at work. It's vital to know what you want and what you're willing to give to get it, and even then be prepared to give more.

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Love: Building trust

A more serious attitude may be needed to shore up an existing relationship this month. January begins with the expressive Sun in responsible Capricorn and your 8th House of Intimacy. This requires maturity, planning, patience and commitment to build trust with your current partner or to get a new alliance off to a solid start.

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The beginning of this year is an appropriate time to take a serious look at your relationships. On January 4, a Solar Eclipse in your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources brings this delicate subject into the spotlight. Failure to look partnership issues squarely in the eye can undermine your alliances. That same day, an explosive conjunction between expansive Jupiter and spontaneous Uranus tells you to open your mind and leap forward, rather than protecting the status quo.

Magnetic Venus attracts more generous people into your life on January 7, when she enters enthusiastic Sagittarius and your 7th House of Others. Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters orderly Capricorn on January 13 to reinforce the message that mental maturity and discipline are essential.

On January 22, Jupiter returns to initiating Aries and your 11th House of Groups, where it contributes to the rising wave of innovation in your life.

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Keep In Mind: The best things you receive from other people take time. Don't be in a hurry to grab when patience and trust earn greater satisfaction.

Career: Pick Up the Pace

Others may have slowed your professional ambitions in December when your communicative ruling planet Mercury was retrograde. It turned direct at the end of the month, which should get information flowing more freely now. However, seeing concrete results from these contacts might not be evident until Mercury enters earthy Capricorn on January 13. The good news is that if you've done your homework, planned properly and lived up to your promises, you'll start to get positive responses starting then. Yet there's little room for vagueness, though, so nail down details and put in the extra effort necessary to prove your worth.

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Love: Brilliant Romance

Your relationship life is unlikely to be boring as 2011 begins. The life-giving Sun is in your 7th House of Partnerships until January 20, attracting high-energy people and spurring you to take chances to meet someone new or relight the fire in your current union. Standing still is not much of an option as restlessness motivates you to seek more excitement or grow cold with boredom. Honesty is a major issue now as the need to speak the truth is very strong yet insensitively blurting out delicate information can push someone away.

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This year opens on the wrong foot with retrograde Mercury turning your life upside down as of December 26, 2009. Things will begin to straighten out on January 15, when this ruling planet of yours turns direct. Serious Saturn's retrograde turn on January 13 backs up into a harsh square with relentless Pluto on January 31 in a powerful, long-lasting event that sets a somber tone for the month. The New Moon Eclipse in hardworking Capricorn on January 15 falls in your 8th House of Intimacy and Transformation, and you should be able to be aware of your feelings and reap the benefits of sharing them. Avoid being overdramatic on January 30 when the expressive Leo Full Moon is conjunct feisty Mars in your 3rd House of Communication.

Keep In Mind: Conserve your energy and resources. Although getting by with less isn't much fun now, you'll reap the benefits later in the year.

Career: Erring on the Side of Caution

Make sure that you complete unfinished business and manage details with extra care as your ruling planet Mercury moves in reverse through January 15. Reconnecting with old colleagues or companies, though, can be rewarding during this period. The Sun's presence in serious Capricorn through January 19 in your 8th House of Deep Sharing requires you to be extra alert in business matters, and only add new responsibilities to your plate if you're sure you can handle them. The Capricorn New Moon on January 15 is a solar eclipse that brings a several week-long period when you may need to be more skeptical about authority figures. Hitting the road and expanding your mind make sense on January 19 when the Sun enters Aquarius and your 9th House of Travel and Higher Education.

Love: Responsible Romance

Going slow can get you further than racing ahead in your personal life this month. The Sun in serious Capricorn and your 8th House of Intimacy through January 19 brings more complexity to relationships. Being patient and following up on your commitments is critical to earning trust. Your communicative ruling planet Mercury is moving retrograde until January 15, a period that tends to complicate conversations and mess up details. Rushing your words or making assumptions about other people increases your chances for misunderstanding. The New Moon on January 15 joins loving Venus in your 8th house, another sign that behaving responsibly can reward you. On January 19 the Sun shifts into quirky Aquarius, which encourages experimentation and makes you more attractive to unconventional people.