People are encouraging you to follow your bliss now, but they’re also cautioning you to be reasonable in executing your plans. Meanwhile, you’re champing at the bit, ready to set out on your new adventure. However, impulsive actions won’t serve you well because they only lead to frustration today. Assess your current location before running off in the wrong direction. Don’t make a permanent decision on a temporary emotion.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Early in the week you might feel as if you and your partner can't seem to agree on much. There might be a domestic decision that your partner is sterner about than you are. Your desire for flexibility and compromise won't not be a match for his or her authoritative "I know best" attitude. As a result, you might have a challenge on your hands. Fortunately, if you can both hang tight, by Friday the communication energy will change dramatically. Conversations will be much smoother and compromise easy to achieve. If you're single, you might start talking to someone you feel has true relationship potential. Explore!

Monthly Horoscope

If you've felt silenced or misunderstood recently, take heart: this month you will FINALLY get your voice back! In late August a gorgeous Solar Eclipse fell in your message sector, opening up the most dazzling prospects for you in a communications matter or with a sales opportunity. The problem, however, is that during this eclipse your ruling planet, Mercury, was traveling retrograde. This served to frustrate, confuse, and distract you from what otherwise was meant to be a truly magnificent eclipse. After September 5, however, Mercury will turn direct, freeing your mind from all of the debris that has been blocking your plans. Now, you'll press on and, as long as you speak from the heart, progress is likely. Professionally, you're in for a major boost. In fact, there's every possibility that a dream is about to come true for you in your career life. You might be in the spotlight for reaching a significant milestone. You may also be on the receiving end of a reward or other special honor. Whatever the details, the Full Moon at the top of your chart on September 6 is all about basking in the glory that you so clearly deserve. By the end of the month however, your attention might turn to home matters. Fortunately, it looks as if you're about to get exactly what you want, when you want it. Start a new home decorating or renovation project after September 20. If you're looking to make a move, begin your search at month's end. Your dream home is within reach. Even better: so is domestic bliss.
You'll definitely feel like you're on a roller coaster this month when it comes to your love life. But don't worry; you'll easily embrace every moment of this sometimes dizzying but definitely stimulating adventure. On September 15 it's likely that you and someone special will spoil each other rotten with gifts or grand romantic gestures. This might also be when you exchange those first declarations of love with each other. The ups and downs will arrive near September 27 when Jupiter and Uranus oppose each other. For some this might feel like a temporary glitch where you're playing a game of "He loves me; he loves me not," but for others it might feel like you've won the lottery in love. One of your friends might be trying to rain on your love parade during this time, and if that happens, you may want to ignore him or her for a little while. On September 29 your ruling planet Mercury moves into your true love sector, and until October 17 you'll have a major edge in communications connected to romance. If single, it'll be a busy time where you have multiple dating opportunities. Consider speed dating -- it could work. Attached Geminis will have plenty going on as well, but it all centers around domestic matters. You and your sweetheart will want to nest more, and might even begin a home renovation project together. If you're in a fairly new relationship and want to introduce your sweetie to your clan, aim for after September 19. He or she will immediately be embraced as part of the family.