You might feel as if no one really understands you today, even if you’re careful about choosing the right words to convey your ideas. You can go over the same points again and again, but to no avail while the rowdy Sagittarius Moon hooks up with retrograde Mercury in your 7th House of Others. Make sure to complete your first thought before jumping to the next one. It’s not about how much you say; it is the content of your message that matters. Instead, concentrate on a single concept, take your time and drive it home.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Think of this week as a blessing to your love life. Yes, Mercury is still retrograde in your partnership sector, but if you and your mate are going through any type of issue, there's hope. Mercury will align with Venus, the planet of love and harmony, this Friday. That means you and your sweetheart are both motivated to really try and achieve resolution over whatever current disagreements you might have. It also means you're likely to restore harmony between the two of you. Ahhh, relief! If you're single, you can look forward to invigorating social time with friends on Saturday. Don't stay home, you never know who you'll meet!

Monthly Horoscope

December might feel like a blurry month to you thanks to being swept away by the confusing ramifications of several different transitions in your world. Just remember that no matter what happens this month, it's preparing you for a whole new world of possibilities in 2018. A Full Moon will fall in your sign on December 3, making you much more emotional than usual. This Full Moon will be at a harsh square to ambiguous Neptune, now in your career sector. As a result, it's possible that you will feel more confused than ever about your career direction and goals. You may feel as if you're not in the driver's seat of your destiny and that you're drowning in the results of your past choices. If you are unfulfilled in your profession, it's important to be honest with yourself now and recognize that there is more of a chance for you to make productive changes once you stop being so afraid to stare deeply at your current divine discontent. The more you try to avoid this, the more painful it'll be. Also, the more you try to avoid this, the more likely it'll be that decisions will be made FOR you and not BY you. That will hurt. On the same day, Mercury, your ruler, will turn retrograde in your partnership sector and remain out of phase until December 22. The good news is that you and your mate will have an opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings between you. The bad news is that misunderstandings between you are more likely now. Focus on listening more and deciding less during the next few weeks. In business matters, don't sign new contracts with potential partners. Instead, focus on asking questions and doing as much research as possible. Most importantly, before you speak up about anything that can have a long-term effect on a close relationship, be sure to let your thoughts marinate. It'll be far too easy to come across as a self-righteous know-it-all. In addition to all of this, Saturn, the planet of lessons and maturity, will move into your 8th House of Joint Finances on December 19 and remain here until December 2020. While it's true that you'll need to rely more on your own resources than others, knowing that you can pick yourself up from your bootstraps at any time will be one of the most empowering lessons of all.
Love and relationship matters might feel like a gigantic head cold all month long. It's as if you've got this major sense of being foggy and stuffed up, but it all has to do with matters of the heart. Why? Mercury is the main culprit. That's right, your ruling planet turns retrograde right in your relationship sector this month. On the same day this happens -- December 3 -- there will also be a Full Moon in your sign that will be at a tense angle to Neptune. This will only add more clog to the situation. You'll be extremely unclear about a situation between you and your partner or even the entire direction of your relationship. In some cases, there might be an ending. If that happens, it might be the type that feels like it's slipping away from your fingers without you having any control over it, almost as if you or your lover are caught in quicksand and can't rescue each other. Another possibility is that you'll do your best to float through the murky waters all month long. If you can manage that, there's hope. A New Moon will fall in your partnership sector on December 18 and on December 22 Mercury will finally turn direct. By the end of the month you'll at least feel as if you've both got solid ground again in order to focus on whatever problems you might have between you. Solutions that you couldn't see before will come up now, seemingly out of the clear blue sky. So if you love each other enough, hold on. December might be a rocky month but hope ... well ... hope floats.