If you're a writer, it's possible that you'll begin a new project after August 2 that you'll find exceptionally creative and fun. This might be the book you've always wanted to write, but it may also be another project that makes you jump for joy! Alternatively, if you're in the sales industry, you may find that you are doing quite well during the first half of the month. Your charm and vitality will be difficult for others to resist.

Do you have any siblings? Expect happy news from one of them. And if you are thinking about buying a new car, be sure to act from August 2 through August 16.

In other news, it's possible that you're taking an exam near August 18 to receive a license or certification to help you further your long term goals. A publishing, broadcasting, or advertising opportunity might also come to fruition now.

Expect plenty of peace and harmony on the home front from August 5 through August 29. Then, after August 29, that level of contentment will stretch into your work life. If you have been experiencing any tension with coworkers, you'll be able to mend fences by month's end.

On August 30, Mercury turns retrograde. Until September 22, you'll want to avoid real estate transactions. Have patience while communicating with relatives -- a misunderstanding is possible.


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Keep In Mind:


Love: Home is where the heart is

There's plenty happening in your love life this month, but the overarching theme will somehow connect to your domestic world. Perhaps it's time to introduce your new lover to your clan. If so, aim for any time after August 5 and up until August 29. They will welcome him or her with open arms! Another possibility is that you and your sweetheart are ready to deepen your commitment and move in together. You might even be ready to lease an apartment or purchase a home. It all looks promising!

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This will be a busy month, full of interesting developments in two key areas: communication and your home life. Your 3rd house, which rules the mind, is buzzing as August begins and progresses. Venus is traveling retrograde there until September 6, reminding you that you must pay attention to your thought patterns connected to finances and romance as well as your overall self-worth. It's time to rewrite a script in your head that isn't working -- and to remember that your mind is a powerful tool that lays the foundation for your success in all matters. If you think it and believe it, you can achieve it.

When it comes to your earning capacity as well as what you know you deserve in matters of the heart, there's a shift that must happen in order for you to truly feel fulfilled. That shift is an inside job though and it begins with your mindset. Fortunately, Mars will speed things up after August 8, helping you to not only talk the talk but to walk it as well. A New Moon in your communication sector on August 14 might lead you to planting seeds of change that are long overdue.

On August 11, a second major shift occurs. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will enter your 4th House of Home and Family for the first time in twelve years. Until September 2016, Jupiter will remain in this part of your chart, offering an opportunity for you to upsize your living situation in some way. In certain cases, a move is possible and if that happens, you will absolutely love your new abode. This will be a great year to buy a house or to make a renovation on your existing home. Whatever domestic changes you make will ensure peace and happiness on the home front for a long time to come. You may also hear news very soon about a family expansion. Someone close might announce that a baby is on the way. Or, someone might move in with you (a new roommate or a family member).

Pay attention to career news near August 29 -- something fulfilling is likely.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Expansive possibilities

There are key changes in store for your love and relationship world this month. Venus, the ruler of your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure, continues to travel retrograde in your communication sector. You and your lover are probably rehashing conversations left and right. It's possible that the two of you are on the brink of a major decision that will affect the future of your relationship. This decision can have something to do with children, finances or possibly marriage. While this will be a great month to keep talking about possibilities, you'll want to hold off until after September 6, before you make a final decision about your love life or one that affects your relationship.

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If you're working on a publishing or advertising endeavor, you might see it reach fulfillment near August 10. You'll certainly feel emotionally connected to the outcome, and it's obvious you put your heart and soul into whatever this is. It may also involve an international project or have international ties in some way.

Communication and writing continue to be a strong theme for the rest of the month. On August 12, with Venus entering your message sector until September 5, your words will flow smoothly. Whether you use this gift for written or verbal communication, be sure to use it! You'll have an extraordinary gift to negotiate and express your ideas with grace. In addition, it'll be quite difficult for anyone to refuse you if you're in the sales industry. You might enjoy record sales this month as a result. Look to August 18 for a special boost in either sales or a money-making communications project.

In matters of the heart, you and your sweetheart might exchange heartfelt dialogue that makes you jump for joy on August 18.

A New Moon on August 25 will fall in your home and family sector. Now, your attention will move toward a fresh start between you and your clan, or with your current location. If you're thinking about a move, the 10 days following this lunation will be ideal to start looking for a new place.

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Keep In Mind:

Career: Back up your words

The desire to have fun makes a great deal of sense with the Sun's presence in playful, proud Leo until August 23. This transit in your 3rd House of Communication can add enthusiasm to your words and creativity to your ideas. Your gift of gab is likely to be obvious, whether you're making a pitch for a job or you are trying to fire up colleagues and customers.

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Love: Happy happy, joy joy

Your ability to think big about romance will be strong this month. What you'll notice is that an optimistic, confident outlook and mindset has the power to attract more romantic opportunities your way. The minute you give in to less-than-positive thoughts about love, however, it might feel like you've hit a wall. Do yourself a favor and don't even go there. This should be a time of absolute joy when it comes to thinking about or communicating with someone special.

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It's tempting to overlook details when you're enthused about a major project, but focusing on the little things can help you avoid being sideswiped by surprises this month. Gigantic Jupiter, Astrology's most optimistic planet, opposes penetrating Pluto on August 7, a pattern that returns on January 31 and April 20, 2014. Brace yourself: A cynical person or withdrawal of expected support from others could puncture your balloon of ambition or self-importance. Limiting your reach and concentrating on one step at a time helps you through a potential minefield of mistrust and manipulation. 

Stressful squares from explosive Uranus to Jupiter in your 2nd House of Income on August 21 can produce financial shocks. However, this aspect, which repeats on February 26 and April 20, 2014, could also bring you original moneymaking ideas.

Your active mind is especially fertile now as the creative Leo New Moon in your 3rd House of Information trines inventive Uranus on August 6. Confident communication and bright ideas glow with excitement when candid Mercury moves into entertaining Leo on August 8. Graceful Venus enhances your charms as she glides into irresistible Libra and your 5th House of Romance on August 16. 

The call of freedom is in the air on August 20, when the independent Aquarius Full Moon brightens your 9th House of Adventure. A lunar conjunction with intoxicating Neptune evokes fantasies about getting away from it all. You return to reality on August 22-23 when the Sun and Mercury enter fastidious Virgo and your 4th House of Home Life. Refining the ways that you run your home and live with your family entails a complicated mix of thinking and feeling. Nevertheless, observing how your unconscious operates can help you turn anxiety into opportunity.

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Keep In Mind: Recognizing and respecting the line between enthusiasm and hyperactivity makes it possible to enjoy the thrills of discovery without your energy getting lost or scattered.

Career: Bite Your Tongue

You should be more careful in what you say during the first week of August, with your verbal ruling planet Mercury in cautious Cancer until August 8. This is a good time to review your resources and reassess your talents. If you're not making the most of these, committing to plans to put them into action makes sense.

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Love: Life of the Party

Learning to be more careful in what you say and the choices that you make are two valuable lessons this month. August opens with lovable Venus in critical Virgo and your 4th House of Roots. The downsides of this include excessive fault finding (primarily in yourself) and being bogged down with domestic tasks that get in the way of having fun.

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This month is full of change and it is bound to bring a few surprises along the way. The action starts immediately as the quirky Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 falls in your 9th House of Adventure, tempting you to dream about the future rather than take care of business in the present moment. But messenger Mercury is still retrograde in your 3rd House of Communication, so it's tough to make progress if you're dealing with delays caused by misunderstandings, incorrect assumptions, or lack of preparation. Fortunately, your efforts should begin to pay off soon after Mercury turns direct on August 8, while gracious Venus' entry into nurturing Cancer on August 7 encourages you to consider other people's feelings before speaking your mind.

Your frustration builds through August 15, when hot Mars joins cold Saturn in your 5th House of Romance and Self-Expression, confronting you with unavoidable consequences of recent behavior. Issues about love and money could become more troublesome, yet the dramatic Leo New Moon on August 17 is a turning point that empowers you to take direct action to resolve recent difficulties.

The Sun's entry into efficient Virgo on August 22 helps you to focus on your intentions. Set specific goals, for little will stand in your way once Mars enters passionate Scorpio and your 6th House of Work on August 23. A second Full Moon this month on August 31 shines in your 10th House of Career in psychic Pisces, strengthening your intuition about the outcome of an important professional decision. Analytical Mercury sharpens your perceptions and fine-tunes your logic as it slips into precise Virgo, also on August 31.

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Keep In Mind: Although you can see that you're making progress again, you still must handle day-to-day situations as they arise before you think about what comes next.

