February is filled with cosmic goodies you are sure to benefit from! For starters, all month long you'll have an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy your friends and social contacts. Expect more invitations to parties and other events, but also chances to network and mingle with passionate individuals who are able to help you reach a personal aspiration. Your greatest asset this month will be your friends and acquaintances, so be sure to make the most of your time with them.

If you're in sales or the communications industry, pay attention to what transpires near February 10. There's likely to be a major negotiation that you'll benefit from. Another possibility is that you're a writer and looking to secure an agent or publisher. This is very possible now. Any contract you sign will benefit you so don't shy away from negotiations. Lastly, if you're married, it's possible you and your partner will have exciting news to share.

Professionally, you'll have amazing opportunity by February 26 to begin something new. If you've been looking to make a career change that allows you to help ease the suffering of others, or takes advantage of your creative talents, now is the time to make a move. If you're happy where you are, opportunity may knock. Answer the door.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Deeping your connections

Adventure and excitement are in store for you this month both romantically and socially. You and your lover may feel that this is the month to try out new things together. This can be anything from a recreational activity to the two of you joining a new social group that explores a mutual interest you have.

Also on the agenda is a soul-satisfying conversation about your love life near February 10. You may also make a decision about having a child mid-month if you are in a committed relationship. Joy is everywhere -- embrace it!

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An internationally-related project might require sharp focus this month. Fortunately, you'll be able to give it your all -- and then some! In fact, there appears to be quite a favorable opportunity in store for you in either publishing, advertising, broadcasting, or international relations. Another possibility is that you'll make forward progress in an educational pursuit, such as studying for an advanced degree or license.

All of this wonderful energy, however, is not without its share of frustration. It appears that either a coworker or someone you employ might not make it easy for you to get ahead and take full advantage of this amazing energy. You'll still prevail -- but you'll need to gather all of your strength and do what you can to prevent a major blowout at the office. You'll feel as if you've reached your limit near February 7.

Then, on February 8, a New Moon can help you wipe the slate clean. Pay attention to contracts or important meetings surrounding your efforts near February 13. Or, this might be when you're ready to take a major exam.

On February 16, peace will begin to prevail and you'll notice everything going your way without the stress from earlier in the month. News from a relative near February 22 will leave your heart feeling full. Expect a family blessing.


Keep In Mind:


Love: A profound connection

An intense moment between you and your partner on February 5, will leave you with no doubt how deep your connection really is. The key is in owning where you feel vulnerable and giving yourself permission to "go there" instead of hiding it.

Your partner will see your strength and love you even more for facing your fears. After February 16, if single, you might meet someone who is quite unique. What sets him or her apart is exactly what will attract you most.

If you have a sibling, it's possible you'll hear joyous news from him or her near February 3. Another possibility is that you're about to put the finishing touches on a writing project. True, Mercury Retrograde doesn't end until February 11, but you're still sure to feel close to the finish line on this endeavor. See it through!

You'll be in a powerful position near February 8 if you're looking to secure venture capital for a business, or if you hope to renegotiate your benefits package or a bonus with your boss. In fact, a light will shine on career matters after February 18. You may have an opportunity to further your education or travel abroad (for business or pleasure) after this date, as well.

The headline news for you this month, however, has to do with your social life. On February 19-20, Mars and Venus will enter your 11th House of Groups, Friendship and Social Connections. You may feel passionate about spearheading a humanitarian endeavor that's near and dear to your heart. You'll have little trouble taking the initiative and organizing such a movement now.

Another possibility is that you will simply feel extra motivated to spend time with friends, and to pursue pleasure at parties and other events. If you hope to network for business, you'll certainly make progress during this time. In terms of romance, sparks may fly between you and someone you meet on the Internet. You may even decide to explore that irresistible chemistry between you and a pal. 

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Friends with benefits

You'll be thrilled after February 11, once Mercury resumes direct motion in the sky. As your ruling planet, Mercury tends to stir up extra trouble for you when traveling retrograde. Since January 21 you might have fumbled more with communicating what you really mean in all areas of your life, including romance. If you and your sweetheart have had any trouble agreeing on important matters, such as spirituality, a moral issue or even travel plans, now you'll notice it's easier to find common ground.

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Cut yourself a bit of slack this month, OK? Mercury, your ruler, will be out of phase beginning on February 6. As a result, you might experience a few snags in career progress. If you have any vital correspondence to share with your boss or a higher-up connected to your profession, you may want to hold off until March. You might come across in a nebulous way or somehow misrepresent what you're trying to communicate.

