Although you don’t often let your feelings get in the way of your accomplishments, you might not be able to avoid an emotional meltdown today. You fully understand why logical analysis should overrule the heat of passion. But all the rational thinking in the world won’t suppress what’s in your heart now. Rather than wasting your energy fighting against the inevitable, surrender to the wisdom of your body. Trust your gut instincts; if something seems wrong, it probably is.

Weekly Love Horoscope

One of your friends might be instrumental in helping to positively transform your love life. He or she might serve as a mediator between you and your sweetheart, helping the two of you navigate any tricky situation that you can't seem to get past on your own. This pal will be so helpful that you'll both remark that he or she should be a couple's counselor! Alternatively, if you're single, this might be a good time to seriously consider making that romantic move on that crush of yours currently in the friend zone. You both know you want much, much more.

Monthly Horoscope

Even the most reticent Capricorns out there won't be able to resist the possible romantic fulfillment happening this month! So if you're usually the type who loses opportunities because of your cautious nature, you're in luck: the universe is about to push you through to what's available on the other side of fear. That would be love. On November 4 a dazzling Full Moon in your romance sector might bring a perfect first date to fulfillment with someone you have your eye on. The conversations you have with this person will be dreamy and inspirational. Before you know it, you'll be hooked! There's also significant physical attraction likely between the two of you. If you're in a relationship already, it's possible that you and your lover will make a decision together that involves the mutual support of your dreams. It's nice to know that you're with someone who not only has your back, but will help you stretch past your comfort zone and turn the impossible into the "I'm possible." Another hot spot in your chart this month will be your social life. With the two lucky planets, Venus and Jupiter, embracing in your friendship sector on November 13, it's very likely that one of your pals will bring you an extraordinary blessing. Another possibility is that you're ready to present a lecture or workshop in front of a crowd between the 13th and 16th. If so, expect it to not only be profitable, but also pleasurable. After November 18, a brand new social opportunity might open up for you. This can be anything from a new meetup group in your area you decide to join, to making plans with one of your oldest pals to pursue a shared aspiration together.
Fulfillment in matters of the heart is yours for the taking this month, Capricorn! On November 4 a brilliant Full Moon will fall in your true love sector, making a perfect link to Neptune, the planet of inspiration and enchantment. If you've recently started to date someone, it's very possible that in the days surrounding this Full Moon, you and your sweetheart will declare your love for each other. You might also begin a physical relationship since this lunation will fall in sensual Taurus. You'll have no trouble communicating about what makes each of you feel good, and you'll both want to ensure that the other is completely satisfied. If you're single, this Full Moon might activate the potential ending of singledom for you. Pay close attention to who you meet as early as November 7, since this is when Venus moves into your 11th House of Friends and Groups. You might think you're innocently going out with a group of pals, only to meet eyes with a very sexy someone across the room. One of your friends might also introduce you to a potential new love connection. And, don't discount the strong vibes one of your pals might be sending your way. If you're feeling the chemistry as well, there is no reason you should hold back. After all, the most solid relationships begin with a strong friendship. From November 7 - December 1 you might also have better luck than usual on dating websites, apps, or even meeting someone through one of your social media accounts. November 13 will be a very lucky day for love. Don't waste it!