Career: Taking Care of Business

There is good planetary news for you this month. August starts with a Full Moon in airy Aquarius on August 1, which broadens your intellectual horizons. Possibilities for travel or doing business with people in distant places can add enthusiasm to your work life. Education is another key area with this lunation landing in your 9th House of Higher Mind. Expansive Jupiter in Gemini aligns favorably with this Sun-Moon opposition, which can give you more chances to show off your charming personality and the wide range of knowledge you have.

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Love: In the Mood

August starts with the Sun in expressive Leo and your 3rd House of Communication, which helps to punch up your conversations with wit and personality. But you receive another dose of energy that gets you talking with even more confidence when your chatty ruling planet Mercury turns direct on August 7.

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The bold Leo Sun burns through your 3rd House of Communication until August 23, offering a brightly lit stage for expressing your ideas. You have plentiful opportunities to speak up, but you'd better rehearse your lines carefully to make the most of them. That's because Mercury will be retrograde August 2–26, a period when verbal mishaps occur more frequently. Think through any significant discussion -- public or private -- in advance to make sure that you're on point.

Charm can take you a long way on August 13, when the Full Moon in brilliant Aquarius opposes gracious Venus. Normally, this lunation in your opinionated 9th house is a time of mental breakthroughs and intellectual feats of strength. Right now, however, the focus is also on your heart; don't let big ideas get in the way of the small things that show others how much you care.

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Keep In Mind: The river of wisdom flows deeply in you, but you may have to stop talking long enough to hear its subtle message.

Career: Exercise Caution and Modesty

As usual, you may have many more ideas than there are hours in the day to turn them into reality this month. Your fertile brain could be especially active with fresh concepts popping up frequently. The planetary sources of these powers are the presence of creative Venus and the Sun in Leo and your 3rd House of Information. Lovely Venus helps you pretty up what you're saying to make it more attractive to others while the Sun provides confidence.

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Love: Beware of False Promises

Your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on August 2, beginning a reversal that lasts until August 26. This doesn't inhibit love, but it can complicate relationships with communication snafus and misunderstandings. With the messenger planet in bold Leo and your chatty 3rd house, this cycle encourages big talk and, in some cases, over-optimism. Be careful about the promises you make and the ones that others make to you since living up to them may be difficult. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing, and using your verbal gifts to attract people should work well this month. It's just that you may lure someone to you who isn't the person you expected. When you're trying to make a good impression, don't forget to carefully scrutinize the one you're with.

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The month opens with a bang when courageous Jupiter in your 11th House of Dreams and Wishes squares ruthless Pluto on August 3. You're tempted to do whatever it takes to reach your goals, but creating tension by ignoring your peers is not a smart idea right now. The proud Leo New Moon on August 9 prompts you to stand up for your beliefs, but it could be challenging to do so effectively if you're caught up in emotional struggles. Expansive Jupiter in your social 11th house opposes restrictive Saturn in your 5th House of Self-Expression on August 16. Your current task is to seek a level of personal creativity that doesn't upset the stability of your local community of friends and associates, but, rather, contributes to it.

Keep In Mind: Don't let frustration get the best of you. Even if you can't see your progress yet, trust that very big changes are underway.

Career: Doubling Back

Leading up to August 20, your ruling planet Mercury, the planet of communication and information, will be slowing down and turning retrograde (backwards), spurring a period of mishaps, lags and miscommunications that lasts through mid-September. While you may be emboldened by the New Moon in confident Leo in your 3rd House of Information on August 9 -- a good sign for sparking fresh ideas and contacts -- the diminishing speed of Mercury makes it more difficult to assimilate new information, so take small bites. On August 24 the Full Moon in compassionate Pisces arrives in your 10th House of Career to raise your enthusiasm and your public profile. Just think twice before making any promises that could demand too much of your time and energy now.

Love: Talk Big

August starts with the Sun in your information-rich 3rd House of Communication, making it even easier than usual to start conversations. But it's not as much about what you say than how you say it -- an upbeat and positive mood makes your words more interesting now. Venus, the planet of love, enters your 5th House of Romance on August 6, and passionate Mars is already in this delightful part of your chart. While this could be one of the most personally rewarding months of the year, Venus runs a gauntlet of difficult aspects from August 7-10 that can be weird, uncomfortable and destabilizing. Venus and Mars, Astrology's lovers, meet up on August 20 to pump up the sweetness -- it's an excellent opportunity for pleasure, so don't miss out on what could be a fabulous weekend.