Your hopes for travel in the not-too-distant future may be dashed today as conversations with your friends go awry. Performing to very high standards isn’t enough to convince others how seriously you take your commitments because behind-the-scenes political maneuvering might have already marginalized your position. Nevertheless, backing down now would be a sign of weakness. Give it your absolute best. There is a distinct possibility that your success story could overcome all odds.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Get ready for more attention and romantic opportunities! Venus will enter your sign this Tuesday for the first time in nearly one year. She'll remain in Gemini through May 19, helping to boost your confidence and keep that certain sparkle in your eyes. This will be a perfect week to get a makeover and do something different to your appearance. Not only will you like the change, but it'll also help you send out a brand-new vibe to anyone you hope to attract your way. In fact, you're likely to notice that you're magnetizing others without having to do anything special at all. Don't be surprised if you have multiple people showing interest. You've got it going on!

Monthly Horoscope

You might come across as colder than usual early in the month, especially to friends and your partner. If you find yourself blowing off your friends due to a series of misunderstandings that you have little patience to rectify, chalk it up to Mercury retrograde. He'll remain out of phase in your friendship sector until April 15, making it more likely that you and at least one of your pals will have a slight falling out. During the first week of the month, however, it's possible that you'll need to confront another issue as well -- and it has to do with your intimate life. Your partner might remark that you don't seem to be as fully present during your most intimate moments. You might even feel as though your sex drive has tanked entirely early in the month. Mars and Saturn will align in your 8th House of Intimacy on April 2, giving you this feeling of frustration or even insecurity when it comes to revealing your body and soul to the one you love. Fortunately, it's a temporary situation and nothing long term. Still, it will be enough for your partner to notice, so if this becomes an issue, exploring the reasons behind it are your only option. A New Moon in your 11th House of Dreams and Wishes on April 15 will help you set intentions to move forward with an innovative personal aspiration. You might also launch a website, social media campaign, YouTube channel, or webinar during the two weeks following this lunation (with great success). In other news, Venus sails into Gemini on April 24, making you the "fairest of them all" through May 19. Your powers of attraction are sparkling, so if you're single, prepare to be noticed. If you're in a relationship, you'll feel more validated and loved by your partner. Sweet!
You might very well feel as if you need a confidence booster. You might be quite weary in matters of the heart until April 24 for several reasons. Mercury remains retrograde in your 11th House of Community until April 15, which means it will be difficult to convey what you really want to do socially in order to get to know someone romantically. On a mundane level, this could mean that those internet dating profiles you have been checking out are not what they seem. In fact, you might even go out on a date with someone early in the month that completely misrepresents themselves. Another possibility is that you'll be accused of doing this. Dating might feel like a source of endless frustration until April 24 for another reason. Venus will be in your 12th House of Privacy, making it more likely for you to attract romantic interests with significant secrets to keep -- or even someone who is in a committed relationship with someone else! Be careful. Honestly, Gemini, you might be ready for a makeover by April 24, both internally and externally. Happily, the universe has your back. At this time, Venus will enter Gemini where she'll remain through May 19. Suddenly, you'll feel as if you're transforming from the caterpillar trapped in her cocoon to the stunningly beautiful butterfly. You'll realize that where you've felt stuck in matters of the heart has only been a prison of your own doing. The truth is, you're quite a catch, and now, because YOU believe it, everyone else will. Sure, beauty is only skin deep, but it doesn't hurt to strut your stuff every once in a while. Work it! Find out now by looking up your romantic compatibility here: