Your place at home will become more important to figure out this month. If you're living with a relative or roommate with whom you are not getting along, this might be a time when your domestic discontent becomes unbearable. Perhaps you feel that the person(s) you're living with don't appreciate everything you do around the house. Whether it's paying the bills, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, or tending to the food shopping, all of the household tasks that come along with living together shouldn't fall on your shoulders alone. If you feel as if you've been doing most of this, something needs to change. Address it accordingly rather than the alternative -- allowing resentment and feelings of underappreciation to stew.

If you're thinking about buying or selling real estate, consider holding off until April 15. Venus, the planet ruling money, will retrograde until then, and during this time you may not be in the strongest position to negotiate.

In other news, it's possible that your love life will begin to heat up. On March 9 Mars enters your romance sector for the first time in nearly two years. Until April 21 you may begin to prioritize seeking pleasure more than usual. If you have been going through a sexual dry spell, this is a good indication that it's coming to an end.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Sexy satisfaction

This might be quite a sexy month. On March 9 Mars will move into your romance sector for the first time in two years, and remains here until April 21. During this time your sexual encounters are likely to bring more satisfaction. If there's someone you're interested in you'll have little trouble showing it, which will likely speed things along.

Be aware however that Venus will also turn retrograde on March 4. Whatever lovers you bring into your life until April 15 might not have enough staying power. But it will be fun!

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You might begin the month wondering what happened to your mojo. On March 5, Mars, the planet of drive and ambition will enter the most hidden part of your chart -- the 12th House of Privacy, Escape, and Rejuvenation. Mars will be here for a while, and plans to turn retrograde next month. As a result, you're about to begin a major cycle that will demand that you re-evaluate how you're utilizing your energy.

Are you feeling exhausted as the month begins? If so, it's a red flag for you to slow down and re-prioritize your goals. What deserves your dynamism and what, in your life, just stresses you out? Although you might not be able to change much just yet, this month you'll begin to identify the triggers behind your depleted energy. That's certainly a start.

Another possibility is that you'll be asked to participate in a major project that requires absolute discretion. If so, you'll be up for the task but in the back of your mind, you may wonder if you'll ever receive the reward you deserve for it. You will, but you'll need lots of patience since it won't be coming any time soon.

There might also be a rattling event near the Lunar Eclipse on March 23 connected to your career. A VIP may announce he or she is stepping down. Or, it's possible that you've had enough with you own career path and realize it's time for a change.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Getting serious

Communication with your partner will be divine this month. After March 12 and until April 5, it'll be easy to have important discussions together that require your mutual agreement. If you're getting married in the near future and are considering a pre-nuptial agreement, now is a great time to bring your concerns to one another openly. You'll find it easier to navigate this process than you anticipate. Decisions about love and money will be seamless.

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If you've been holding your breath, waiting for news about a mortgage, loan or line of credit coming through, you may hear something extra positive on March 3. Finally, you'll feel like you can begin to move forward with whatever domestic-related project you have that requires these extra funds.

The problem is that someone at home isn't cooperating with you. In fact, as the month progresses, things could get quite ugly. On March 4, there might be a sudden turn of events, where you go from thinking you have a relative's support on a matter to suddenly not having anything of the sort. You'll go from feeling confused to inflamed very quickly, so do what you can to mind your temper.

Even so, it appears that the last Uranus-Pluto square on March 16 will surely make its mark in your life -- especially as it relates to family matters. There have been six other squares just like this since 2012, and each time something major has likely occurred to shake up your domestic world.

Although these changes have been unsettling, at the same time they are paving the way to an entirely new experience of security. Unfortunately, it is one that you must build on your own -- even if it means breaking free from a situation in your family that used to provide that sense of sustenance. It might very well be that you're determined to relocate while your relatives are scratching their head wondering why you'd want to move so far away from home. Whatever the details, you are clearly re-defining what home means to you this month, one way or another.

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Keep In Mind:


Love: Dust off your dancing shoes

This will be a rocky month, both personally and in your family life. Because you'll be so focused on tending to domestic drama, you may not have much time or energy to prioritize fun and romance. Sometimes you must put pleasure on the back burner and tend to business, and this will be one of those months -- at least until March 17.

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When it comes to professional matters, patience will be required this month. Although you might have recently launched something related to your career, or you hope to press ahead with a new venture, as the month begins you'll clearly see that delays and obstacles are everywhere you turn. It is a signal from the universe that now is not the time to act ... it's a time to wait.

Perhaps there's a wrinkle in your action plan and you need the extra time to identify and iron it out. Or, you might be in a difficult position with a VIP, and you will need to smooth over this relationship before you can move upward and onward. Whatever the details, now is not your ideal time to begin anything new related to your career. Your powers of negotiation and collaboration may be weaker than usual, and your ambition thwarted. Remember: This is only temporary. There is a reason for this great pause in your plans, and even if you don't understand it now, work with it. You'll come out a sure winner after May 19.

Ironically, despite this setback, you'll be in an enviable position financially after March 5. You might even make a gorgeous leap in discussions with your boss about money on March 14. An unexpected boost in finances may come your way through a family member on March 18. On March 29, a nice payout might arrive, but the money will likely be spent as quickly as you receive it. Look at the bright side: At least you'll have what you need!

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Keep In Mind:

Career: "Bossy" doesn’t look good on you

Take a look at your schedules: the one for dealing with your daily life and the one you keep in your head for your big professional plans. Now, push your due dates down the road to give you more time to breathe this month. The reason for this advice is that strict Saturn, your hard-nosed ruling planet, turns retrograde on March 2.

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Love: Let love in

Career missteps might get in the way of your love life for a bit. On March 1, Mars, the planet of action, will turn retrograde in the area of your chart that rules profession and honors. You might feel quite frustrated in the lack of progress when it comes to one of your career goals. On March 2, love planet Venus will square off with Mars, and it'll be clear that romance is not on your mind.

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You're poised to make great progress this month as you strive to establish yourself professionally. Your ruling planet, Saturn -- now moving through your 11th House of Long-Term Goals -- forms a series of beneficial aspects throughout the month, supplying you with a deep reserve of energy, the willingness to work hard and the patience to wait for what you want.

On March 8, Saturn's supportive sextile to unrelenting Pluto in your 1st House of Personality puts everyone on notice that you are on the move; they should either lend their support or get out of your way. This long-lasting Saturn-Pluto alignment first occurred on December 26, 2012, and returns on September 21, giving you ample time to develop current projects so you can bring them to their next stage of implementation later this year.

However, you don't need to wait to make the most of exciting opportunities, because the intuitive Pisces Sun in your 3rd House of Communication harmoniously aspects Pluto and Saturn on March 1. Charming Venus follows suit on March 6, enabling you to convince others that collaborating with you will be beneficial for all involved.

Unfortunately, things may not unfold as fast as you wish, because interactive Mercury is retrograde until March 17. But even the backward-moving messenger planet can contribute to your prosperity as it, too, positively aligns with Saturn and Pluto on March 7. You can improve your productivity by reviewing your plans and making necessary corrections. If a discouraging Jupiter-Saturn quincunx on March 23 blocks your progress, be flexible. This quickly sets you back on track so you can take advantage of Mercury's positive aspects with stabilizing Saturn on March 28 and perceptive Pluto on March 29.

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Keep In Mind: The climb to the top of the mountain is long, yet the best way to ensure that you reach your destination is by initiating strategic action right now.

Career: The Core of Communication

The ways in which you communicate could make a critical difference in your professional life this month. Conversations can be complicated and messages muddled, lost or delayed. The primary reason for this is the backward motion of Mercury when March begins. This normally speedy and cerebral planet turned retrograde in impressionistic Pisces on February 23 and won't shift back into forward gear until March 17. While this turnabout affects everyone, it's particularly significant for you because it occurs in your 3rd House of Communication. And even after the 17th, it's important to make sure that you double check data and reconfirm critical information.

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Love: Look for the Dreamers

Set aside your mental calculations and reduce emotional control to open fresh channels of communication this month. Conversations that ramble and seem to go nowhere could lead to delightful and memorable moments. Chatty Mercury is in sensitive Pisces and your 3rd House of Information all month, indicating that gentle tones and imaginative thinking will do more for relationships than cold logic and reason.

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You're ready for a fresh start at home and work this month, but you must complete some unfinished business before you can take the next step. Curious Mercury blasts into uncontainable Aries and your 4th House of Foundations on March 2, stirring restless feelings that can provoke domestic conflict if you don't have a constructive outlet to occupy your overactive mind.

However, Mercury turns retrograde on March 12, slowing your progress with interruptions and backtracking until it goes forward again on April 4. Moving at a more leisurely pace enhances the pleasure that comes with captivating Venus' entry into sensual Taurus and your 5th House of Fun and Games on March 5. Your creativity and charisma sparkle when you indulge yourself in each delightful moment instead of hurrying to reach a goal.

Nevertheless, your tendency to put work before play is kicked up by the methodical Virgo Full Moon on March 8. This lunation in your 9th House of Future Vision is useful for long-range planning, as long as you don't fret about minor issues that may never arise.

The Sun's entry into trendsetting Aries on March 20 marks the Spring Equinox in your 4th House of Roots. However, you won't likely see the full impact of this energizing event until the unstoppable Aries New Moon occurs on March 22, which can feel like a rocket ride into the future. Rowdy Uranus and busy Mercury join the Sun and Moon to stir up wild ideas and resistance to routine activities. Your desire for a more exciting life can precipitate a crisis at home and motivate you to consider radical action to reinvent your career or relocate.

