You can’t quite grasp how the unknown components of a relationship are more crucial than the obvious. Your concern with creating a safe space is only one ingredient in your recipe to empower people. You are thinking more clearly today, but there’s something wrong with selectively using logic to make your position known. Don’t hold back any information, even if it runs counter to everyone else’s intelligence. Full disclosure works in your favor now only if you avoid hiding behind artificial walls.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Communication with your spouse or partner is everything you've always wanted it to be lately ... and this week that trend will continue. You and your love might focus on ways to move forward with a shared aspiration. The two of you will not only provide endless support to each other, but you'll find innovative ways of approaching your goals by discussing them together. On your own you might not have as much luck with these ingenious ideas, but since your mate is your sounding board, he or she will encourage your out-of-the-box thinking. It'll serve both of you well.

Monthly Horoscope

This will be a month where radical self-care meets with astounding personal success. By remembering to put on your own oxygen mask first, you'll declare to the universe that it's time to ensure you've got enough fuel and support to make things happen. And happen they will... It all begins with a gorgeous Full Moon on November 4 in the most private area of your chart –- the 12th house. This is where your hidden gifts and talents reside, and it's also where your emotional health lives. A direct relationship between your mental well-being and your capacity to give your all professionally is revealing itself this month. Fortunately, it appears you already realize how important it is to unplug from all of the competition and chaos, in order to check yourself and ensure that the goals you aspire to align with your true north. This Full Moon will link up beautifully to Neptune, now moving along the top of your chart -- in your career sector. As a result, it's very likely that you've been working on a behind-the-scenes project, or have been cultivating your hidden talents in a way that will now be ready for a great reveal ... a great and successful reveal! Your imaginative and spiritual talents in particular are ready to shine, so don't hold back. Another potential manifestation of this Full Moon is that you're now ready to release any anxiety you have that has stood in the way of you reaching for the professional goal you truly aspire to. When you are no longer ruled by fear, anything is possible. Later this month, there will be amazing support from colleagues and other helpers in your life. After November 7, you'll find it easy to collaborate with others on team projects at the office. A special assignment might come your way after November 18, and this one will have gold sprinkled all over it. Although it might feel like just another job, it's not ... there is something powerful about this one, so take care to do your very best work now. Another possibility is that this is when you'll be ready to make that lateral job move you've been thinking about. If achieving your greatest career ambitions requires you to make a new move, this will be the time to do so. Any changes in your office environment now will be a blessing.
If you're in a relationship, this is the month you'll be enlisting your sweetheart to help you get healthier. The two of you might have recently started to pursue a new interest connected to diet and fitness, and if so, this won't be another fad. In fact, your partner might literally become obsessed with your new plan and will show an extremely determined effort -- one that you'll surely admire. Let's say, for example, that both of you have decided to kick the sugar habit, or to go gluten or grain free. You'll love the idea of this plan and all of the health benefits, but your partner will be the one who becomes militant about his or her approach to actually doing this. As a result, you'll not only be inspired by your sweetheart, you'll also feel compelled to show at least as much commitment. If you're single, then November will have no shortage of romantic opportunities for you. In fact, they're glowing from November 7 - December 1. You might still feel a pull toward becoming healthier, and as a result, decide to join a new gym, try out your local cross fit center, or even hire a personal trainer. There is a very strong possibility for you to meet someone during one of your workouts, so keep your eyes open. You might also be scheduling all of your doctor's appointments this month to make sure everything is copacetic. Don't dismiss anyone you meet in a waiting room. Love begins in the strangest of circumstances sometimes, and you might think you're going for a routine checkup, but end up meeting someone who can change your life! It might even be one of your health care providers! Lastly, another way you might meet someone this month is through work. One of your colleagues might offer to set you up on a date with a friend he or she believes would be a great match for you. Accept! Or, if you and one of your coworkers share any undeniable chemistry, this is the month to begin exploring.