You could use a healthy dose of peace and quiet now. Although there may be social activities on your calendar, you are also advised to carve out some time to be alone. However, this isn't about being isolated or lonely. Instead, it is about listening to your own inner voice, which can all too often get drowned out by the everyday noise of life. Thankfully, the contemplative Cancer New Moon sinks into your 2nd House of Self-Worth, redirecting your efforts to build your self-esteem. A day spent in meditation leaves you feeling rejuvenated and ready to mingle with others once again.

Weekly Love Horoscope

You yearn to share your secrets with someone, and to allow a significant other access to the innermost part of your soul. Fortunately, this week you'll receive ample opportunity to turn this desire into reality. If you're already in a relationship, it'll be easier than usual for you and your mate to deepen your connection. If you are ready to meet someone new, you may be surprised at how fated the actual meeting feels. Go with it.

Monthly Horoscope

Expenses might rise this month, but there's no reason to panic. You'll definitely have the ability to do whatever it takes to pay your bills -- and then some. Mars, the planet of assertive drive, will move into your earned income sector from June 4 - July 20. While this placement can aggravate expenses (especially domestic ones in your case) it will also give you plenty of motivation to do what is necessary to handle them. Adding to this will be the likelihood that during June you'll decide to cultivate one or more of your talents with plans to market them in the future. For now, you'll do this discreetly since you're in the early stages of figuring things out. Still, there's a substantial likelihood that this is not a pie in the sky idea. You're on to something. In fact, the New Moon on June 23 will open up a new earning opportunity. Stay on track. In other news, a Full Moon in your relationship sector on June 9 might bring a business or personal relationship to an end. If this happens, it'll be due to you realizing that you have been fooling yourself for way too long, trying to believe in the best qualities of this person. Now it will be impossible to ignore the reality of the situation. You might decide you're better off parting ways and pursuing your individual goals.
You might spend more time this month in fantasyland if you're single. It's possible that you have strong feelings for someone who is not reciprocating them. This person might be in a relationship already or simply not interested. Whatever the details, you may feel the pangs of unrequited love. Don't sit in this for too long. If you're in a relationship, there might be an awakening of sorts between you and your mate near June 9. Illumination supports deeper connection.