What you'll have incredible success with during this time, however, has everything to do with using your imagination. If, for example, there's an old creative endeavor you've put on the shelf for "one of those days," this may be the month to dust it off and revisit it.

After February 12, you'll want to steer clear of any legal situation because there's a chance things could get messy. If you're involved in a lawsuit or you are required to make a court appearance, then you might stumble on your words more than usual. On the bright side, your lawyer might discover vital information that was previously unknown to him or her. This data may prove quite helpful, but you'll need to wait until after February 28 to benefit from it.

A Full Moon in your communication sector on February 14 might help you put the finishing touches on a writing project, sales pitch or negotiation. But remember: Hold off on signing anything until next month if possible!

Travel plans might be frustrating, especially if they're international. This will be the case all month long, but especially troublesome between February 12-28.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: So misunderstood

The Sun's presence is fellow Air sign Aquarius can inspire bright ideas until February 18. However, getting even the most brilliant concepts across with clarity may be the greatest professional challenge you face this month.

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Love: Muddled conversations

A spicy month is possible when it comes to love -- despite your ruling planet, Mercury, turning retrograde. Yes, Mercury will back track from February 6-28 and this usually does affect you more than most. Be mindful of the classic "dos and don'ts" during Mercury Retrograde. Some of these include not signing contracts, making important decisions or verbal agreements, and allowing extra wiggle room in all communications due to the likelihood of misunderstanding. At the same time however, this Mercury Retrograde phase doesn't seem to hinder your romantic prospects. In fact, it might offer an opportunity to discuss matters in the past and finally resolve them.

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It's slippery at the top, and managing your professional and public responsibilities can be pretty tricky this month. Your strong sense of compassion and overactive imagination may encourage you to take on tasks that aren't clearly defined when energetic Mars slips into abstract Pisces and your 10th House of Career on February 1. It's great to be inspired by a project or for your idealism to cast you in a leadership role, but don't overstretch yourself if you hope to maintain a modicum of control when others are relying on you.

Another factor in this equation is Mercury's entry into dreamy Pisces and your responsible 10th House on February 5. Intuition tends to be stronger than logic, so learning to read the subtle signs between the lines may tell you much more than mere facts. Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde on February 23 and backpedals in your 10th House of Career until March 17. Projects may go sideways or even stall during this period; you may need to readjust until your ruling planet goes direct and you find more solid footing.

Regardless of how much you already have on your plate, you may still be looking for answers with the inquisitive Aquarius New Moon stimulating your 9th House of Higher Mind on February 10. Pursuing knowledge, desirable as that sounds, can also distract you from your current obligations if you let your mind wander too far afield.

The Sun's entry into spiritual Pisces and your dutiful 10th House of Career on February 18 supplies you with an abundance of faith, confidence and creativity. The message of the earthy Virgo Full Moon in your 4th House of Roots on February 25 is simple and straightforward: Get off your cloud and hunker down with the details.

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Keep In Mind: You'll save time and energy if you can find ways around obstacles rather than trying to overcome them with persistence and force.

Career: Chasing Rainbows

This is a month that may be rich with professional opportunities, but it also comes with some potential pitfalls. On February 1, active Mars enters Pisces and your 10th House of Career, which should provide more push for initiating projects and taking on new responsibilities. But Mars slips on the banana peel of dreamy Neptune on February 4, which can drain your energy or misdirect your efforts. While inspiration is a plus here, the risk of chasing a rainbow that leads you nowhere is also present.

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Love: Rethink Your Position

Love planet Venus enters innovative Aquarius and your adventurous 9th House of Faraway Places on February 1 to expand your relationship horizons. If you have a partner now, going on a trip together or working toward a major goal is a good way to keep things interesting. It's important to be open-minded and to connect with other open-minded people because stale thinking can bore you to tears.

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This month gets off to a bumpy start with relationship issues affecting your ability to concentrate at work, but the overall outlook is still relatively smooth. Angry words may slip off your tongue too easily on Feb. 1, when your ruling planet, communicator Mercury, forms an anxious aspect with argumentative Mars.

You may sense a subtle yet profound shift of energy when slow-moving Neptune, the dreamer, swims into watery Pisces and your 10th House of Career on Feb. 3 for a 13-year stay. You could become disillusioned with your chosen life path, dreaming about changing your occupation to a more meaningful pursuit. Talking about your dissatisfaction can lead to constructive feedback when Mercury trines trustworthy Saturn on Feb. 13.

You may feel a powerful urge to share an original idea on Feb. 7, when the expressive Leo Full Moon brightens your 3rd House of Information and Education. Eloquent Mercury is aligned with the Sun in intellectual Aquarius, allowing the words to flow like quicksilver. But your aspirations may take longer to reach fruition than you realize, because Saturn the Tester turns retrograde in your 5th House of Self-Expression just hours prior to the Full Moon.