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Keep In Mind: Finding the balance between your ambitions and fun can reward you personally and give you the fuel to sustain the long journey to success.

Career: Patience Is a Virtue

Careful communication is the key to your work life this month. March starts with the Sun in sensitive Pisces and your chatty 3rd House. Conversations require a tender touch to keep from rubbing others the wrong way or to avoid becoming uncomfortable yourself. Your desire for clarity and facts may be hard to fulfill under these delicate conditions. However, imagination flourishes when you allow discussions to wander and carry you to unexpected places.

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Love: You're Simply Irresistible

There could be some deliciousness in your personal life this month. The source is Venus, the planet of love, which is entering sensual Taurus and your 5th House of Romance on March 5. Enjoying yourself in an easygoing manner is a great way to get attention without seeming like you're looking for it.

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You thrive on turning chaos into productivity this month, which begins with five planets in your 3rd House of Communication. On March 4, the intuitive Pisces New Moon in your information-rich 3rd House puts you in touch with an overwhelming amount of incoming data. Just keeping up isn't enough, though, for quicksilver Mercury enters innovative Aries on March 9 to fill your head with new ideas and thrust your thoughts into the future. You're already itching for change when restless Uranus enters Aries on March 11, but you may be undecided about what to leave behind and how to move forward as instigator Mars forms an uncomfortable quincunx with duty-bound Saturn on March 14.

The Sun's shift into initiating Aries on March 20 is the Spring Equinox that, along with the other planets partying in your 4th House of Family, continues to push you forward. Nevertheless, the Jupiter-Saturn opposition on March 28 brings tension as work commitments add to the stress at home. Meanwhile, Mercury's retrograde turn in your 4th house on March 30 is a harbinger of more delays during the coming weeks.

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Keep In Mind: You are more eager than usual to impulsively jump into a new project. Still, it's smarter to make sure you know exactly what you're doing beforehand.

Career: Watch Yourself

You're generally a pretty straightforward person, one who prefers to deal with facts and handle issues directly. This month, though, you may need to be a bit more diplomatic in what you say and do because of two powerful planets softened in delicate Pisces. The Sun is in this gentle sign and your 3rd House of Communication until March 20, which means that you can overpower others if you're not careful. Paying attention to their feelings can seem like a waste of time but could be the smartest investment you make now.

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Love: All About the Details

Paying attention to the tiniest message from the one you love can make a major difference in the quality of your relationship for much of this month. If you're single, it's your willingness to listen with compassion that makes you more attractive now.

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Doors open then shut quickly this month, starting with loving Venus' entry into spontaneous Aries and your 4th House of Home and Family on March 7, which ignites an urge for new experiences. Yet on March 9, Venus opposes sobering Saturn, bringing resistance your way, and her tense square with Pluto on March 11 also adds complications that may tempt you to call it quits. These themes are then repeated when Mercury enters Aries on March 17, only to have its groundbreaking ideas challenged by Saturn on March 18 and Pluto on March 20, and with the Sun's shift into Aries on March 20. On March 29, the Libra Full Moon in your 10th House of Career suggests that sharing your amazing new ideas will help you apply them successfully in your professional life.

Keep In Mind: Your persistence enables you to keep faith and keep moving when the odds are against you. If you're on the right path, tenacity will vanquish your obstacles.

Career: Like a Rolling Stone

Energetic Mars has been moving backwards in your 8th House of Others since last December, slowing down the rate of response that you're getting from those around you. On March 10 Mars finally turns direct to get some projects off the ground and move you closer to resolutions. Sitting still and settling for what you have is more likely to attract conflict and problems than give you the peace that you seek now. The Sun's entry into Aries on March 20 is bound to stir strong responses. The following few days are rife with obstacles that can seem more dangerous than they are. Take a deep breath if your back is against the wall, then brace yourself and start pushing forward again with the persistence and careful planning for which your sign is known.

Love: Dealing Directly

Changes are finally coming that should allow you to relax and be more direct about your intentions with others: Venus, the planet of love, leaves impressionable Pisces on March 7, reducing the need to speak in circles to avoid touching a nerve. Venus is entering Aries, an impulsive Fire sign shares your kind of toughness and self-reliance that prefers not to beat around the bush. Venus also encounters your managerial ruling planet Saturn on March 9, requiring the self-control and patience you frequently do so well. There can be a bit of sadness around this time with the focus placed on the limits and responsibilities of love. Yet on March 20 the Sun ]enters Aries, inviting you to start anew. Yet the Sun makes complex aspects with Saturn and Pluto on March 21 and 25 that can take you on a deep dive into yourself.