Someone may try to manipulate your behavior today, but you can easily dance around their attempts at controlling the dynamics. Being a non-conformist means you often must shrug off the complaints of others when they don’t understand your moods or your motives. Honestly, your loyalty to yourself comes first now. Nevertheless, expressing what’s in your heart is admirable, especially if you can do it without hurting anyone else’s feelings. Author Sebastyne Young wrote, “We all want to be extraordinary and we all just want to fit in. Unfortunately, extraordinary people rarely fit in.”

Weekly Love Horoscope

Talking about love, thinking about love, and making decisions about love appear to be your focus this week. Fortunately, it appears that you'll be ready to make some positive changes in this area of your life as a result of this focus. You and your sweetheart might enjoy extra sweet conversations about your romantic life. You might also be making a decision together about your future. If you are, it looks bright!

Monthly Horoscope

If you've been involved in a long, drawn-out legal matter, you'll be glad to know that it'll likely wrap up this month. On August 7, a Lunar Eclipse will help bring a legal situation to a culmination. From there, you'll be able to put it behind you. Another possibility is that you will be ready to graduate from a certification or licensing program, or it might be that you're ready to obtain an advanced degree. You've studied hard, and now you'll reap your reward. Mercury, your ruling planet, will turn retrograde on August 12 in your home and family sector, and will remain out of phase until September 5. This might lead to several misunderstandings with relatives -- most notably siblings if you have any. If you are trying to buy or sell real estate, you're not favored during this time since you might not fully understand everything written into your contract. Your realtor might also appear flaky by not returning your calls or being late for appointments. Hold off on searching for your dream home until later in September. A gorgeous Solar Eclipse in your communication sector on August 21 might bring a smile to your face. Although you should not sign off until After September 5, this will be potent energy for a fresh start in a contract-related matter. Nice!
A conversation with your sweetheart near August 20 might help you and your lover bring back romantic sparks. In fact, after August 21, it looks as if you and your mate will be ready to make a significant decision about your relationship. For example, you might be ready to start a family. Another possibility is that you'll consider going into business together. If you are thinking about this, the potential does look favorable. Don't doubt each other for one moment.