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Keep In Mind: Even if you have to handle one concern after another, minor interruptions won't get in the way of your long-term progress.

Career: Be a winner, not a whiner

Your head may be in the clouds this month as you're inspired to look far beyond the present to a more desirable future. That's the heartwarming Sun in your 9th House of Higher Mind and Distant Places, which elevates your thoughts and expands your vision through February 18. You may discover that you'll need additional education to achieve these goals or that travel is a part of your professional journey.

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Love: Breaking down barriers

You may feel like you need to tiptoe around people's delicate emotions early in the month with sociable Venus in tender Pisces. This transit is in your 10th House of Responsibility, which can put more pressure on you to maintain peace and harmony. However, if you can bring a delicate touch to your work life, you may get favorable attention that's more personal than professional.

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This mind-expanding month is rich with insights into a brighter future. You can catch glimpses of images before the rest of us -- which might even make you a bit of a prophet now. Your inclination to step outside the boundaries of rules and routines starts on February 1, when independent Mars and rebellious Uranus connect in a spicy semisquare.

Three more planets -- the Sun, Venus, and Mercury -- aspect radical Uranus on February 2 during the New Moon in Aquarius, Uranus's home sign, turning life upside down with unexpected opportunities and challenging surprises.

Restraint, though, arrives with artful Venus's entry into serious Capricorn and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on February 4. Dealing with cautious partners can ground your flights of fancy.
The Full Moon in expressive Leo on February 18 lights up your 3rd House of Communication with imagination and creativity.

However, the Sun's conjunctions throughout the month with Mercury, Mars, and whimsical Neptune spin stories that are strong on fiction and weak on facts. Do your research before making important declarations and take everything you hear with a dash of skepticism.

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Keep In Mind: If the gap between where you are and where you want to be is wide, remember that enjoying the journey is as important as reaching your destination.

Career: Open Your Mind

Spread the wings of ambition because it's time to expand your professional horizons. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 2 falls in your 9th House of Higher Education and Faraway Places. Travel or connecting with people in distant locations can enhance your prospects to flourish in your current situation or to find a new and more rewarding one.

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Love: Wind in Your Sails

Your hopes for romance grow early this month. The Aquarius New Moon on February 2 falls in your 9th House of Higher Mind and Travel, inviting you to think about faraway places. If you can't travel, connecting with people from different cultures is another way to catch this wave of opportunity. Anything associated with education is also favorable to your love life this month.

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You may continue to struggle with a lack of resources this month, and your natural restlessness can turn this into a frustrating time if you actually believe that everything should fall into place -- especially when your key planet, Mercury, enters futuristic Aquarius on February 10. The progressive Aquarius New Moon on February 13 falls in your 9th House of Philosophy with quick-thinking Mercury in the spotlight. If you can keep from making things up as you go along, you should be able to express yourself with convincing authority. The analytical Virgo Full Moon on February 28 is tensely opposed a confident Sun-Jupiter conjunction in visionary Pisces, showing you the difference between impossible dreams and those that can come true.

Keep In Mind: A positive attitude can be your secret weapon, for your thoughts are architectonic: the specific ideas are not as important as how they all fit together.

Career: Exploring New Territories

February starts with your ruling planet Mercury in serious Capricorn and your 8th House of Others' Values, which may require you to work very hard to understand what co-workers, employers, investors or customers want. Don't tell them what you want to do; figure out the best way to serve their needs and you'll be rewarded in the long run. On February 10 Mercury moves into innovative Aquarius and your 9th House of Faraway Places and Education. You can benefit by travel or attending classes, workshops or seminars to give your career a lift. You may find a sweet spot in your working life on February 16 when alluring Venus joins generous Jupiter in your 10th House of Career, then on February 28 the Sun joins Jupiter in this house to give you yet another chance to make a very positive impression.

Love: Love Knows No Boundaries

Looking beyond your immediate environment should bring you closer to love this month. February begins with the Sun in airy Aquarius and your 9th House of Higher Mind and Distant Places. Travel is a great way for you to connect now if you can get out of town, or try taking in foreign films, foods and cultural events closer to home. The February 13 New Moon in Aquarius provides imagination that helps you see past obstacles and sense that heaven is within your reach. The tone shifts on February 18 when the Sun slides into slippery Pisces and your 10th House of Career. You might earn some appreciation for the good work that you do, but it's also possible that you'll be so busy with responsibilities that your personal life gets less attention.